1956 Chinese Zodiac: Fire Monkey Year – Personality Traits

These people give off this popularity impression and although they may be a little conceited, others don’t really notice this.

1956 Fire Monkey Year

Those who are born in 1956 belong to the Chinese sign Monkey and the Fire element. This means they’re determined to succeed, enthusiastic, courageous and adventurous.

Very popular among members of the opposite sex, these natives really enjoy being admired and appreciated for their personality and the way they’re looking. It seems their luck with money is brought on by the fact that they know how to save.

1956 Fire Monkey in a nutshell:

  • Style: Bold and mischievous;
  • Top qualities: Attentive, practical and understanding;
  • Challenges: Impatient, challenging and impulsive;
  • Advice: They should leave aside their need to prove themselves to others.

The Fire element gives them high levels of energy, confidence, not to mention it makes all Monkeys more expressive and honest. Fire Monkeys are natural born leaders who usually come up with innovative ideas every time they are asked for help.

A witty personality

Very friendly and talkative, Fire Monkeys can fascinate anyone with their conversations, which means they have many friends who love them. It’s difficult for these natives to ever get bored, but there’s a downside to this as they’re always chasing new challenges and believe the grass is greener someplace else.

Therefore, Fire Monkeys need to always be stimulated in order to keep their interest and to feel happy. It’s possible for them to work against themselves when chasing big opportunities, and even to become manipulative or uncaring about any principle.

The fact that they have a great way of perceiving others from a psychological point of view makes them very good at reading people like open books. The women in this sign can be very subtle when trying to hook a man up.

All Fire Monkeys give the impression that they’re getting along very well with everyone, when in fact they’re very selfish and focused only on themselves, not to mention they can procrastinate and concentrate on what doesn’t even matter.

When facing an issue, they think it’s below them to find a solution, so it’s easy to call them ignorant. Having demands from others to be as playful as they are, they can become offended when their friends don’t want to engage in new adventures.

They don’t trust people and consider themselves superior. Many will be tricked by their ability to make others blind in front of their manipulative ways.

As a matter of fact, they’re so talented at this that even Dragons can end up believing them, and Dragons are famous for being powerful, stubborn and not easy to fool. Tigers won’t resist their magnetism and playful teasing.

People born in 1956, the year of the Fire Monkey, are intelligent, active, courageous and not bothered to follow any rules. It’s easy for them to achieve success because they give a lot of importance to friendship and their mind is business-oriented, which means many will give them a hand with negotiations and good opportunities.

However, they can be too ambitious, exaggeratedly adventurous and annoying. Sometimes, when not happy with what’s happening in their life, they can become unpredictable as well.

It’s easy to recognize these Monkeys in a crowd because they’re the ones looking very young and to whom others are paying a lot of attention. If they decide to leave their home sooner and not later in their youth, it’s possible for them to achieve many great things and to live a happy life when older.

The men in this sign usually have happy families and support their wives in their careers. However, all Fire Monkeys are known for being conservative and for not accepting too many innovative ideas, even if they can easily adapt to any type of situation.

Very happy about taking on new challenges, they love studying abstract concepts in art and opening their mind. Fire Monkeys are also refined, original and sometimes obsessed with luxury.

Because they’re intelligent, it’s easy for them to come up with good solutions to problems, which means they have great talent for business.

They will never be ashamed about the fact that they’re lucky with money as they’re aware of how good they can be with figures and investments.

If focused on good opportunities and determined to develop their competitive side, they can become very rich and powerful, especially since they have the ability to hold on to success, after it has been instilled.

Furthermore, Fire Monkeys want to be in the center of attention, which means they can be a little bit too much concerned about their reputation and focused to always shock others.

It’s like the more their friends are impressed with what they’re doing and saying, the happier they get to feel.

It’s possible for them to become very fulfilled in the first part of their life, only for the second to arrive with a lot of confusion and plans that don’t get completed. When old, Fire Monkeys are more than happy to live a simple life.

Love & Relationships

When it comes to romance, Fire Monkeys are very popular and good friends with members of the opposite sex. Therefore, they need to keep in control their connections if married.

It can be said these natives are very stubborn and focused to control everything, so no one will ever be allowed to dominate in a relationship with them. They seem to know what works best for their life, what they want and how to achieve it.

When being around these natives, it’s easy to notice how they’re always getting out of bed and seem to know what to do, not to mention how they’re always one step ahead of others.

Furthermore, they’re also very loyal, regardless if friends or lovers. Their natural charm and positive attitude helps them be fun and all the time ready to impress another person.

These people know how to work hard and to have great fun, so many will appreciate them for being just the way they are. When not having to do something for their career, they love to relax by going out and spending their money in bars.

Very honest, it’s not difficult for them to tell the truth, even if this may be hurtful, not to mention how they can handle any harsh remark about themselves.

It doesn’t matter if women or men, Fire Monkeys need to feel good in their own skin in order to have a great sex life and to not allow everyday life to enter their bedroom.

Being dynamic and having great flexibility, they’re more like athletes when making love, which means they can also be boring when only thinking of new positions.

As said before, the world surrounding these people needs to be at peace and fulfillment has to be present in their life if they want to perform flawlessly in bed. The secret for this to happen is to always smile, even if the situation is very difficult.

Career aspects of the 1956 Fire Monkey

Fire Monkeys can adapt to any new situation, which means they can be very good in any profession. They don’t mind working hard and can easily take on new challenges, but they need to be in the center of attention if they want to really thrive in life.

Natives of this sign and element are very good at communicating with others and can convince anyone to do what they want.

Because they’re easily getting bored doing the same things all over again, they’ll change jobs more often than others.

Furthermore, they prefer pleasure to a higher income, so they may succeed at what they’re doing by investing great passion.

Business, politics and public servicing are jobs they could perform without having a problem.

If lucky enough to have been highly educated when young, they can try anything that goes through their mind when older, especially since they’re very adaptable and their personality makes them get along very well with others, regardless of the field of work.

Many of these natives will succeed in show business because they’re loud and have a good eye for art. It’s easier for them to succeed slowly but steadily because they can’t handle too much work at once.

Their boss and colleagues will simply love them, so they’ll get promoted sooner than others. Because they want to collaborate with everyone and to offer their help, many won’t hesitate to support them with anything.


Fire Monkeys can be considered the luckiest natives of the Chinese zodiac, especially when it comes to career and money.

Furthermore, these people seem to develop great relationships with others, but they tend to get closer to those who really inspire them to succeed. For example, Horses are competitive and kind enough to push Monkeys forward in life.

Because they have the same traits as Chinese Rabbits, they can resist in friendships with these natives, and for a very long time.

The down-to-earth and calm Ox can help Fire Monkeys have less useless energy and be more practical.

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