The Monkey Man: Key Personality Traits and Behaviors

He is always active and usually at peace with what life has prepared for him, plus it’s impossible to get bored next to him.

Monkey Man

The Monkey man always feels like he’s able to achieve anything because he’s intelligent, innovative, clever and also communicative.

He can see things much clearer than others, his mind being his most valuable asset. However, he can think too much of himself and become self-absorbed.

The Monkey man in a nutshell:

  • Monkey years include: 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016, 2028;
  • Strengths: Energetic, convincing and ambitious;
  • Weaknesses: Inconsistent, naïve and rushed;
  • Life challenge: Learning not to let himself distracted by what others are doing;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who is supportive of him.

People will come to this man to talk about their secrets because he’s a good confidant and can offers solutions to problems from which others can’t see a way out.

A convincing individual

The Monkey individual can’t be disciplined and usually lives his life according to his moodiness. However, he will always be generous and try to make people around him laugh with all their heart.

He is regarded by many to be superficial and too selfish. Only a few of his friends can say they have a close and deep connection with him.

It can be impossible to determine his psychological buildup because he’s very unpredictable, just like his Goat cousin. Not that he changes that much, but he simply has many faces and seems to go through many inner battles because of his contradicting nature.

No matter what, he remains this complex person who seems simple on the outside, yet is very difficult on the inside.

Usually rational and calm, he still listens to what his heart tells him, so it’s possible for others not to understand a thing from what he’s doing and saying.

Astrologers say the Goat is all about change and variety, while the Monkey has these contrasts that can’t be established with any kind of light or shade.

The man in this sign is always active and usually happy with what life has prepared for him. He may be arrogant at times, but this is how all the people known as so energetic and dynamic are.

It’s impossible to get bored around him, even if he always seems to know what’s about to happen and what he should do about any type of situation.

He’s very good at convincing others of his viewpoint by not pushing anyone and by making suggestions in a subtle way. Many will wonder how he managed to persuade them to do what he wants, but they’ll get used to this ability that he has.

It’s easy for him to achieve success in life because he’s a good manager with great talents and who prefers to work with his mind rather than his hands.

The Monkey man looks to always self-improve and is humbler than others who if would be in his situation would turn into great charmers. Thinking that he’s meant for great things, he’s also very generous and helpful with the ones who need him the most.

And he will act according to his giving nature, talking all the time about fairness and equality. He’s very sexy and likes to be complimented, especially after he has paid a compliment to someone himself.

Very into sports, he wouldn’t make a good couple with a woman who doesn’t like to watch football. It can be said he has a big ego and people are more often hostile with him than they are with others.

When he doesn’t know what to do in a situation or isn’t familiar with an environment, he needs a good lead and to be shown how to react.

If he wouldn’t have too much experience in bed, you’d know it because he would brag about how good he is at making love. The more he’ll spend some wild nights with a woman, the more confident and good he’ll become in the sack.

Not to mention how much his thoughtfulness and understanding will develop, considering he already has them in abundance.

The Monkey man is very powerful and has a lot of potential to succeed at anything in life. It can be interesting to spend some time with him, especially if the future seems bright and not at all shadowed by difficulties.

The Monkey and the Chinese Five Elements:

ElementYears of birthKey characteristics
Wood Monkey1944, 2004Adaptable, practical and with a great memory;
Fire Monkey1956, 2016Bold, mischievous and practical;
Earth Monkey1908, 1968Ingenuous, convincing and practical;
Metal Monkey1920, 1980Talented, inventive and practical;
Water Monkey1932, 1992Witty, convincing and astute.

He will stand his ground no matter what

The Monkey man likes to know he’s the most important person for a woman and that he’s wanted. If he would feel ignored and that things are not going the way he wants them to, he would turn into this difficult person with whom no one can get along.

When he isn’t successful or life’s too boring, he is no longer even in the mood to express himself anymore. And it goes the same way with sex as he needs happiness and fulfillment in order to perform and work his great imagination in bed.

What someone can do to help when he’s feeling down is to compliment and praise him. He would feel much better and will be ready to do what it takes for success again if appreciated.

There is no other sign in the Chinese zodiac to need a strong foundation on which to build. He would be sad if not important for someone, so his lady needs to support him in his career advancement and to be ready with encouragement whenever he’s feeling down.

The only characteristic that’s never contradicting inside his heart is his independent nature. There’s no one to convince him that he needs to take orders and to be submissive.

The Monkey man can’t stand being limited in what he thinks and does: he’s like the wind and shouldn’t in any way be restricted from wandering with his mind and even his body.

He’s perhaps the only person in the Chinese zodiac who strives to get rid of old-fashioned and out-of-date methods by coming up with progressive and original ideas.

He’s unusual in the way he talks and dresses, and no one can change this about him. He would never get married out of interest because he thinks this is an old idea that shouldn’t be in anyone’s mind.

While looking for change and variety, he’s still attached to the basics of his nature because he’s self-righteous and not because he can’t change his views.

There’s no one to have more respect for the seniors than him. He’s pretty inconsistent as he simply can’t find a balance and harmony in his life.

The fact that he’s a non-conformist contributes a lot to how original he is all the time. It’s impossible to see him acting differently than only how he knows and thinks to.

This man will simply not pay attention to methods others adopt and how they view life. Not too interested in the way he looks, the Monkey man doesn’t care too much about others’ opinions, so he may shock with his behavior and the way he speaks.

Many will think of him as reckless, others will see how individualistic and eccentric he can be, which can either amuse or irritate them. It doesn’t matter how they view him, people will be simply fascinated by how he dreams of utopia and sometimes is not at all realistic or practical.

He would never be bothered by the weirdness and unique behaviors of others because he takes every person for granted. But he may be this defying only on the surface for he can be confused just like other people, especially when he loves.

Having a youthful spirit, this man never stresses about money and makes fun of those who are obsessed with saving. He will manage his finances, but he will never be preoccupied with putting aside.

People will never get bored around him because he’s always looking to get intellectually stimulated and to learn new things.

The Monkey man likes it when he’s the first to come up with an idea and he loves to start new projects or to learn a skill. His greatest qualities will help him a lot in his way towards success.

He’s humble enough to learn from others and to ask for advice. This man can detach himself emotionally and think only of what needs to be done.

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