Does the Pisces Man Cheat? Signs He May Be Cheating on You

You can tell if your Pisces partner is cheating through some very simple signals, from him avoiding you to changes in other aspects of his life.

Pisces man cheating

The fabrications of a Pisces’ mind are as original as they are fluid. Childish, yes, but what can you do. Pisces are dreamers at heart.

This can have negative side effects, as a long-term commitment will trouble them to the point of becoming unhappy, since a long relationship can often lead to boredom and one too many mundane and average days.

Five signs a Pisces man is cheating on you:

  1. He is talking about new fantasies.
  2. There are some changes in his work patterns.
  3. He deflects any suspicions angrily.
  4. He does things that would suggest he feels guilty about something.
  5. He constantly avoids to respond to tender gestures.

Is the Pisces man likely to cheat?

The answer to that would be, no. Not really… Pisces have a low probability of cheating on you, at least when it comes to the matters of the body.

The problem with the Pisces men is that they are easily influenced by their romantic fantasies. Most of the time they will stay yours in body, but might drift of in mind and soul. They get crushes quite easily and will cheat on you emotionally.

It’s rather difficult for the Pisces man to show honesty as an overall average. He can cover his tracks like none other and this comes in handy for him as this will impede you from finding anything out about your partner’s romantical misconducts. He can always get out of a slippery slope with ease.

This is a man that’s on an epic quest to find the epic partner. Once that happens, he’ll stop at nothing to be with that woman. If that woman is you, rest assured that he’ll stay faithful and never stray from you as he’ll be coming at you and you only with all guns blazing.

If you’re testing the waters with a Pisces, don’t forget to talk about the seriousness of your relationship. If you don’t agree on where it’s going from the start, he might think he’s free to search for other fish in the sea.

An important factor in the safety of your relationship with this man is how mentally elevated he is. Youth can play a great role in how easy it can be for him to treat you as a fling or play with other women on the side.

A good hint that he’s cheating can be all those times he blamed his job for not being able to meet up with you. Working those late shifts has never been more tiresome, has it? Wrong.

Those late shifts might actually be quite thrilling since in reality they could simply be moments spent with other women.

Caution is advised if this starts happening often. Try investigating the situation and see if it’s his job taking his time or it’s another lover doing it.

Pisces can really be that dreamy lover you’ve always thought of. Pleasing you will be their main task, seeing as how when they fall in love, they do so unreservedly.

You’ll be the main attraction in his life and he’ll make sure you know that. From small gestures to keeping you up at night in bed, a Pisces will work hard or go home when wanting to treat you well.

However, this does have a downfall, as putting you on such a gleaming pedestal means you can easily crush his ego if you’re not pleased with his behavior.

The chances of this making him turn to a different woman for assurance are alarmingly high, so beware of how and what you give back to your loving Pisces.

Devotion is a virtue that the Pisces man does not lack. At least this generally the case. Of course, like all other zodiacs, they can sometimes be inclined towards cheating if certain circumstances are met.

Keeping him on the side of too long of a time is a sure way to make him estrange you and get close to someone else. You do remember, don’t you?

Pisces require lots of attention, assurance and love. Neglecting these needs is not a smart move if you want to keep him yours.

Most times a Pisces won’t engage in sexual activities with someone they don’t feel connected to.

Sleeping with someone can however be a method they use to create or solidify already existing feelings. If he does this with you, it’s because he believes he’s sealing the deal with you.

Here’s something to remember about the Pisces. If he’s cheating and you find out, he’ll play the good old Jedi mind trick on you and make you believe he’s innocent, that’s how good they are at manipulating almost any situation in their favor. Lies come to this sign like swimming to a fish, naturally. Get it? Sure you do.

Their minds can be endless dungeons filled with devices perfectly suited for cheating on you. What does that mean? Just that he might never run out of way to trick you into thinking everything is fine, even when it’s not.

Let’s be honest here, you do feel something is off, you just can’t prove it. Why? Cause his cleverly laid arguments won’t let you. Even so, you mind find some faults in his strategies and end up revealing his plot, proving he’s a cheater.

Their emotional intelligence is off the charts. Highly empathetic, even with all the webs of lies he spins, he won’t be able to help but feel guilty of betraying you.

Sadly, this won’t stop him. The Pisces aims to please. Even if it means pleasing someone other than you, while cheating on you.

How to prevent him from cheating on you

These are men that get attached easily and once they fall for you, they’ll make sure they keep on free falling like there’s no tomorrow. That’s how much of a hopeless romantic this man can be.

Carefree in nature, he prefers his life to lack any drama so an attractive and fine woman that knows how to take a joke and playfully entertain him is what he’s looking for.

He appreciates a woman that has good looks and smarts, but he loves it even more when she can conceive how intelligent she actually is. That’s proof that she’s even more intelligent that he originally thought.

Since he’s so outgoing and carefree, it comes with no surprise that he actually likes it when you lay out the plans. Selfishly enough, he would rather you made it seem like he came up with the ideas.

He’ll try and be the tough guy in the crowd, but at home you’ll see he’s soft and actively avoids confrontations because of this. If you go too hard at him, you might scare him away into looking for comfort in some other woman’s net.

A deep connection also means having many common interests with the Pisces. Sharing in the glory of mutual pleasures is a must, and a relationship that lacks this quality tends to not last much for him.

When all is said and done, the greatest gift you can give to your Pisces man is your undivided, unfaltering and fierce love.

Don’t think this is a one-way trade, no. Loving him purely will ensure he does the same for you. And there’s nothing more powerful than a Pisces’s love for his partner.

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