Monkey Chinese Zodiac: Key Personality Traits, Love and Career Prospects

People born in the year of the Monkey are inquisitive and cheerful and will often have the last word, although they can also be seen as arrogant.

Monkey Chinese Zodiac Animal

Those who are born in the year of the Monkey are wise, intelligent and witty people. It seems like Monkeys are very efficient at putting their talents and good traits to work.

Many will envy them for being very productive and successful at everything they may be doing. But all the admiration and praise the Monkeys receive can go straight to their head. That’s why they sometimes are arrogant and patronizing.

The year of the Monkey in a nutshell:

  • Monkey years include: 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016, 2028;
  • Strengths: Decisive, earnest and crafty;
  • Weaknesses: Cunning, selfish and vain;
  • Blessed careers: Finance, Acting, Public relations, Sports and Management;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who is patient and understanding with them.

It’s possible Monkey natives will act mischievously in order to get what they want, leaving those around in an awe. Their eccentricities will always make people curious to know more about their personality.

An energetic personality

Witty people, those born in the year of the Monkey are always up to make a good joke and pull of a prank. That’s why they have so many friends who want them to be entertaining all the time.

For these natives, life’s a competition at which they have to be the best. They’re determined to succeed, but they can sometimes act without thinking and be very mysterious about what they are doing.

Monkeys want to rely only on themselves and their abilities, always keeping busy and being focused on their work. Represented by a funny and energetic animal, they are liked by everyone for their sense of humor, cleverness and good ideas.

What they lack the most is the time to make things happen. They are inquisitive about everything, so they ask questions all the time. It’s like they can’t find rest until they have found out everything about a person or a situation.

When someone will have the answers they want, they will completely respect that person. But when they’ll come across an individual who doesn’t know anything, they’ll be in any way interested.

These natives are very intelligent, so it can be impossible to win a fight with them. They will just apply their wisdom and sense of humor to win with any situation.

What they need to work on is trying to be more modest because they can be too selfish and even arrogant, especially if they keep having success after success.

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Not to mention they’re so intelligent that they can understand the most difficult philosophy book from the very first read.

If there would be for them to write their own book, there would be no problem as they can get very creative. Usually the heart and soul of any party, they can charm anyone to be their best friends.

But as friendly and tactful as they may seem, they can also deceive because they tend to keep their opinions to themselves when these are not the same as the group’s.

They don’t want to hide what they’re feeling as anyone can see what they are feeling from far away. As a matter of fact, they actually want others to be aware of their inner struggles because it makes them feel relieved.

It’s easy for Monkeys to solve any problem because they seem to always have solutions. If you happen to go through a hard time, just call them and they’ll know what to say.

Not to mention they will listen and struggle to find out what it can be done for you. Because they’re curious, they will always want to learn and to gain as much knowledge as possible.

But they sometimes can’t be reasoned with because they’re convinced they’re doing the right thing, persuading others that they’re on the right track as well.

What they want the most from life is to be amused. They simply hate boredom, so their life will always be on the run and entertaining. Everyone knows they can be trouble and true manipulators who like to provoke people just to see what will happen next.

They think life’s too short for them to dig up facts and they want to just go for what’s in their proximity and to do all kind of tricks.

When it comes to their relationships of friendship and romance, they are always keeping a young spirit and prefer to have fun.

It’s very important for them to be around people who think the same as them. They have so many friends because they need to choose with whom they can spend the most enjoyable time.

Because they love to perform and are witty, they’re the happiest when having and audience who admires them.

Monkey’s love traits

When it comes to love, Monkey natives are very curious and want to experiment until they’re completely happy. They usually stay around to enjoy the euphoria of new beginnings, but when their need for freedom starts to kick in, they simply disappear.

Maybe they will be more stable and balanced after their thirties, wanting then to have a home with someone. Their love has the innocence of childhood.

They are very attentive when it comes to the opposite sex, but their feelings seem to always be all over the place, so they can’t actually find their happiness and are not at all constant when it comes to staying next to the same partner.

Not to mention that they know too many representatives of the opposite sex, so it’s easy for them to just move on to a new relationship whenever they feel like.

Monkey’s love compatibility

Best matches

Ox and Rabbit

Bad matches

Tiger and Pig

The woman in this sign cares a lot about how a man looks. She doesn’t want to pursue because she likes being courted, so it’s unlikely for her to make the first step.

If you like this girl, don’t pretend to be who you’re not and start courting. If she’s overwhelmed by someone who always wants to please and to be romantic, she’ll grow tired and ultimately leave.

Monkey individuals want to take part in new adventures all the time, so they get bored as soon as something has lasted for too long. This is why it’s difficult for them to settle down.

However, once they do, you can count on them to be loyal. Charming and very positive, they can be very appealing and attract many people.

But those who are interested in them need to keep their patience and calm because Monkeys are difficult to tame. Helping them be tranquil would also be a good idea because they’re too agitated and nervous all the time, so they need peace more than anything.

Career prospects

When it comes to business, Monkeys want a lot of money and are always looking for new ideas to get them rich. They’re confident, charming and ingenious, which means they can find the most creative and well-working solutions to any kind of problem they may be going through.

Some people will simply see them as arrogant and there will be nothing to change these individuals’ mind.

When competing, many of their opponents will try to use the passion Monkeys have and turn it against them. Luckily, the natives of this sign are not at all vulnerable and any effort to harm their ego or to make them give up would be in vain.

Because they’re versatile, they could do any job in the world. They like to work hard and to take on new challenges.

Jobs that put them in the center of attention are better for them because they love to talk and to interact with others. But seeing they easily get bored, it’s very likely they will often change jobs. They will definitely choose pleasure over work, so they need a career that combines these two in an efficient manner.

The Monkey and the Chinese Five Elements:

ElementYears of birthKey characteristics
Wood Monkey1944, 2004Adaptable, practical and with a great memory;
Fire Monkey1956, 2016Bold, mischievous and practical;
Earth Monkey1908, 1968Ingenuous, convincing and practical;
Metal Monkey1920, 1980Talented, inventive and practical;
Water Monkey1932, 1992Witty, convincing and astute.

The Monkey man: A challenge seeker

Men born in the year of the Monkey are not at all rigid in their thinking and like to act fast as they are very adaptable.

Competitive and sociable, the Monkey man can understand what others are thinking and wants to make them feel good about themselves.

No matter what, he will always act independently because he has a lot of energy, the brains and the courage. He’s strong and wants to gather as much knowledge as possible.

A colorful and challenging life is definitely the one for him. He thinks systematically and puts a lot of efforts in making everything as efficient as possible.

Difficult problems will be nothing for him because he can deal with them. He can’t be blaming or criticizing because this is simply not for him.

His negative traits are that he can be snobbish and always bragging. The fact that he gets bored after a few minutes of doing something is also not helpful.

He runs after opportunities even if he has great talents and can do something through hard work. There are many things that will stand in his way towards success, but he will usually overcome them.
The Monkey Man: Key Personality Traits and Behaviors

The Monkey woman: A lady of high standards

The woman born in the year of the Monkey is very energetic and busy because she wants change and to have fun. She’s friendly and understanding, always looking to charm people so that she gets all the attention for her.

Many will be attracted by her beauty and the passion with which she lives her life. She always has many opinions and a great talent for the arts in which it’s required to perform.

This lady has high standards and can be harsh with herself. But she communicates easily, so people will still be able to work with her.

Expect her to compete and to want to control others through her calculated methods. She likes to spend time with people and has great energy, so when she’ll face difficulties, she will do anything possible to deal with the challenge and to achieve her goals in a gracious way.
The Monkey Woman: Key Personality Traits and Behaviors

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