Leo Best Match: Who You’re Most Compatible With

Aries will follow you where the action is, life will be exciting next to Sagittarius and you definitely can’t resist Gemini’s lovely companionship.

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Leo natives are exceptionally egocentric and love to bask in their glory, and the love of others.

Although not as ready or willing to reveal their feelings to anyone undeserving, they do eventually open up and show their real selves. All you have to do is keep at it and be patient until that moment finally arrives. It is going to be quite a time before it happens, but it’s all worth it.

After all, if they clearly see that the other is honest and straightforward with their feelings and affection, how could they step forward and refuse to reciprocate?

Therefore, Leo best matches include Aries, Sagittarius and Gemini.

1. Leo best matches Aries

CriteriaLeo – Aries Compatibility Status
Emotional connectionVery strong❤ ❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexVery strong❤ ❤ ❤
Common valuesVery strong❤ ❤ ❤
MarriageVery strong❤ ❤ ❤

Given the Leo’s explosive and unrestrained personality, and being totally uninhibited when it comes to showing off and satisfying his craving, there could only be one strong enough to face the beast.

And that is the Aries, the native with the most spontaneous and intense persona, falling in the second place, after the Lion.

With the Fire element as their protector and source of power, everything these natives do is marked by a strong willpower and determination, alongside a crazy enthusiasm for life.

Furthermore, they are also incredibly resolute and self-confident in themselves and in their powers. This means that whenever something dangerous or challenging appears on the horizon, both will try to fight it away, in an attempt to protect each other.

Truly a warrior couple who just can’t stay still for even a minute, these natives are deeply in love with each other, and this can be seen form the passion and fiery gaze both of them have.

This relationship is one full of excitement and fun occasions, where there is no lack for cranky events, hot and steamy sex, and pampering all the way.

Both of them feel the need to be taken care of, each more than the other, physically and emotionally. They have long since wanted to meet someone who will be loyal, devoted and affectionate to the extreme.

Looking after the loved one’s wellbeing and fulfilling all his desires is not such an easy task, but they manage to do it nonetheless. After all, who better to know what an insatiable and lusty person would want?

Also, they are so deeply immersed and intrigued by each other, that all the flaws, defects and downsides inherent to them will eventually be forgotten and buried under a mountain of sweet love nectar.

One big problem that seems to always appear when these natives meet up and want to have something special together is that they both have a dominating and imposing personality, which means that they would want the other to succumb to their wishes.

This is no-no in this case, because if this continues like this, it could go on forever, or reach such a level of annoyance and irritation, that someone would eventually give up and leave.

The Leo and Aries have to renounce their egos and self-gratifying tendencies and listen for a change, listen to what others have to say, because it could be a better idea.

2. Leo and Sagittarius

CriteriaLeo – Sagittarius Compatibility Status
Emotional connectionVery strong❤ ❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexStrong❤❤
Common valuesAverage

It’s a given that when these two meet up, the whole city is going to know about it. The street will flourish with their fleeting shadows, and the streetlights will sing about a sweet melody of love and passion.

They go about their daily life with such a vitality and excitement, that the word “fun” seems to lose its meaning when talking about the activities that these guys do. At a first sight, the Leo gets to benefit a lot from his partner’s dynamic and unhesitant personality, turning more and more open-minded, smiley and enthusiastic.

Both of them are communicative and sociable, but the Sagittarian well exceeds that when his loyalty is put to the test.

But, usually, they are principled enough not to go too far. Sure, they will gaze and ogle at other points of interest, but that’s as much as they’ll ever do, so there’s mostly no worries.

Moreover, their bond is strong enough to resist even the harshest and most destructive perils, because of the many harrowing experiences they’ve both gone through.

This relationship will have to be built on something more than just common goals, love and affection. Unfortunately, this is not enough to keep their fiery and explosive personalities in check.

The Leos, in special, have to really start thinking about what others feel as well, because they are already pampered and kept completely satisfied by the Sagittarian.

They will have to do something in return, of that there is no doubt, if the relationship is to go further, that is. After all, the Archer can very quickly pack their things and go for warmer lands, if even the slightest hitch appears which might make them unhappy and lustful.

3. Leo and Gemini

CriteriaLeo – Gemini Compatibility Status
Emotional connectionAverage
Intimacy & SexAverage
Common valuesStrong❤❤

The Leo-Gemini couple is one that will never find itself out of things to do, inactivity being completely taboo, or even a foreign concept.

They have so many things in common, interests, passions and activities, and with the Twin’s ingenious mind, a fun atmosphere would be a massive understatement. Natural actors who play on all the scenes of life, these natives will make everything seem like it’s grand, exciting and seemingly delightful above all others.

If this isn’t drama, then we don’t know what is. In order to make the best impression and be appreciated for what they really are, they are very careful about how they present themselves to the world.

Everyone must have gotten tired of the Leo’s endless and annoying egotistic rampages which seem to have no purpose other than inflating their already humongous sense of self.

Well, the Gemini lover manages to break this vicious circle and strike a critical blow towards the king’s backside. These dual natives have nothing to fear and won’t ever lie or pretend, which is why this moment was due to come from the very beginning.

If the relationship is destined to endure, then the Leo must automatically change their mindset and try to overlook their partner’s constant interruptions and bickering.

Also, the Geminis are indeed multitalented and multifaceted individuals who can take on many roles, as many as the extravagant and needy Leo needs. Their relationship is one based on the feline’s confident and straightforward attitude, as well as the Twin’s instinct and intuition when it comes to satisfying the Leo’s every whim.

Whether it’s advice on how to deal with a tough situation, solutions to deep and existential dilemmas, or just plain conversation to pass the time, the Gemini can take on all of these and more.

Some words of caution …

If the love they feel is true, then they will obviously stop hesitating and take the first step towards a long-standing and healthy relationship.

Leo natives have to pay attention to their impulsive outbursts of arrogance and self-made dramatic situations, because these can quickly deplete anyone’s patience and endurance.

It’s not only annoying and irritating, but it’s also a sure path towards a conceited and unbearable character.

Of course, some may resist the temptation to flee at the first conflict, while some would instantly take their stuff and leave for a better life, away from these drama queens.

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