Key Traits of the Fire Monkey Chinese Zodiac Sign

The Fire Monkey doesn’t ever miss a thing from what is going on around.

Fire Monkey

Those born in the year of the Fire Monkey dream big and are very good with business. They will build a family that is happy and expresses a lot of love.

But reality as it comes doesn’t satisfy them because they want more adventure. While quick tempered, they are still able to live a peaceful life and achieve their goals steadily. These Monkeys are self-assured, honest and creative.

The Fire Monkey in a nutshell:

  • Qualities: Bold, mischievous and practical;
  • Challenges: Cheeky, insensitive and impatient;
  • Secret need: To prove oneself in front of the family;
  • Advice: You should cool down your temper, especially towards new people.

Fire Monkey people are a true force who always wants to be in control and to have the power. It’s essential for them to have the upper hand and to be aware of what’s going on. The Fire element makes them passionate about love and sincere when expressing their emotions.

The character of the Chinese Fire Monkey

Just like the animal that represents them, Fire Monkey individuals are very smart and inquisitive. They can’t wait to experience new things and to take on every challenge that comes towards them.

And when Fire influences them, they become even more energetic and active. The natives of this sign and element will always be positive and enjoy life as much as possible.

They’re adaptable because Fire makes them this way. It can be difficult to have them in one place for too long because they tend to be everywhere.

What’s interesting about them is that they are always first when it comes to dealing with new challenges or coming up with solutions for the most difficult problems.

Not only they have everything they need to solve different issues, they will also see that all of their plans are completed.

Fire Monkey natives are intelligent, courageous, eager to live their life, and unrestricted in achieving their dreams. They put a high price on friendship and their determination or business skills are endless.

But they can be annoying, adventurous and too ambitious, which makes them disconnect with reality and changeable. It seems they’re always young at heart, and as soon as they’ll leave home, they’ll head only towards success.

These Monkeys are very interested in their career and have all it takes to move forward. Their development will be smooth and steady, and they’ll get lucky from time to time.

At work, their bosses and colleagues will appreciate and respect them for their talents, so promotions happen very often in their professional life. Because they’re helpful and reliable, everyone will want to act the same around them.

When it comes to relationships, they have a lot of success among the opposite sex, but they need to control their emotions and to be careful not to cheat.

As far as money go, they are pretty lucky and manage to accumulate a lot of wealth. Not to mention they could get lucky with the lottery. But they have to avoid speculation and invest their finances in something durable.

Fire Monkeys want to always know what’s going on and where they are standing. They may not be the most consistent people in the Chinese zodiac, and they can hurry to solve their problems.

It’s very likely they won’t do the same job for too long. However, when it comes to relationships, they stand their ground and can commit for a long time.

While Metal Monkeys are tough and the Earth ones steady, the Fire people in this sign are more prone to be interested in only one person or activity because they want to channel their energy towards one objective.

But they can develop a superiority air and become very selfish. It can be very difficult for them to put others’ hopes and dreams before theirs, and they always want to be one step ahead because Fire accentuates this in them.

Their relationships may be problematic because of this. The same element makes them more passionate when it comes to love. Their partner will be happy to have someone ardent and so intense in their life.

The Fire element makes them bold

The Chinese Fire element is known for making people more energetic and eager to take initiative. When this element is coupled with the Monkey sign, it makes its natives more intense and extreme.

Fire Monkeys are the most impulsive and energetic people in this sign. They like to dominate and want a leadership role or to compete all the time. But they need to be careful so that these traits they have don’t become overwhelming.

These people want to be in control no matter the situation. This means they can become too much for others, sometimes.

They are driven by being the first and staying in that place forever. Each time they’re in control, they become better at dealing with people and begin to nurture those who happen to be their subordinates or who need them.

With the Fire energy, the aggressive and fast-thinking Monkeys become more courageous to do what others wouldn’t even dare to. And such a bold behavior may turn out to be not as advantageous as they think it is.

But no matter what, they will always be imaginative, active and will attract many people who can help them get out of trouble. They tend to jump from one project to another, from a relationship to a different one, searching for good solutions to what bothers them.

All in all, they are open, happy and always nice to others. That’s why they have many friends and can make new ones very fast. Their impulsiveness has to be oriented towards constructive and positive projects, or else they can become dangerous and destructive.

If these Monkeys would be more patient, they would have better relationships and things would go better for them. They also need to think more intensely about their own actions in order to protect their interests.

The Fire Monkey man

The Fire Monkey man lives exactly the way he wants because he’s bold and decisive. He’s also very smart and can perform in the toughest of situations. Magnetic and very sexual, he’s less stiff than other Monkeys and definitely mysterious.

The ladies will want to know his secrets, and he won’t hesitate to share. He’s self-assured and likes to talk about his dreams.

This male wants to be a leader, so he’ll work very hard to obtain this position. He’s smart and knowledgeable, but he can cheat if he feels like it will help him achieve his goals.

He doesn’t want to miss any opportunity, but he needs to understand sacrifice is sometimes necessary if he’s to be successful. He loves women very much and he’s impressive, attractive and all the time active.

If he’ll be in love, he will climb any mountain and swim any sea to get to his beloved woman’s heart. The lady of his dreams has to be an imaginative intellectual who enjoys all the surprising dates he prepares for her.

Many women will fall for him because he’s charming and handsome. Even if he has a quick temper, he won’t worry to choose someone who doesn’t suit him.

He wants a lady who’s reserved and tolerant of him as he fights for a person with whom he can build a happy family. This man wants an exciting and at the same time peaceful marriage because he feels like the middle ground in love is his way to go.

The Fire Monkey woman

This lady wants people to pay attention to her and is not at all timid. She always knows what to do, no matter how difficult the situation. She’s attractive and intelligent, using everything that comes her way very effectively.

The Fire Monkey woman is always calculating what to do and how to make the right decisions. She’s determined and a little bit superficial, choosing a career that allows her to make as much money as possible.

It would be easy for her to be an actress or manager at a big company as she has leadership talents. Any man will think that life with her is full of passion and love.

Because she has a lot of energy, she enjoys loud groups and doesn’t mind doing things on the run. She’s not the romantic type because she’s rather cerebral and calculated.

It doesn’t matter how strong her emotions are, she will always reason and act in her own interest. For example, if having to choose between a modest writer and a successful business man, she’ll go with the second.

It wouldn’t matter if she’d get married, her admirers would still be around her like bees around a hive. But she’s the perfect wife who doesn’t even think of cheating.

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