1992 Chinese Zodiac: Water Monkey Year – Personality Traits

These people are rather mysterious, often keeping as much information about them as private as possible.

1992 Water Monkey Year

Individuals who were born in 1992, the year of the Water Monkey, are natural born leaders. They seem to possess great intelligence and to stand out from the crowd at work. Admired by others and for good reasons, they should however, not become too proud or aggressive.

These natives are sometimes hurrying to express their opinions, which means they can hurt people with their harsh words. Because members of the opposite sex simply love them, they will not have any problem finding a soulmate.

1992 Water Monkey in a nutshell:

  • Style: Wise and kind-hearted;
  • Top qualities: Creative, honest and convincing;
  • Challenges: Moody and possessive;
  • Advice: They need to be mindful that others have a right to their opinions too.

Water Monkeys are sensitive souls who can get hurt when bad things are being said about them. However, because they’re doing their best to hide their true feelings, they are all the time making jokes. It’s important for these people to stay focused if they want to succeed in life, especially since they’re known to easily get distracted from their work.

A curious personality

Monkeys in the Chinese zodiac are known for being curious, manipulative and very witty. Because they enjoy playing all the time, practical jokes are their favorite thing.

While having good intentions and being kind, they sometimes enjoy making fun of people and end up hurting their feelings.

Being great intellectuals and possessing a creative mind, these Monkeys can encounter problems when trying to reveal their intelligence. It’s not unusual for them to sometimes look confused, and nothing can change their desire to all the time get challenged.

They love living in big cities and to watch people roaming around. Monkeys born under the Water element are more sensitive than other natives of the same sign, but also more versatile.

While carrying an air of mystery, they still possess the great gift of easily understanding others and connecting with people. Therefore, Water Monkeys are known as great communicators and curious listeners.

They’re much more secretive than other Monkeys, not to mention how much they’re refusing to reveal their true emotions. These natives are famous for being inquisitive, which is why they’re all the time trying to take part in new adventures.

The Water element influences them to be more emotional than usual. While the confident and able Monkeys are not known for having too intense emotions, the Metal ones are however, moody.

For example, when life doesn’t happen the way they want it to, they can start to become exaggeratedly funny and witty, even more sexy and eager to get together with as many partners as possible.

Water Monkeys can be very snappy and anxious when things are at their worst in their life, so it’s possible for them to encounter many problems in their most intimate connections.

The element of Water makes Monkeys more delicate and causes them to feel offended when criticized. However, these natives still know what they want from life and also what to do in order to achieve it.

Their element makes them adaptable and ready to work with any method in order to achieve their goals. Furthermore, Water Monkeys are imaginative, original, intelligent and friendly.

It’s easy for them to convince others to support their ideas, no matter how unconventional they may seem to be in their way of thinking.

The same Monkeys have a special charm, even if they’re never revealing their true feelings. When opposed, they don’t like answering questions and tend to act just like water, meaning they’re simply flowing in the conversation and avoid as much as possible what they don’t want to explain.

They’re known for their impatience and for not waiting around when their plans are not succeeding from the first time.

Therefore, Water Monkeys are the first to leave the ship in a crisis situation. Because they possess an amazing intuition, it’s easy for them to relate to others.

When wanting to obtain something, they’re not hesitating to be manipulative and very persuasive. Their friends should be careful around them because they will always be looking to take care of their own interests, not to mention how when doing a favor, they expect something in return, as soon as possible.

People born in 1992 are also very intelligent and able to socialize with anyone, so it comes easy for them to lead people and to make plans for the future. Furthermore, they’re very capable of dealing with the most difficult situations, so it’s not unlikely for them to stand out from the crowd and to make their parents proud at a very young age.

However, because they have too many talents, it’s possible other people will become jealous of them and aggressive, especially at their workplace.

Furthermore, Water Monkeys are known for being annoying, impulsive and for not taking other people’s opinions into consideration. They trust themselves very much and are capable of leading, but the fact that they’re always playing pranks can negatively influence their connections with others.

Therefore, these Monkeys should avoid being unpredictable and superficial, especially if they want to be popular among their friends or to advance at work. The more they’ll try and improve themselves, the luckier they’ll become.

These natives know how to work hard and it’s possible for them to achieve many great things, especially if in love with their own job.

When working together with people as capable as themselves, they can end up making amazing discoveries and finishing up twice the projects they were focusing on.

However, they need to not trust people that much and to pay attention to some of their friends because these may betray them. When it comes to money, they seem to know how to make it, so their life will always be comfortable.

Furthermore, they can identify good opportunities and obtain fast earnings. However, they should know when to stop and not become greedy because wealth can’t be accumulated by those who want it too much.

It’s important for Water Monkeys to learn how to accept criticism and to judge for themselves when change is required. Their ego shouldn’t be that big, and they must accept the help offered by their loved ones.

Love & Relationships

As far as love goes, Water Monkeys are never too hurried to commit. It can be said these natives are rather promiscuous because they easily get bored with people and situations.

However, as soon as meeting their soulmate, this behavior will end. As a matter of fact, Monkeys are known for committing for a lifetime to that one person they love the most.

They seem to have a lot of popularity among members of the opposite sex, so it’s not unusual for them to be involved in many romantic adventures and to get help from their lovers in difficult situations.

They’ll probably have happy marriages, but the support of the family that brought them up will not be felt in their life because their siblings would know they’re only independent and able to stand on their own two feet.

The element of Water influences Monkeys to be more emotional, thing that’s not at all normal for people in this sign.

While they may not surrender themselves their emotions, Water Monkeys will definitely have many moods. For example, they can cry this minute and make a joke the other, especially if things aren’t going their way.

When the situation tends to become even more unsatisfying, they become nervous and very anxious. Therefore, they may have real problems with their partner. These natives have many great qualities, but also some weaknesses.

For instance, they’re always running away from discussions about emotions and can’t be delicate, even if aware of how deeply some words and actions can hurt.

Feeling all the time insecure, these Monkeys are suggested to get together with people who can reassure them that they’re being loved.

Career aspects of the 1992 Water Monkey

As far as career goes, people born in the Chinese sign of Monkey can do anything they want because they’re smart and adaptable. Furthermore, they can get things done very rapidly, even if they may ask for a raise in exchange for their efforts.

It seems they’re very suited for accounting and the banking system. Furthermore, many of them are great scientists, engineers, brokers, pilots, salespeople and artists.

Their mind is creative and their soul compassionate, so there are many professions from which they can choose.

Because it’s easy for them to communicate, Water Monkeys could achieve great success as journalists and writers. Being humanitarian, they can decide to teach or to be doctors.

Health aspects

Not believing in sickness, Monkeys don’t usually get to feel ill too often. They’re always on the move and doing something, so it’s possible for them to remain healthy for a lifetime as a result of constant physical activity.

However, when feeling sick, it may be as a result that they are being nervous.

Water Monkeys are ruling over the kidneys, so it’s suggested for them to reduce stress and to not consume that much alcohol because this substance would only destroy these vital organs in their body.

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