Leo Qualities, Positive and Negative Traits

With high ideals and inspired views on life, Leo natives tend to be quite traditional and devoted in many aspects of life.

Leo Symbol

Leos are dramatic, courageous and proud. Born between July 23rd and August 22nd, they’re really charming people who can make anyone happy because they’re optimistic and fun. However, they have a big ego and can be very arrogant from time to time.

What characterizes them the most is their need to express themselves. Also, Leos are very charming and need to be in the centre of attention. Their pride can’t be seen in others and they usually like to be very honest, but their tendency to become too dramatic can sometimes bother others.

Leo qualities in a nutshell:

  • Positive traits: Magnanimous, elegance and dedication;
  • Negative traits: Boastfulness, impatience and aggressiveness;
  • Symbolism: The Leo is a symbol of power and noblesse.
  • Motto: I want.

A lively personality

Dramatic, imaginative, domineering and irresistible, these natives can really get what they want in life if they’re committing to a purpose. There are only a few other signs that are as good at leading as Leos are.

It’s like they really are the kings of the jungle, just like the animal that represents them. Giving and devoted, they’ll make many people want to be their friends.

Usually attractive and having a confidence that can’t be seen in others, they’re capable to bring people together and to lead groups towards the same objective.

Because they have a good sense of humour, they’ll get along with everyone. Being a Fire sign, together with the Sagittarius and the Aries, they’re warm, lively, funny and also fun.

Their mind can find any solutions to any problem and they don’t mind taking the initiative when having to deal with difficult situations. The Sun rules them, and this can be seen in their passion for life and everything that surrounds them.

They know what they want and don’t mind asking for a favour, yet they can unconsciously forget about other people because they’re hurrying to make their dreams come true.

Whenever they become too attached to what they’ve accomplished and how they’re being admired, they turn into these vulnerable creatures who anyone could take down.

When not knowing what direction to take, the become arrogant and start wanting to control everything. All this means they need to oversee their own power.

Stubborn and having a quick-temper, they can adjust to change any time because they can be pretty stubborn. Usually jealous, Leos could go to the point of being aggressive in order to take their rivals down.

They can also be too egotistical, big show-offs and superficial lovers. Fortunately, they immediately become aware of how others perceive them and turn into more likable people.

When wanting to get the attention of others, they can become dangerous and even unpleasing. Therefore, they’re their own enemies and drive people away from themselves without even realizing it.

As soon as they have fallen in love, they become devoted and very romantic, but because they’re sensual, they may have many partners. Loving to be given affection and very enthusiastic about love, they don’t accept being rejected.

Their family is very important to them, yet they need to be treated as kings and queens when at home. As a matter of fact, it’s the home where it all starts with them regarding the way they’re appreciated and kept happy.

Trying to take control when it comes to their domestic life, they’ll become ruthless and fight with their spouse for the power.

However, if admired and put on a pedestal, Leos will do anything to make their loved ones happy. That’s why they need to be complemented and never disappointed.

These natives hate to be criticized and can forgive very easily. They’re creative and determined to succeed, so they’ll be great providers who keep their family as comfortable as possible.

Leo positive qualities

Domineering and always in the centre of attention, Leos don’t mind taking charge of the situation in which they’re involved.

They believe in themselves and are similar to Arieses because they also want to be leaders and feel the happiest when in a position of authority.

Just like the lion in the jungle, Leos can rule and love to see the big picture, making all kind of grandiose acts when with others.

Sometimes they can scare others and have problems because they’re too controlling. Having high ideals and a philosophical view on life, they’re also very intelligent and usually respect traditions because they have a devotion that can’t be equalled.

What makes them great leaders is their ability to see the root of problems and to find solutions faster than others.

Many of their subordinates will admire and respect them for whom they are and what they are doing. They need to be loved just as much as they need to be in the middle of things.

Their energy and vitality are incredible, which means they’ll be successful most of the time. Many are inspired to be like them, so the more they see others want to copy their style, the more energetic and optimistic they become.

Always loyal and warm, Leos have many good friends that love them for being funny and great problem solvers. No matter how difficult the times, they will always respect people and won’t step on toes in order to get what they want.

Leo negative traits

Just like any other sign, Leos have also weaknesses. For example, they’re too domineering and overconfident, which means they can become arrogant and superficial.

It’s very possible for them to be unproductive as well, especially when thinking they’re not appreciated at their true value.

It’s very important for these natives to have a good image, this meaning they’re self-centred and need to be have the power more than anyone else.

As a matter of fact, their need to be recognized and appreciated for their talents can be sometimes too much.

Leos love excited life and to do things in a big way, which means they don’t like ordinary people and the everyday life.

If they don’t pay attention to their emotions, they can become annoying and not aware of their own heart.

When lacking compassion, they become demanding and no longer know what their responsibilities are. It’s impossible to criticize them because they become impulsive and believe they’re the only ones right.

In a conflict, they rarely back down and their temper seems to sometimes spin out of control. However, they’ll never do something to hurt anyone in order for them to achieve their goals.

When things don’t go as they want them to, they become tired, weak and they start to complain.

Leo man qualities

You can truly hear when the Leo man is around because he’s loud, flamboyant and entertaining. After all, his symbol is the king of the jungle, so he’ll always either come late to meetings or tell everyone a very dramatic story that happened to him.

He has a good heart, is energetic and always on top of things. Having dignity and being stronger than most men, he inspires power and wants to control things.

It’s like he’s a natural leader with a magnetism that makes people go crazy about him. When working in teams, he doesn’t mind helping others and is often the most important person at the table because he’s motivating and makes his colleagues work faster.

The planet that rules him is the Sun, which means he’s open-minded, confident in his own abilities and very active. The Leo man has many ambitions and is very determined to achieve his goals.

Once his enthusiasm has been activated, no one can stand in his way, still he wouldn’t do anything to hurt others in order to get what he wants.

Giving, devoted and living his life with honor, he may still become annoyed when someone is trying to correct what he’s doing or saying.

What works with him are compliments and praising. He doesn’t mind being told that he’s smart, beautiful and resourceful. Just like the feline that resides in the jungle, he’s strong and scary on the outside and purrs like a cat on the inside.

For this man, the world is a stage on which he needs to have the leading part. He doesn’t mind being in the center of attention and is really talented with drama, which means he may be a great artist or a very famous actor.

The Leo Man: Key Traits In Love, Career And Life

Leo woman qualities

The Leo woman is fierce, so when deciding which one of them, the man or the woman in this sign, is angrier, it can be said it is her.

While she can also be calmer than her male counterpart, she still has a way of getting annoyed by meaningless things.

Many will see her as an aggressive creature because she tends to be very assertive and doesn’t accept being treated like someone who doesn’t matter.

It can be said this is a positive thing about her because the today’s society needs more assertive ladies who are always ready to deal with individuals who are either unfair or not in any way mannered.

It’s normal for the Leo woman to compete with men because she really is aggressive and is only after the first place. It’s better to try not to cross her because she can destroy anyone who has wronged her.

Many will be surprised by her leadership abilities and strong character, but they’ll learn how to love her because she has a kind heart and is generous.

The Leo Woman: Key Traits In Love, Career And Life

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