Break Up With A Pisces Man: Everything You Need To Know

This breakup will definitely not be too big of a confrontation because this is exactly what he wants to avoid at all costs.

Pisces man break up

Those who are looking to break up from the Pisces man should definitely ask them for more they can give. Also, introducing them to someone attractive might do the trick. They have a way of organizing the love they’re offering that no one can ever suspect them of being unfaithful.

The worst that could happen is for them to be neglected and no longer loved. The person who wants to break up with these men should be firm in his or her decision because they’re clingy and may not accept the fact that they’re no longer with their lover, not to mention how much they can promise to change in order for their relationship to get better.

Top 5 things to know about the breakup with a Pisces man:

  1. He would prefer for his partner to adopt an honest attitude.
  2. He might turn into somewhat of a stalker.
  3. He is likely to not say much and just go away.
  4. Prepare for your words to be completely twisted.
  5. He will not accept any blame easily.

How to break up with the Pisces man

It can be tough to break up with the Pisces man because he’s masochistic and when treated with coldness or when someone is being mean to him, he’s only starting to fall in love more with that person.

However, a woman could resolve this problem by being mean with the ones he loves the most, from his mother to his dog. Being very protective of his closed ones, he won’t stand seeing them vulnerable and ultimately will come to fight for them, moment in which he’ll unleash pure Hell.

Those ladies who want to end things with this man in a lighter manner could do it in 2 ways. The first would be to adopt an honest attitude and for the woman wanting a breakup to tell him that she has decided to no longer be by his side, but that she thinks of him as her ally and good friend, all this while meaning it as well.

However, she must be aware that he tends to sleep with his friends and to fall in love when having a platonic connection for too long, so she should avoid ending up in this situation.

Any woman should be careful after breaking up with this man because he can be quite the stalker and the ex who’s trying dark magic to get his lover back.

A good way to push him away is to never support what he’s dreaming of. He’s dependent on what his mind is coming up with, so when not encouraged to continue, he gets to feel depressed.

Furthermore, things with him should happen at the right time, so the woman who’s trying to make this man walk away could hit him harder when he’s feeling down, but in the same time pay attention to not hurt him very much.

For example, when things aren’t going so well for him, she could say his dreams are unrealistic anyway and that he may never get to see himself as he wants it to.

This lady could also start hating everything cultural, artistic and humanitarian because he’s a big art lover and a generous person who wouldn’t accept being with someone resenting all these things.

More than this, he doesn’t like when his girlfriend or wife is too emotional or always available as he likes someone assertive and strong.

The woman who’s feeling sorry for herself and wants pity all the time will be completely rejected by this man because he’s the one who needs pity and to be made to laugh. A downer would only have him running away.

Since his mind is filled with dreams, he wants a partner with a rich imagination, a person who could join him in his fantasy world.

Too realistic women who are always cranky when he’s suggesting something more imaginative will surely be out of his life in no time. The woman who will roll her eyes each time he embellishes a story will soon be walked out on.

Being passive-aggressive, the Pisces man hates when someone is talking back at him, so this trick could work for the woman who wants him out of her life. She could as well try and tell him to be more down-to-earth and that everything he’s thinking of makes no sense because he’ll get scared and want to escape the person who’s saying all these awful things.

Last but not least, he likes a woman with strong emotions, so he won’t be too much around a lady who isn’t supportive, understanding and compassionate because she’s focusing too much on her own problems.

How does a Pisces man handle a breakup?

The least selfish natives in the Western zodiac, Pisces men are allowing others to walk all over their pride more than once. It may take them ages of getting bullied and avoided in order for them to disappear in their famous way.

When this will happen, they won’t say too much and just go away, which means many of their partners were or will be left wondering if they’re okay or if they’re feeling in any way betrayed.

Pisces men will never consciously cause pain to others because it’s not in their nature to think of hurting people.

When leaving a partner, they’re most likely doing it because there’s no more space for them to make a turn and that they’ve been put to silence for too long, which had them making the decision to go.

Not possessing a strong will, a little bit clumsy and wanting to avoid confrontation as much as possible, Pisces prefer to give up when seeing things are no longer working for them, not to mention they have a tendency to avoid stress as much as possible, the easy way out being their favorite in most cases.

These natives are famous for acting evasively and for not possessing too much integrity, things that are definitely making their love life more difficult. Those who are direct and can’t deal with abstract ways of thinking may become very angry when seeing Pisces are unwilling to take on responsibilities and to be more straightforward.

Sometimes, breaking up with these natives can be extremely difficult because many of them have the tendency to adopt all kind of desperate measures and to insist on getting their partner back.

They’re incredible actors when it comes for them to play the victim and they can blackmail anyone who doesn’t seem to see eye to eye with them.

It’s easy for these people to play with a person and to make him or her feel guilty about anything. Many can’t stay mad at them for too long because while having a few downsides, they can still be honestly sorry about something they’ve done wrong and are very sweet when things are happy again.

Pisces are amazing at playing the victim, so they can twist words and situations so much that even when guilty, they may still look like they’re being trashed around.

The fun thing is that they aren’t even aware of how manipulative they actually can be when wanting something and can’t understand why others are not playing the same games as they do.

When being exes, things are pretty much the same, so they’ll exaggerate when telling a story about what happened with their relationship, which can confuse anyone.

They want to be the center of victimization and don’t care if they’re looking helpless, not to mention they’re expecting their ex to still take care of their needs.

Many of their former partners will miss them for being sweet, kind and delicate, but they should not forget how manipulative these natives can be.

No one will ever miss their playfulness during the most serious situations, not to mention the sad parties they used to throw each time when trying to escape a difficult problem or when refusing to take on a responsibility.

People handle breakups in their unique ways, personality being the key word here. Those who are introverted are dealing with things differently than extroverted personalities, sensitivity playing an important role during separation times as well.

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