The Monkey Woman: Key Personality Traits and Behaviors

She is unpredictable and charming, as well as outspoken but she could do with some more life experiences to gain further confidence in herself.

Monkey Woman

The Monkey woman is one of the most flexible females in the Chinese zodiac. She could easily be an inventor or entertainer because she has the touch of a genius and can come up with original ideas, even if they’re mischievous.

She’s fast-thinking and witty, which always helps her make the right decisions and understand what’s actually going on. You can be sure she will keep some things in mind and later bring them up in a conversation.

The Monkey woman in a nutshell:

  • Monkey years include: 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016, 2028;
  • Strengths: Charming, loyal and down-to-earth;
  • Weaknesses: Superficial, conceited and confused;
  • Life challenge: Learning to listen more to those around;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who will be as eccentric as her.

Usually kind and very reliable, anyone can trust her to keep a secret. Not to mention how honest and a good problem solver she can be. It doesn’t matter where she is and who’s asking for her help, she will always give a hand to anyone.

Her charisma and sharp tongue

As one of the most unpredictable females in the Chinese zodiac, she can confuse people with her moodiness. However, when kept happy and entertained, she’s the sweetest and most charming lady to be around.

But it’s her close ones’ responsibility to keep her in a good mood and stimulated. While she needs a lot of attention, she also prefers to retreat in solitude and to think of her life.

The Monkey woman will go against what the society imposes, feeling that her life needs to take only the turn that she has decided upon each time. And she may want the same thing from others, this making things very difficult when she establishes friendships.

This lady can be besotted with a new partner, becoming very preoccupied about the relationship she’s just started.

She’s even more contradicting and inconsistent than the man in the same sign. Multi-faceted and having an opposite for each side of her personality, she will make it very hard for others to perceive her.

Many will think she has bad intentions and that she avoids the truth because she’s ambiguous and full of paradoxes. She can be smart and naive, innocent and passionate, flexible and stubborn, giving and selfish, confident and insecure, impulsive and patient, all at the same time.

The Monkey woman can be loyal and also harsh with her loved ones, honest and doing something illegal, expressive and absorbing what people have to say, kind and angry, affectionate and violent, romantic and down-to-earth, systematic and easy-going, serious and relaxed, tidy and chaotic.

These are all traits that can be found in her altogether because she doesn’t carry herself the same way all the time. Due to this, there will always be a constant conflict between her thoughts and her feelings.

Knowing how to listen, the woman born in the year of the Monkey will offer great solutions to others’ problems. Her tendency is to be cerebral and to allow her emotions to just guide her, making it possible for a conflict to exist between what’s in her head and what she actually does.

It seems that her biggest problem in life is to find a balance between her intellectuality and affection because she can’t decide to be either logical or emotional.

But this only makes her charming and an impressive person, so her way towards success will be pretty much smooth. This lady can talk a lot, but she’s definitely not the Barbie lady type whose head is completely empty.

Her charisma and sharp tongue will have her talking about interesting subjects because she really doesn’t like to gossip or to discuss shopping sprees. At work, she may be the lady who works alone, but she doesn’t mind team work either.

She will most likely attain success, especially if she has to do something in sales or to be of service. It’s almost impossible for her to deal with fools, no matter if it’s in the bedroom or at work.

However, she surely can have a lot of fun and come up with a good joke. The Monkey woman likes being seen as the rebel, so she’ll do her best to reveal her most shocking ideas, taking part in protests of any kind.

Her ways aren’t in any way conservative because she hates everything that has to do with conformism. What’s good is that she takes others’ opinions into consideration and that she respects different point of view.

She definitely wants to leave the past behind, so she’s not the type to bring up things that have already happen. When it comes to the present, she’s only interested a bit because it’s only the future that makes her feel enthusiastic.

That’s why she all the time needs to change and to have things happening around her. This lady is really the perfect person to make breakthrough discoveries and come up with the jaw-breaking ideas.

The Monkey and the Chinese Five Elements:

ElementYears of birthKey characteristics
Wood Monkey1944, 2004Adaptable, practical and with a great memory;
Fire Monkey1956, 2016Bold, mischievous and practical;
Earth Monkey1908, 1968Ingenuous, convincing and practical;
Metal Monkey1920, 1980Talented, inventive and practical;
Water Monkey1932, 1992Witty, convincing and astute.

Should have more confidence in herself

As soon as fun and excitement are no longer present in her life, the woman born in the year of the Monkey immediately gets bored and wants to give up what she was doing. She’s even more original and surprising than the man in the same sign.

Eccentric and considered crazy by others, she only does what she wants, not caring what people may think of her. It can’t be considered she’s very feminine because she does everything just like a man would.

Not to mention she believes in equality and doesn’t even think differences between genders are real. And she may be right to believe people should be valued according to their abilities and intellectuality, not something else.

She will shock and won’t care if others think she’s literally crazy. There will be many men who are completely confused about her.

While independent, she still needs someone to help her have more confidence in herself. She can get lost in her own emotions and people will think that she’s in fact superficial.

But this can’t be more far from the truth because she usually is devoted, faithful, affectionate and a good leader, whether she’s at work or at home. Good looking and magnetic, there’s nothing boring in the way she presents herself.

When limited or forced to respect any convention, she gets depressed and sad. And when it comes to her ego, this doesn’t need to be stroked in order for her to feel good and to give her best.

It’s not quite easy to live with the Monkey lady, but the man who’ll have enough patience and consideration for her will definitely get to enjoy someone absolutely incredible in his life.

She can be very busy, but she won’t forget to be humorous and passionate. If you have just started a relationship with her, expect some arguments, crying and to get back together very fast after any quarrel.

She’s very into love and what this feeling can bring, so she will have many partners during a lifetime. All of her lovers will remember her for being open, funny and mannered.

But it can be very difficult to have her commit to only one person, yet as soon as she has done it, she would never walk away or cheat. It’s true she’s unstable and girlish in the beginning of a relationship, but all this changes with time.

Every little mistake made by her partner she takes it personally, getting her to lose herself in one of her moods. However, she doesn’t last long being confusing.

As soon as the relationship is more advanced, she turns into a giving, flexible and trustworthy partner. She strongly gets attached and can continue to be friends with all of her ex-lovers.

No one can doubt her intellectual abilities, and she’s often envied for them. The Monkey woman is a good observer and can discriminate, so expect her to easily solve problems and to correctly judge characters.

This lady always sees a bright future and has ideas that in the present seem childish, but in the long run are extremely helpful. She’s curious and loves to read, so she’ll always ask the good questions while appreciating things for their real value.

Normally flexible with what others are saying, she will allow everyone to express themselves. She couldn’t care less when being criticized, not minding talking about her negative traits either.

But don’t expect her to change her mind once she’s made a decision because she’s bold enough to stand next to her own opinions. No matter what, she simply hates stupidity and as said before, she won’t get involved with fools.

Just like her male counterpart, she believes the world can be a better place and that things can improve.

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