Traits Of The Pisces Man In Love: From Passionate To Completely Devoted

A passionate lover, this man gives relationships a high importance.


The Pisces man is very emotional and sensitive so he will understand things other men can’t. Not a macho, it is very easy to have a conversation with him. He will hold his lover’s hand any time, and he will make sure she has everything she wants.

He wants to adore and love his partner, he puts himself second and that’s important in a relationship. There are no taboo subjects with this man. He will talk to you about anything. As long as you will want to share, he will be open to listen. It’s not excluded that you will have phone marathons with him, especially if you two are apart.

This guy will be your best friend, a father figure and an impeccable lover. He can put up with any emotions and he makes life more beautiful.

If you are looking for someone to invest a lot of feelings in the relationship, then the Pisces man is definitely for you. He won’t refuse you anything, and he will always try to be to of help. If you want something, he will not only give it to you, but he will provide twice as much.

When in a relationship

Each time that he falls in love, the Pisces man thinks that he has found his soulmate. Relatively speaking, this may be true because each relationship of his is different than the other, and he can learn different love lessons every time.

He is spontaneous and unstable. Every romance that he will live, he will live it intensely until there is nothing left. He will give himself completely, and he will treat his partner with great respect and unmatched care.

However, with this man you can never know when he will be bored and he will start looking for someone who better suits his personality.

He will only be devoted for as long as the relationship is exciting and interesting. Relationships with him don’t last for too long if the partner doesn’t create a strong foundation.

Since his schedule and decisions can change from one hour to another, he is not the most reliable either and this can annoy people. The only solution is to be just as spontaneous as him.

The woman he needs

Well intended, nice and caring, the Pisces man has his own world where he often goes to think and escape reality. He is sweet and gentle, so he needs a woman who is caring and kind hearted.

The lady of his dreams will need to like his romantic gestures and enjoy his unconditional love.

More than this, she needs to be able to keep up with the Pisces man’s rich imagination. Creative as he is, he can come up with some strange ideas and confuse people sometimes.

Understanding your Pisces man

A passionate lover, this man gives relationships a high importance. He would never cheat and he likes to come up with original ideas to prove his love. Not at all selfish, the Pisces man will try and help anyone with anything that he can. He’s kindhearted, a simple “thank you” being more than enough to make him feel happy. Positive, he tries to encourage negative people to be more optimistic.

While he may seem sociable and open, the Pisces man is in fact a loner. This guy needs a lot of time with himself or else he’ll go crazy and not be able to think anymore.

He is not the most adventurous man in the zodiac, but he doesn’t mind a challenge and facing new situations. However, he needs to have his alone time, at home, to be reminded of who he is.

Creative, he will want to leave something behind him: something of value, like art.

He sometimes sets high expectations and he doesn’t manage to meet them all because he gets lost in too many details.

Because he’s the last sign of the zodiac, this man will encompass many of the traits from all the signs before him. This may sound like he’s an emotional disaster, but he isn’t.

In fact, the Pisces man is calm and composed most of the time. He has this inner world where he often retreats in order to deal with the most difficult situations that he has to face.

Because he’s intuitive and he can feel what others go through and think, he is often considered telepathic.

The dreamer of the Western zodiac, the man in Pisces likes living in his own world. When he doesn’t spend his time daydreaming, he is searching for the absolute truths in life.

He likes subjects like religion and philosophy, and he would never refuse a discussion on these subjects.

Charismatic and inspiring, this guy likes to talk about anything. He has this amazing ability to predict what will happen, or how future conversations will take place.

It may be that he gets this from his inner world where he escapes each time he faces a difficulty or wants to be lonely. He is aware of his surroundings and he very well understands what is going on in the world.

Able to establish goals, he will fulfill them as much as he can. He is the happiest and most efficient when he is in the service of others.

This man bases the way he judges people on the way the society is functioning as a whole. If you don’t have the same points of view with him, expect to have a deep conversation with him. He will not try to impose his opinion on you, but he will do his best to bring the best arguments forward in order to make you see things the way he does.

He looks ordinary and he acts accordingly. But as soon as you start an intellectual discussion with him, he will begin to show his true colors.

Dating him

You won’t find the Pisces man in the middle of things. He can usually be found at peripheries. He doesn’t like places that are too crowded and loud. You can, for example, find him in less known taverns and bars.

A contradictory man, he also likes going to church. When you go on a date with him, he will take you out in romantic places.

Usually, what Pisces man plans for dates is magical and surprising. He will respect and love his partner. If he’s being left alone to be who he actually is, to express himself, he will take you with him in his adventures.

If you somehow pressure and annoy him, he will try to run away from you, and will look for someone else with whom he can have a more enjoyable time. Everything that you are living with him should be appreciated and cherished. He can change his mind about you in a moment, so make sure you do something memorable so he will remember you for a very long time.

The negative side of the Pisces man

One of the negative traits the Pisces man has is blaming others for the misfortunes happening in his life, especially when it comes to love. These guys never seem to want to assume what they are doing. They are always looking for someone to blame.

This is bad for them in every aspect of their life, and it’s especially bothering for their romantic relationships. No one wants to be blamed for things they haven’t done.

Another negative trait of this man may be that he is too kind and helpful. This means that he can end up hurt oftentimes.

He is too emotional, too sensitive to be able to face any insult or judgment. When someone has to say something critical regarding his work or behavior, he becomes very serious and he gets hurt.

Another downside of this man is that he is quite lazy when he has to do something he is not so passionate about.

And he doesn’t like many things as his favorite subjects are matters of philosophy and deep meanings. If he is questioned about something that doesn’t interest him that much, he ends up being indifferent. This can influence him badly at work.

His sexuality

This guy thinks that love can be shown and proven through sex. He will try and satisfy his partner the best he’ll can, just to prove her that he’s in love and he wants nobody else.

The Pisces man cares very much about what others think and say about him. He will sometimes pretend to be who he isn’t just to be accepted. We all know the society is demanding. The Pisces man knows this too, so he will do anything in his power to fit in.

This can make him feel a little bit lost as he has to play a role. He can end up not knowing where to search for the truth about himself.

He will sometimes not understand his lover’s desires just because Pisces man is looking to satisfy so much. The lovemaking makes no sense to him if emotions aren’t involved.

But because he is a man, he can find emotions in something sexual too. He will often confuse sex with love and this may upset women who only want a fling with him.

He needs to be more attentive to what the partner wants from him, if he doesn’t want to end up disappointed.

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