1968 Chinese Zodiac: Earth Monkey Year – Personality Traits

These people will always try to get to the middle of the issue, to discover the truth hiding beyond the outer layer.

1968 Earth Monkey Year

The Earth Monkeys born in 1968 are very resourceful and dynamic. They know exactly what to do in order to fix a problem or overcome certain issues.

They are honest and straightforward, going directly to the problem at hand instead of beating around the bush. Moreover, they are self-developed individuals that have a very meager origin.

1968 Earth Monkey in a nutshell:

  • Style: Friendly and reliable;
  • Top qualities: Straightforward and principled;
  • Challenges: Opportunistic and manipulative;
  • Advice: They need to be careful not to hurt others’ feelings.

These natives are building their empire from the bottoms up, with ambition, perseverance, and resilience. Romantically, they find it easy to just stumble upon the chosen one.

A reliable personality

Freedom and independence matter a lot to the Earth Monkeys. If they aren’t allowed to think in a certain way, then they will stop thinking at all and refuse to continue working.

It makes them very unhappy, having to do the same boring stuff every day or having too many things to do at the same time.

However, it’s a good thing that they are very confident and trust in their own abilities. This will get them far in the future. Money-problems are almost non-existent, and they have a knack for showcasing their achievements in front of a public.

For all this, when they work, they prefer having a relaxing and peaceful environment. They are perfectly content with doing their thing behind the curtains, but they do want to be recognized and praised for a good job.

They are very intelligent people, reliable and thoughtful as well. Emotionally, they care about their relationships a lot.

These Earth Monkeys are one of the most selfless and kind natives in the entire Chinese zodiac. They would give it their all to help someone in need, to offer assistance and aid, to participate in charity and humanitarian events.

Because of their earthen inheritance, the strong moral principles are quintessential to them.

They are bold and fearless in front of danger. They will not step back even when confronted with unfair odds, and the will step forward instead, taking an attitude against injustice and inequality.

This gets them in trouble most of the times. Generally, they do their own things without arguing with others.

In their youth, the Earth Monkeys experience a period of tremendous luck and fortune, finding it very easy to advance.

Later on, they polish their skills and become practical, serious, and ambitious. Also, they temper their emotions greatly, becoming capable of deep focus and great feats of concentration.

Empathy and compassion are just the final additions to an already impeccable character sheet.

Those born in 1968 pride themselves to be very intelligent and smart, so much that they are always looking to develop themselves, to learn from mistakes, and to accumulate knowledge, wherever they might find it. Moreover, it can be said that these natives are one of the most compassionate ones out there.

They will meet with problems head-on, ready to do or die. That’s their sole philosophy, in fact. All in or nothing at all. In general, they prefer being reserved and looking after their own business, but deep down, they are thinking about how they can advance even further.

Love & Relationships

In this regard, the 1968 Earth Monkey natives are exceptionally lucky because most people are very attracted to their charming and pleasing nature.

They put a lot of emphasis on a long-standing relationship, and they deeply desire one. To them, commitment is essentially the most important thing in life.

The men, on the one hand, are the very definition of devotion, loyalty, and affection. They will do everything in their power to create a better future for their families.

Women, on the other hand, tend to have issues with relationships, to encounter only the wrong people. Either way, they should learn to better communicate and share their emotions.

They are the individuals who are likely to stay calm even when confronted with a life and death situation.

This is how they deal with problems and challenges, with patience, resourcefulness, boldness, and thoughtfulness. Personally, they will do everything they can for the wellbeing of their family and loved ones.

These Earth Monkeys make for ideal partners because of how loyal and affectionate they are. It’s genuine, after all, that they feel love at a magnitude few people can match. They are also pretty successful and can provide for their families with no problems whatsoever.

Career aspects of the 1968 Earth Monkey

There are very few people that can compare to them when it comes to working in challenging environments. The Earth Monkeys have no issues with this. If anything, they find it refreshing and stimulating.

They can be doctors, lawyers, public speakers and journalists, work in construction or management. Literally, anything goes.

However, they do tend to be very intelligent and cultivated individuals. Academia is more to their liking than anything else.

They will work hard enough to be recognized by everyone, and their achievements will propel them at the forefront of their respective line of work. With dedication and ambition come great rewards and satisfaction.

They are very observant and analytic, which means that nothing escapes from their keen eye. The details matter a lot to them, or at least they are good in identifying the little things. This makes them become even more reliable and resourceful.

Moreover, their high intelligence and curiosity just show their immense font of knowledge and great potential. They want to accumulate knowledge and learn everything there is to learn, to increase their skills and become superior.

As such, they enjoy having debates and argumentative discussions with people. This will get provide them with even more ideas and information, cultural details that they use to ascend the social ladder and become better. Fun fact – they are extremely convincing and like to talk to people from all walks of life.

Health and lifestyle

The Earth Monkey natives are generally very healthy and their wellbeing stays strong all year around.

However, this doesn’t mean that they don’t have to be careful and pay attention to their diet, for example. What they eat is who they are, and they have to watch over their stomach, pancreas, and spleen. These three organs are very sensitive in their case.

These natives are also prone to missing out on many opportunities because they are too cautious and end up overthinking. They should be careful, sure, but this doesn’t mean they ought to waste time on debating between simplistic choices.

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