1953 Chinese Zodiac: Water Snake Year – Personality Traits

These people are known for their wisdom and composure, plus their innate ability to reason with almost anyone.

1953 Water Snake Year

People born in 1953, the year of the Water Snake, are very independent, which means they may leave home when very young. They have high levels of energy, are intelligent and know how to recognize a good opportunity. Because they’re also adventurous, it’s possible for their life to be very challenging.

1953 Water Snake in a nutshell:

  • Style: Diplomatic and witty;
  • Top qualities: Attentive, lucky and practical;
  • Challenges: Temperamental, vain and weak;
  • Advice: They need to pay more attention to what their elderly are saying.

However, Water Snakes are good at planning and never taking on responsibilities if they haven’t precisely understood the requirements. Because they’re friendly, many people will love them just the way they are. Furthermore, they’re always looking good, which means members of the opposite sex will always admire them. It can be said their greatest weakness is their low self-esteem.

An organized personality

Having a great personality, Water Snakes can never get ignored at a party or a social gathering because their charisma and charm can simply fascinate anyone. These natives have a great attention to details and are very attentive, which means they can seduce any member of the opposite sex.

The Chinese Horoscope says they’re very wise and can understand philosophical concepts of great deepness. It seems they really know how to think deep and are able to find solutions to the most difficult problems.

When it comes to business, they can be a little bit cheap, not to mention they’re always looking to score and to act when the moment is perfect rather than to invest efforts.

However, most of them are very lucky with money and have built their financial empire by relying on their intuition, especially when negotiating and having to judge things clearly. They’re very smart and don’t mind expressing their ideas or views, no matter how eccentric these may seem.

Even when feeling lazy, Water Snakes are still working with their mind and making great plans for the future. Because they’re always busy and possess great intelligence, it’s impossible for them to run out of ideas regarding what to do with their free time.

However, because their emotions are intense, it’s possible for these natives to go through many changes during their youth. Many will leave home at a very young age in order to make it someplace else.

They don’t seem to have too much luck when it comes to inheriting money, so many of them will need to build up their life from scratch.

Because they know how to take advantage of good opportunities, they can be very successful business people. Furthermore, they’re adventurous, which means their life will have many highs and lows, even if their middle years will be very peaceful.

Water Snakes are friendly and can get along well with many members of the opposite sex. Their beauty is natural, so they can attract people without too many efforts.

Considerate with their loved ones, they want to make people laugh, but it’s important for them to not be very enthusiastic in love because this can lead to big disappointments. When it comes to them to be thoughtful family members, they become very supportive and generous.

Natives of this sign are known for their wisdom, philosophical thinking, great level of understanding and composure. It’s easy for them to receive any type of information and are known for being alluring from a physical point of view.

Success and a good reputation will always follow them, but they can become very curious about intrigues and ruthless when someone dares to cross them.

Water Snakes are known to calculate their revenge when being opposed and to never forget mistakes. While sometimes lazy and indulging too much in pleasures of life, they can still keep their elegance untouched.

Mysterious, alluring, unreserved about the way they’re thinking, Water Dragons have also a great intuition as they’re highly spiritual and curious about the human psyche. Furthermore, they can develop great interests in mysticism and religion.

Anyone can count on them to take their projects to the end and to make fast decisions that bring about great results.

It’s easy for many to impress these natives because they sometimes rely on the sympathy they’re having for others rather than on facts.

Water Snakes will always fight for their future to be stable and for nothing to stand in their way towards success.

Relaxed no matter the circumstances, they’re very disciplined and can achieve great things when it comes to their career. This will help them gain the respect and admiration of others, things they very much need in their life.

When it comes to lending money, they’re a little bit reserved, even if sympathetic and ready to offer their help. However, they prefer to give a hand in many different other ways rather than to lend money because they’re very cautious with their finances.

As a matter of fact, it can be said one of the biggest flaws in their character is linked to how they can exaggerate with being helpful, not to mention they become possessive with those for whom they’re doing a favor.

Love & Relationships

Water Snakes have a lot of patience and are more than happy to work very hard on their goals, to the point in which these become perfect.

However, they’re known to also procrastinate when feeling like and to almost obsess about luxury. Many of them would do nothing else than sit out in the sun as they’re very sensual creatures and true slaves of pleasure.

Therefore, they may indulge in food, fashion, sex and drinking. Many Water Snakes need to exercise a lot around their middle age because their body can become loose without them even noticing.

When appreciated and loved, they become very loyal and committed to the ones who care about them. These natives are more than ready to offer their family and friends what’s best in life, not to mention how exciting living with them can be.

Many will fall in love with the way they’re thinking and are offering a smile in the most difficult situations. It’s easy to wake up and face a new day when having a Water Snake around.

Natives of this sign have a good temper and can always be counted on for making anyone’s life happier. They can sometimes be stubborn, which means they tend to argue with people who are just like them.

However, those who are more flexible and accepting will never regret getting together with Water Snakes. Furthermore, natives of this sign love luxury and when in love, they can’t have sex with the person they like just about anywhere.

They’re simply crazy about perfumed and soft sheets. Therefore, those who want to conquer their heart should be ready to offer them comfort before anything else.

Career aspects of the 1953 Water Snake

While hard workers, Water Snakes get easily bored, which means it’s normal for them to change careers more often than others. Their mind is creative and they’re determined to succeed, but need a job where their talents can be really used.

It’s not easy for Water Snakes to follow a routine and to do something repetitive because they’re adventurous and want to face as many challenges as possible. Intelligent and very persuasive, it’s not at all complicated for them to identify the best opportunities in their life.

When it comes to money, they seem to be very lucky, so these natives shouldn’t stress the much about finances.

Water Snakes can usually find what they need the most, so they tend to never worry too much about their everyday life. However, they can be a little bit too stressed about how much is left in their wallet.

Lifestyle and health

People born in 1953, the year of the Water Snake, seem to be very lucky in life because they’re attracting wealth like magnets attract one another.

They want to be surrounded by people who admire them for being elegant and glamorous. This means Monkeys, Rats and Horses can see them for whom they actually are and how sensitive they actually are.

Worried about their image, Water Snakes happen to be very good-looking and to have the most elegant style in their group of friends.

Furthermore, they have a strong sex-appeal and unique persuasive ways, which means members of the opposite sex are simply seduced by their charm.

It doesn’t matter the circumstances or the way they’re looking, Water Snakes will always seem to be above average.

The most sensitive organs in their body happen to be their kidneys, so they need to drink plenty of water and to always eat healthy, especially if they want to never get sick.

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