2004 Chinese Zodiac: Wood Monkey Year – Personality Traits

These people are practical and very comfortable in their own skins, seeming to show a lot of concern for others.

2004 Wood Monkey Year

Wood Monkeys born in 2004 are intelligent, energetic and determined to succeed. These people tend to believe life is always going to be beautiful and enjoy boasting with their achievements.

While compassionate and knowing what they want from life, these Monkeys don’t mind giving a helping hand to their loved ones, even if being superficial and not thinking of anything from a long-term perspective. Therefore, they’re not at all the type to dig too much into problems.

2004 Wood Monkey in a nutshell:

  • Style: Witty and charming;
  • Top qualities: Adaptable and resourceful;
  • Challenges: Temperamental and suspicious;
  • Advice: They need to stop leaving things half done.

A compassionate personality

While having many positive traits, Wood Monkeys feature some weaknesses as well. For example, their need for the new can often have them indecisive and jumping from one project to another.

Capable of understanding many emotions, it’s possible for them to become too sensitive, especially when it’s not the case. In order for them to address this issue, they need to focus more on the big picture and to not allow details that are not even important to keep them from realizing their dreams.

The Wood element represents generosity and compassion, so when combined with any sign, it makes natives more empathetic. This can be an important change for Monkeys, who are known as selfish.

However, this doesn’t mean Wood Monkeys don’t have many other interesting personality traits that make them appealing and fascinating.

For example, they can easily adapt to any situation or person, not to mention they have a resistant physique and their intelligence that can’t be questioned.

When dealing with life, these natives are very practical and seem to show a lot of concern for others. It doesn’t matter if scientists, athletes, artists or translators, they seem to feel comfortable dealing with different challenges in their career.

The fact that they’re practical and at the same time artistic suggests a contradiction in their character, but no one can stop them from expressing their creativity and buying the most fashionable clothes or from launching trends among friends.

Another great thing about them is how they have a good memory and an incredible attention for details, things that can both be great resources for them, in times of need.

This means Wood Monkeys are resourceful and can achieve anything they’re setting their mind to.

These natives tend to be fair and to have strong opinions. Even so, they’ll manage to complete all of their projects, no matter how difficult and lengthy.

Their friends and coworkers will admire and respect them, which is good because they need the approval of others in order to move on. Those who are always telling them things are going to be okay will be their friends for a lifetime.

Being ambitious, Wood Monkeys will always look to improve and tend to never be happy with what they already have. Because they’re always looking for change, it’s possible for them to travel for work or to close businesses overseas.

They’re tenacious and very innovative, which means success will come to them easier than it does for others.

Being Monkeys, they simply can’t stand still as they’re very curious about every new subject of discussion, especially when they can also take advantage of the accumulated knowledge.

No matter the times, these natives will take good care of themselves. They seem to easily absorb new information and to find solution to difficult problems. Having good instincts, many will rely on them for good advice and for knowing when to take advantage of an opportunity.

Wood Monkeys should focus on their projects at hand and not just look into the future because they’re resourceful and conscientious enough to get things done properly in the present.

The secret with them seems to be learning how to stay in one place, even if capable of achieving great things when madly chasing after power.

While able to come up with great plans for the future and incredible solutions to problems, most of them are not consistent. It takes them only a moment to move on to a new project and to leave things half-done with what they were already doing.

However, Wood Monkeys are known to stick more to a plan, especially when compared with natives of the same sign and belonging to different elements.

Therefore, these Monkeys don’t mind adhering to a routine and are very reliable coworkers. They won’t abandon tasks just to start others, so they’re considered hard-working, intelligent and able to achieve great successes from a very young age.

One of the traits that makes them different is their very strong intuition. While other Monkeys prefer to act fast and to think twice as rapidly, the Wood ones can really work with their own instincts and understand people very thoroughly. They have a caring nature and are the least selfish natives of this sign.

Love & Relationships

Those who are involved with Wood Monkeys should be patient and open to any new idea. When it comes to the everyday life, these natives are hurried and sometimes annoying.

People who love them need to also calm them down, for trouble to not arise into their life. If not managing to make them less enthusiastic, Monkeys should be supported during difficult times.

They need a lot of space and to be free because feeling tied down can have them very anxious as well.

Usually popular among members of the opposite sex due to their charming nature, they’re also getting appreciated for treating love seriously.

Wood Monkeys believe in soulmates and would do anything for the person they love the most. Therefore, it’s possible for them to give up careers and wealth just to have a loving relationship with someone.

Those who are in love with them will be fascinated by how crazy and courageous they can be. Respecting others and being understanding, if conflicts arise, these monkeys remain calm and start giving their best for peace to be brought back, which means they’re close to being the ideal partners.

The fact that they’re feeling insecure about what’s going to happen causes them to be in need for reassurance that things are going to be okay. The ladies of this sign and element will never express their love in an open way because they’re very conservative and believe it’s not wise to show others any sincere emotion.

However, they want their men to be expressive, which can cause problems with the give-and-take balance in their relationships.

When in love, Wood Monkeys are affectionate and very flexible. They don’t mind giving second chances to their other half and love being admired by this person in their life.

Career aspects of the 2004 Wood Monkey

Monkeys tends to never be happy with how much they have and for this reason, are always trying new things, which means they should choose a career that involves taking on challenges and playing with risk.

Many of them are brokers at the stock market or athletes. Having a cool head and a rational way of thinking, they’re also very knowledgeable and able to deal with any complicated issue.

This means they could make great investigators and lawyers. However, they’re not very good at sticking to one project, which means they seem very irresponsible.

Being freelancers is also a good idea for them because they simply love having short jobs where using their abilities and not having to struggle for advancement makes them happy.

As they’re sociable and open, Wood Monkeys could excel in many careers. The fact that they understand difficult concepts makes them amazing doctors, lawyers or critics, not to mention how their talent for business can bring them a lot of success in sales or communications.

Health aspects

When it comes to health, Wood Monkeys shouldn’t be that worried, even if having a few bad habits and being prone to all kind of accidents due to their high energy levels.

They seem to get colds and allergies when seasons are changing, so they should ask their doctor for some health supplements.

Furthermore, they need take care of their mind because it’s very easy for them to become depressed when others don’t have a good impression about their personality and way of life.

Being around friends could very much help them when it comes to health. Wood Monkeys are said to rule over the liver in the human body, so they should limit alcohol consumption and avoid eating fatty foods.

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