2019 Chinese Zodiac: Earth Pig Year – Personality Traits

These people will never leave things half-done, no matter how many challenges they’ll face.

2019 Earth Pig Year

Being Earth Pigs, children born in 2019 will be determined to succeed, but at the same time cautious and very rational, especially before deciding to engage in a new adventure or project.

Many will think they’re indecisive, but these people will be nothing but wrong. As soon as these Pigs will get to feel secure and after they’ll calculate all the risks any new situation can bring about, they’ll start working and prove their endurance.

2019 Earth Pig in a nutshell:

  • Style: Friendly and reassuring;
  • Top qualities: Attentive, elegant and diligent;
  • Challenges: Pessimistic and quarrelsome;
  • Advice: Sometimes, they just need to stop and be grateful for what they have.

Very patient when pursuing their goals, they’ll act in a wise manner and be very reasonable, not to mention how much others will admire them for being strong and resistant, which is not at all usual for people born in this sign. Furthermore, they’ll always give their best to help others and to be useful.

A charismatic personality

Earth Pigs born in 2019 will be relaxed and forgiving adults. Just like all natives of this sign, they’ll be strongly attached to their home and family.

Nothing and no one will be able to stop them from planning their future and from always being prepared.

These people will be disciplined, practical and better at following than at leading. Loving peace more than anything else, they’ll give their best to have only harmony in their life.

Considerate and generous, they’ll help everyone, including people they won’t really know. They’ll persist on achieving their dreams and manage to also do it because they’ll be able to work in harsh conditions and to resist under stress.

These Pigs will never leave things half-done, no matter how many challenges they’ll face and how difficult life will become for them. Their responsible attitude and determination to succeed will inspire others to be the same as them.

They won’t have too many ambitions, not to mention it won’t be difficult for them to obtain security and many material successes because they’ll be diligent in their work.

Just like all other Pigs, they’ll indulge in pleasure and love comfort, so no one or nothing will be able to stop them from having a luxurious lifestyle and enjoying good foods.

These Pigs will be very generous and gentle, but at the same time sensitive and logical. When having to do something at work, they’ll give their best to impress their superiors and colleagues.

They’ll excel at organizing different social gatherings and following a schedule. Having a good sense of humor, they’ll have many friends who will really appreciate them for their good jokes, not to mention how much their company will be desired at different parties.

They’ll be appreciated for their kind nature and for the fact that they can bring peace everywhere they may be going.

When facing difficulties, they’ll try every solution and eventually resolve their problems. Always honest and very good at carrying any type of conversation, others will want them around because they’ll be pleasant and able of offering good advice.

It will be difficult for them to accept injustice, so they’ll be great fighters against inequality and unfairness. Popular among their friends, they’ll love going out and spending their time with others, not to mention how forgiving and tolerant they’ll be with the ones they’ll love the most.

When having to organize social events, no one will be better than them at doing this. They’ll work hard no matter the situation, so others will respect them for being reliable and for having integrity.

When young, they’ll try many different careers, but nothing will make them happier than being of service and helpful. It won’t be unusual for these natives to give up their own dreams in order to make the world a better place, so they’ll be very appreciated, not only at work, but also by their friends.

Having a good sense of humor, they’ll always know what to say in order to make others happy, not to mention how much they’ll love being entertainers at different social gatherings.

Unfortunately, many will take advantage of their good nature because they won’t be able to ever say “no”, which means it will become necessary for them to be less generous.

If disappointed by their career early in their life, they’ll decide to become entrepreneurs and to run their own business. While spending a lot of money on luxuries, they’ll still pay attention to how much is left in their wallet.

The trait that describes them the most is their ability to keep going in a straight line, no matter how difficult life may be.

Therefore, they won’t focus on anything else besides their goals, so it will be difficult for them to end up being deceived by their own results, to believe in gossip and to not keep a straight line when having a goal.

Being honest, many will appreciate them for their openness and for not allowing misunderstandings between them and others. When asked a question, they won’t hesitate to give the answer and to be sincere.

These natives will simply refuse to hide things from their loved ones. This can become a problem, especially when they’ll have to keep a secret. As a matter of fact, knowing hidden truths will make them feel uncomfortable and agitated.

They won’t want to gossip, but it will still be impossible for them to imagine how others want to keep some things for themselves, not to mention how much they’ll reveal about others’ secrets when being distracted.

It’s not like they’ll discuss private matters consciously, they’ll just be too sincere not to. Therefore, it will be a good idea to keep conversations with them light and relaxed.

They’ll hate deceiving others and speaking half-truths because they’ll have a highly developed sense of justice, thing that will also have them rapidly involved in relationships, especially from an emotional point of view.

Not wanting to take detours when trying to make their dreams come true or when telling the truth, they’ll believe no one knows things better than themselves, thing that may bring them a lot of trouble.

After all, it’s not in any way easy to always tell the truth and to be sincere. They’ll have to be cautious and not believe their imagination represents what’s real.

Therefore, a little bit of doubt when it comes to their hopes and dreams will be very much indicated.

When seeing others have many flaws and are making mistakes, they’ll give their best to change all this and to be of help.

Their search for the truth will continue even when they’ll search for fresh knowledge. However, they’ll have to be less direct, especially when trying to know themselves better, because things aren’t all the time straightforward.

Being cheerful is what will make others love them, which means they’ll get to feel secure about their relationships with others. They’ll never deceive or be unwise because it won’t be in their nature.

Struggling to know the whole truth and to gain as much knowledge as possible will sometimes be disappointed as not everyone will be like them. However, when upset, they’ll continue to be calm and cheerful because that’s what all wise people are doing.

Love & Relationships

Earth Pigs born in 2019 will want to all the time get physically close with the ones they’ll love the most because it won’t be in their nature to enjoy platonic relationships or to beat around the bush.

Going straight for what they want, many will think they don’t know how to be romantic, but this wouldn’t be in any way true. Just because they’ll take direct action when wanting something, it doesn’t mean they won’t know what being dreamy is all about.

As a matter of fact, expressing their feelings in an open manner will encourage many members of the opposite sex to want to be in a relationship with them.

These Pigs will have no idea what being shy or inhibited means, not to mention they’ll never refuse to help their friends.

When saying “yes”, they’ll truly mean it, not to mention they’ll be very firm when deciding to like a person. In their unconscious, these natives will think everyone is the same as them.

They won’t be in any way interested to seduce others because they’ll be too sincere for such a thing. When someone will not be in love with them, they’ll simply accept the situation and move on.

They’ll probably make compromises too easily, but only when noticing it’s in someone’s interest. Earth Pigs born in 2019 will never understand what the seduction game is all about.

Career aspects of the 2019 Earth Pig

Children born in 2019 will be reliable workers who won’t mind giving a helping hand to anyone. They’ll love expressing themselves creatively, not to mention their attention to detail will always be admired by their superiors.

Not afraid of taking on any responsibilities, they’ll also be kind and generous, which means anyone will be able to convince them to join charities and to do good.

Being tolerant and flexible, it will be easy for them to work as teachers. They should avoid working in the financial sector because others will find it easy to take advantage of them. It’s a good idea for these natives to become doctors, engineers, artists or researchers.

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