1980 Chinese Zodiac: Metal Monkey Year – Personality Traits

These people don’t like talking about their feelings and are known to plot for revenge as soon as being crossed.

1980 Metal Monkey Year

Also known as Metal Monkeys, people born in 1980 are funny, broad-minded and adaptable. As a matter of fact, they’re the wittiest natives in the Chinese zodiac and can end up as successful entrepreneurs.

These natives have their mysterious ways and simply love playing tricks on others. While thinking they’re being funny, others will run as far as possible from them and their jokes.

1980 Metal Monkey in a nutshell:

  • Style: Strong and steady;
  • Top qualities: Resourceful, original and kind;
  • Challenges: Arrogant and opportunistic;
  • Advice: Following guidance offered by family can bring good results.

Metal Monkeys have many ambitions and a great determination to succeed, so they’ll achieve many of their goals. While others find them warm and entertaining, they prefer to spend a lot of their time alone. These people are also known for being very devoted to their work and partner.

An eager personality

Metal Monkeys have an analytical mind and can take a while before making the decision. They know how to make things happen the way they want them to, but this means they always need to make plans and to come up with strategies for different situations.

Very focused on the materialistic side of life, these Monkeys love being surrounded by the finest things. Their home is usually furnished with expensive items and unique art.

Metal Monkeys are independent and able to succeed at everything in their life. They seem to dream big and to be as clever as other Monkeys, but a little bit wiser and more practical. They seem to have great passion and to never want to compromise.

Very materialistic, it can be said their most outstanding trait is their impulsiveness when having to fight for their own interests.

These natives are eager to become financially stable and to occupy a good social position, even if they’re having a lot of fun while struggling for these things.

They are not in any way idealistic like Dogs or full of grandeur like Dragons, but they surely can identify a good opportunity and take advantage of anything that works in their own interest.

Metal Monkeys have the metal element twice in their chart, so it becomes two times harder to change their mind, especially as soon as they’ve decided on something.

Very independent, ready to take risks and willful, these smart people can succeed if running their own business. When employed, they can end up being very appreciated and liked, but only if they’re agreeing to respect the rules at the workplace.

They seem to think freely and to always be focused only on their own projects, not to mention how they love dealing with challenges and exploring the new.

Metal Monkeys will never get stuck in a routine and work hard no matter what, earning a lot and securing their future.

Friendly and carrying great affection for their loved ones, these natives can convince their friends and family to always be by their side and to follow their ideas.

They can take good care of themselves, but they shouldn’t reject the help of others when these are offering it. Because they’re open and don’t mind working with other people’s suggestions, they will finish their projects at work faster and in a more efficient manner.

Being so independent can have them seem more arrogant than they actually are, so they should start being more approachable if they want others to support them in their endeavors.

Metal Monkeys are kind, intelligent, funny and adaptable. Having great confidence in themselves, they can succeed in any business. However, they’re known for not having patience and for being subjective, not to mention how they refuse to accept other people’s advice when it comes to the way they’re living their life.

Furthermore, they can be offensive and play too many pranks because they think of themselves as really clever. Therefore, their connections with others may be poor and fragile.

They really need to be more predictable and serious, especially if they want to grow in popularity and to obtain the help they need for their career to succeed.

As far as family goes, they’ll probably not get too much help from their siblings and parents, so they may need to build everything in their life from the ground up. It’s possible for these natives to become famous and very successful at an old age.

The women in this sign and element have strong morals and their birth chart seems to be favorable, even if they may experience a lot of turmoil when it comes to love.

Many of these ladies will probably be married for a long time and become affected by a third-party situation, others will have to communicate more with their husbands.

As far as wealth goes, Metal Monkeys don’t seem to earn it quickly, so they’ll have to work hard and to wait a while to get rich. It’s important they’re not spending that much and that they’re investing in steady financial opportunities from which they can get back considerable amounts of money.

Love & Relationships

All Monkeys are known for being seductive and for not having problems attracting members of the opposite sex. As a matter of fact, these natives are the ones who decide if a relationship is going to have potential or not.

As soon as settling down with someone, they start to become insecure. They think of their partner as a very cherished possession, so it’s not unusual for them to become jealous and too obsessed over suspicions that are not based in reality.

Metal Monkeys don’t like talking about their feelings and are known to plot for revenge as soon as being crossed, so their partner should be careful and never betray them.

When it comes to interacting with others, these Monkeys don’t actually know what makes relationships harmonious, not to mention they tend to trust people too easily, which means they should be more cautious as others can easily betray them.

While their ambitious nature and perseverance are definitely strengths for them, these can also represent their weaknesses.

Metal Monkeys can easily become selfish and interested only in their own good, moment in which they’ll no longer communicate or be compassionate with their loved ones.

If they want to avoid being like this, they need to become more understanding and to make compromises when necessary.

When in love, they’re passionate and known for making their lover all the time laugh. It doesn’t matter if men or women, these natives are very sexy and therefore, desired by many members of the opposite sex.

They can light the fire in new relationships and keep the passion in those that have already lasted for many years.

The Metal helps Monkeys to feel things more intensely, which means natives of this sign and element are very passionate and romantic. They want both an exciting sex life and for their partner to be all the time loyal to them.

Career aspects of the 1980 Metal Monkey

Monkeys don’t mind working hard, but the fact that they easily get bored can have them changing jobs all the time. Because they’re relaxed, others may see them as procrastinators, even if this is not in any way true.

As a matter of fact, natives of the Monkey Chinese zodiac sign have a very creative mind and are determined to do things the right way.

They seem to do a great job under pressure and to find inventive solutions to problems. The professions in which they could easily excel are usually in science, investigation, astrology, business, sociology and visual arts.

Wanting a stable financial future and being very ambitious, Metal Monkeys can achieve success in many careers.

They have a knack for business and can make a lot of money with sales, in banking or working in communications. Because they’re focused and intelligent, they can become great scientists, lawyers and writers.

Many of them have started their own business and conquered the entrepreneurial market. When it comes to work, Metal Monkeys are capable of anything, so they can be proud of the fact that they’re able to come up with great solutions in the most difficult circumstances.

However, they seem to have a problem connecting with others, so being focused on interpersonal relationships would very much help them in their efforts.

In other words, they shouldn’t put pressure on their coworkers and subordinates because these people would feel offended.

Health aspects

Metal Monkeys want peace and quiet, so they may never take on more work than they’ve been assigned. When their life doesn’t happen to be harmonious and calm, they start to stress and to become anxious.

Therefore, they’ll get to live for a long period of time only if at peace for the most part of their life.

Metal Monkeys are ruling over the respiratory system and the lungs, so they should exercise regularly and strengthen these organs in their body. Furthermore, they must never stress because they’re sensitive to pressure and tension.

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