2013 Chinese Zodiac: Water Snake Year – Personality Traits

These people can sometimes annoy others with their deepness but everyone queues for their advice.

2013 Water Snake Year

Water Snakes born in 2013 will be practical, philosophical adults who know their way with business. Because they will think fast and keep their composure, not to mention they will have a sensitive and pragmatic personality, they will immediately identify what makes their life more difficult and act in an efficient manner, which means they’ll always be mobilized to work only with their positive qualities.

2013 Water Snake in a nutshell:

  • Style: Perspicacious and ingenious;
  • Top qualities: Energetic and motivated;
  • Challenges: Reckless and agitated;
  • Advice: There is no need to crave some temporary popularity.

Their practicality won’t make them less artistic, less interested in culture or curious about new subjects. People should not cross them because they will not forgive being opposed. These natives will seem to have many feelings, but they will work only with their mind, and in an excellent manner.

Water Snakes will be great intellectuals and possess a lot of creativity, which means they’ll succeed at many things in life. Very focused on the material side of life, their thinking will pragmatic and centered on achieving as much wealth as possible.

An easy-going personality

Water Snakes born in 2013 will be a mystery to others, not because they’ll have many moods, but due to the fact that their emotions will be very stable.

The mystery will seem to surround them in a natural way, so they’ll be very attractive to members of the opposite sex.

They will question everything, but in the same way, they won’t give a lot of importance to logic because they’ll be more focused on a deeper analysis.

When faced with a problem, they’ll know how to take into consideration all the presented points of view and possible outcomes.

Other people will think they’re changing their minds too often when they’ll only be interested in addressing every issue at hand.

Some of these natives will decide to work the mystery surrounding them and to use it in order to make their dreams come true.

Obviously, they’ll not do this consciously, but they’ll seem to be happier when having a secret and when others won’t be able to see where they’re coming from. These natives will love being part of exclusive groups, which means there will be the danger for them to become arrogant or very unpleasant for the ones they love the most.

People born in 2013 will be just like other Snakes when adults, so they won’t feel how much distance seems to be between themselves and others, especially when doing something wrong.

In such situations, they won’t mind being an enigma and allowing others to admire them for their cool attitude. They’ll be very secretive when dealing with problems and always look for the beauty in things.

It’s suggested these children are educated to be less of a mystery and to strive to make others understand them, which means they could become great artists.

This way, they will express a lot of their complex nature without having to make a secret out of it. Snakes think life is not at all simple and decisions shouldn’t be easily made, especially by giving simple answers.

Therefore, they can sometimes annoy others with their deepness. Seeing every unimportant issue from every point of view can’t be healthy, so it’s suggested for them to give less importance to insignificant aspects and to focus on what’s important because their analytical skills and strength can be very useful.

When it comes to money, Water Snakes born in 2013 seem to enjoy a lot of security and won’t ever gamble because their luck with such things will be almost non-existent.

They will be calm and relaxed, so they’ll enjoy being quiet over spending time in loud surroundings. More than this, they’ll hate being rushed when making a decision and won’t like staying too much in large crowds.

When someone will get involved into their business, they’ll become cold and reclusive because they’ll resent taking other people’s advice into consideration.

These Snakes will sometimes seem too composed, not to mention it will be difficult for them to communicate with others because they’ll be quiet and shy ever since children. However, their sense of humor will prove to be very useful, especially when times will be difficult.

These natives will never be afraid of hard work and make sure everything under their supervision is done perfectly.

Because they’ll be a little bit nervous and engage in strenuous physical activities for long periods of time, they’ll need to rest more, especially if they won’t want to develop high blood pressure or other diseases like diabetes.

When choosing their friends, they’ll be very cautious, just like they’ll be with their money, even if very generous with the ones they’ll love the most.

As a matter of fact, they won’t hesitate to shower their dear ones with presents and to take them out, to expensive restaurants.

However, they will expect a lot of loyalty in return because they’ll be jealous and very possessive, especially when feeling like someone is trying to hurt them.

These natives will love following the rules they have learned during some lessons learned in the most important moments of their life, which means they’ll have a very clear image of what their destiny is and how they could use all of their energy in order to achieve great things.

It’s possible for many of them to realize after a few years of adulthood that the rules they’ve followed don’t matter, thing that can lead them to depression.

These Water Snakes will be dedicated to their career and focus all of their power on becoming someone important. Unfortunately, many people nowadays are no longer looking to have passion for their job because money and status seem to be more important for them.

Water Snakes born in 2013 will not be fooled by this, not to mention it will be very sad for them to be surrounded by people who are ruling their life this way.

Smart and tenacious like all the Snakes in the Chinese zodiac, they will be very good at handling more than one project at once. They will furthermore have many interests and excel at all of them, so they’ll easily determine what can make their life harder and what brings them a lot of opportunities.

Being intuitive and flexible, it will be easy for them to deal with other people and to handle difficult situations. Their natural charm will make them attractive and very skilled at interacting with others.

Any big and important company will have the opportunity to greatly benefit from their talents because they’ll be able to maintain a peaceful environment and to encourage other to finish their projects.

Just like the water flows steadily and calmly, these Water Snakes will have clear objectives and be very determined to see their dreams come true.

They’ll be the most patient Snakes in the Chinese zodiac, not to mention they will play the role of not being too confident as soon as they will set their mind to something, in order to not allow others to see where they’ll be standing.

There won’t be anything to distract these natives from achieving their goals. The Water element will make them less stubborn indeed, which means these particular Snakes will be more pragmatic and open to novelty.

Love & Relationships

It will be difficult to handle Water Snakes born in 2013 when in a relationship with them because they’ll always change their opinions and not make it any easy for others to pay attention to their way of thinking.

Furthermore, the fact that many of them will talk in riddles will make their love life even more complicated.

When arguing, these natives will usually focus on removing the problem and letting things calm down.

It will be easy for them to bring a breath of fresh air after every storm, but when involved with another person in the same sign, things may be a little bit more complicated because these two will often clash, after seeing how similar they can be.

It will be difficult for these Snakes to open up in front of their partner. They’ll hide their vulnerabilities and run away from people for not thinking the same way as them. If opposed, they’ll become even more shy in expressing themselves.

They won’t be very emotional because they’ll control their own feelings with ease, not to mention how passionate and resourceful they’ll become in situations in which others will have no idea what to do anymore.

If managing to find the right partner for them, they’ll be very happy and make their other half feel great as well. When in love, these natives won’t forget the person of their interest very easily.

Career aspects of the 2013 Water Snake

Fire Snakes born in 2013 will be capable of very hard work, even if they’ll change jobs more often than others because they’ll easily get bored.

Being relaxed and easy-going, many will consider them procrastinators, but this won’t be in any way true as these natives will have a very creative mind and a great determination to succeed.

It will be easy for them to solve problems and to finish projects with a tight deadline. It would be better for these natives to work in an environment that will allow them to showcase their talents.

Routine and meaningless or stressful jobs should be avoided because they’ll have a soul for art, beauty and culture. Only by working in these lines of work, these Snakes will be happy and truly productive.

Possessing a great intuition and knowing what others want, many of them will be amazing spiritual leaders. Other good jobs for them can be in television, modeling, sports and design.

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