Are Pisces Men Jealous And Possessive?

The Pisces jealousy surfaces when their partner gives signs of unreliability and flimsiness.

While they sound contradictory, the words independence and jealousy are the best ones to describe the Pisces man. The world people born in this sign are in is a little bit different than ours.

They are not a jealous sign, but like any other people, they have their times when they could become jealous. However, when they get this feeling, they start to immediately become compassionate too and they snap out of it.

This doesn’t mean they don’t expect devotion and love from their partner. If a native in the sign of Pisces gets jealous, they are generally going to overcome the moment.

Emotional people, those born in this sign get rather sad than angry when jealous. They are loyal themselves, and they expect their partner to be the same.

It is possible that your Pisces man doesn’t even notice that you may be flirting with someone else until you do it right in his face.

He cares enough but he also likes being very in love so he wouldn’t pay attention.

He’s the meditative type, so his partner needs to understand this man needs his moments to go into his own world.

Everything the Pisces man does is emotional. Through emotions he is anchored in reality and connected to other people. Click To Tweet

He views and judges the world and its people from an emotional point of view. However, even if he’s not so observant, this guy is naturally jealous.

It’s his desire to have someone reliable and trustworthy next to him. He wouldn’t impose himself in the relationship, but he would like to be adored and spoiled.

You don’t have to worry about the Pisces being very jealous, so you’ll be sure to have your independence when in a relationship with this man.

But you may need to make sure you are not jealous either, for he has many friends, both men and women, and he likes to spend a lot of his time with them. The Pisces man can often be caught in a dreamy world, a world of his own.

If you wouldn’t tell him someone is flirting with you, he wouldn’t even notice. As soon as he finds out someone may be hitting on you, he becomes very jealous.

He would get upset if he hears you talking about the other person and he would start hurting you with his harsh words.

Men are jealous in one way or another, no matter their astrological sign. There are just a few signs that completely ignore this feeling, or they simply don’t have it.

It is more important that you get to know your partner better, and discover if he’s really jealous or it’s just a phase.

The man in Pisces is known for going after mysteries and puzzles. If you desire to get your hands on him, you need to be unrevealing and enigmatic. Don’t give away all your emotions and special traits.

You won’t do anything if you are trying to make a Pisces man jealous. You would only end up disappointing him. If still thinking it may work, try and do it but subtly. Impress him with your power of attraction and he may fall.

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Written by Denise

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