2016 Chinese Zodiac: Fire Monkey Year – Personality Traits

These people are confident and preoccupied to always look good, also likely taking on too many responsibilities than they should.

2016 Fire Monkey Year

Children who have been born a while back, in 2016, are Fire Monkeys, which means they already possess a lot of energy, great enthusiasm and the most adventurous personality. However, as adults, they’ll be cautious and practical, so it will be easy for them to achieve success in life.

Furthermore, they’ll be known for being opportunistic and for choosing to have influential friends rather than stick with those who won’t be able to help them in any way. Their boldness and ambition will help them overcome any challenge and to easily defeat obstacles.

2016 Fire Monkey in a nutshell:

  • Style: Bold and assertive;
  • Top qualities: Adventurous and ingenious;
  • Challenges: Moody and cheeky;
  • Advice: They need to be more persistent in their endeavors.

These natives will be confident and determined to succeed, which means others will respect them very much. While being themselves, they’ll display nothing but honesty and a jovial attitude. When in an argument, they’ll control themselves very well and never become aggressive.

An eccentric personality

Fire Monkeys born in 2016 will be active, giving, sociable, entertaining and supportive. They won’t mind giving a helping hand to those in need and will never expect anything in return when doing a good deed.

Others will want them at parties and social gatherings because they’ll know how to make a good joke and will seem to mingle with everyone, without having a single problem.

They’ll have a tendency to be manipulative or too intense, but many will be happy with them as they’ll be, not to mention it will be difficult to determine if these Monkeys have actually convinced anyone of anything.

Fire Monkeys born in 2016 will go out all the time and make as many new friends as possible. Others will help them with their career, but this doesn’t mean they won’t work hard or make efforts in order to achieve great things because they’ll be capable of anything if they’ll set their mind to achieve great things.

They’ll react fast and be well anchored in reality, which means many will come to them with their problems and they’ll offer incredible solutions.

Confident and preoccupied to always look good, they’ll probably take on too many responsibilities and end up stuck.

However, the help of others and their innovative mind will very much help them in such situations. Just like all Monkeys, they’ll adapt to any new situation and different people.

These natives will want to try new adventures and to test their own limits, no matter how risky the situation ahead will look like. They’ll always stay active, but this may be a problem when they won’t be able to focus on a single project for a long period of time.

For them, life will be like a universe of new experiences from which they can taste and feel. Believing too much in themselves, they’ll often forget to take other people’s advice into consideration.

Having many talents, they’ll make good money and go on interesting trips around the world, where they’ll have fun and spend a lot. Just like all natives of their sign, they’ll need freedom as rules and regulations will only make them feel depressed.

These natives will get easily bored and change their interests as often as others are changing their socks. Of course, this is an exaggeration, but they won’t have the persistence to slow down and to focus on only one thing or to achieve something long-term.

However, they’ll know how to plan ahead and to organize their life in a very efficient manner, not to mention that when failing, they’ll be able to learn from their own mistakes.

Wanting to impress their friends and loved ones, they’ll be very much admired for having a good sense of humor and for being confident.

Fire Monkeys born in 2016 will be intelligent enough to obey orders coming from their superiors. Having great imagination and many interests, they’ll sometimes not focus on what’s important, so they’ll need to learn how to concentrate and to determine what’s necessary.

They’ll simply love competing, so no one will be more aware of what’s happening at work or in the world than they’ll be. When things will not go their way, they’ll become stubborn, but others will still find them attractive for having a lot of energy.

Their adaptability will come with a weakness because they won’t be able to focus on only one given task. These Monkeys will need goals that are short-term because they’ll tend to react too quickly and to reveal their skills very fast.

They’ll always chase new challenges and strive for fresh goals. Just like all the Monkeys in the Chinese zodiac, they’ll know their way around words and even speak a few languages very well.

It will be important for them to have others understand their ideas because only this way, their energy and abilities won’t go to waste.

Furthermore, they’ll not have too much endurance, which means they may give in to self-destruction when feeling the most down.

Fire Monkeys born in 2016 will give their best to be optimistic, so most of the time, they’ll not lose hope and expect good things to happen in their life.

They’ll be incredibly restless and aware of it, but won’t do anything about this issue because it will make them feel driven to succeed in life.

They won’t hesitate to explore this side of themselves more and to practice meditation or to study psychology. Many of them will be atheists, which may lead some people to believe they’re superficial, which wouldn’t be more wrong because they would in fact be very deep, especially when learning something new.

The fact that these natives will be able to adapt to anything makes a lot of sense in their situation because they’ll all the time want to face new challenges and to raise the bar.

They’ll need to pay attention to how they’re doing things rather than on what they’re in fact doing. It’s possible for them to fall in love with perfection, which will help them focus on the same projects for longer periods of time.

Being versatile and very intelligent, these Fire Monkeys will have an easy life. They’ll manage to find solutions to problems others will consider lost. Many will learn a lot from them because they won’t mind talking about their experiences and ideas.

Furthermore, they’ll be very knowledgeable, but never arrogant about it. As a matter of fact, their modesty will help them have many admirers, from all walks of life.

Love & Relationships

Fire Monkeys born in 2016 will be highly volatile, thing that will influence their love life and make them have many partners, especially when young.

Members of the opposite sex will find them very attractive because they’ll be charming, energetic, curious and extremely fascinating.

Many will want to part ways with them after seeing how overwhelming their energy can be. When not having anything interesting to discover, these Monkeys will simply move on and try something new.

As soon as older, they’ll get to discover any relationship can bring something new over and over again, just as long as the partners decide to collaborate.

This doesn’t mean they’ll become calmer and less curious, they’ll only draw conclusions from their own experiences.

Fire Monkeys born in 2016 will be very interesting partners of conversation, but the fact that they won’t be able to admit someone else may be right will cause them to have many problems.

Not that they won’t know how to listen, they’ll only pay attention for short periods of time as they’ll jump from one thought to another with ease.

Relationships will be very important for them because they’ll only develop by interacting with others. These natives will need a partner who’s complementing them and has enough patience. Furthermore, they’ll get along very well with people who are flexible and tolerant.

Career aspects of the 2016 Fire Monkey

As far as career goes, Fire Monkeys born in 2016 will be able to do anything they want in life. Being very intelligent, they’ll immediately adapt to new circumstances and get things done faster than others, even if asking for double the salary.

They’ll be very good as accountants and bankers, not to mention their adventurous side will have them as successful brokers and the best at a job that’s truly challenging.

They could be athletes, lawyers, writers, journalists and other things because they’ll possess many talents.

Furthermore, these natives will probably succeed as architects, programmers, caterers, chefs and real estate dealers.

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