The Snake Woman: Key Personality Traits and Behaviors

She has an amazing intuition that she often counts on to guide her through simple day-to-day choices but also for life altering decisions.

Snake Woman

The Snake woman is wise and a real mystery for others. She likes to think but also wants to live the good life. This lady truly enjoys what’s best and doesn’t like to spend her time talking about unimportant things.

Very communicative, she’s all about interesting subjects of conversation, but she may lose her interest if the discussion becomes repetitive. When it comes to judging people and situations, it’s like she has a sixth sense as she always stays alert and guesses very well.

The Snake woman in a nutshell:

  • Snake years include: 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013, 2025, 2037;
  • Strengths: Intuitive, passionate and spiritual;
  • Weaknesses: Vain, indulgent and judgmental;
  • Life challenge: Learning to be less demanding of those close;
  • Perfect partner: An ambitious individual who will surround her with love.

The Snake woman knows what to do in any type of situation because she’s very insisting and energetic in pursuing solutions for her problems. Confident and not taking other people’s opinions into consideration, she could really use a little bit of listening.

She has an incredible intuition

If there’s a woman who can play any role for a man, then that lady is definitely a Snake because her character has all the qualities men appreciate in a partner.

Don’t expect her to talk about mundanities because she wants to share the news, her innovative ideas and what has been lately released in the world of technology.

She thinks of herself that she’s boring, but many would disagree with this because they would know she’s a great listener who could understand any behavior and would never demand too much.

She’s kind, sexually passionate and a great wife or mother. This lady likes to cook and doesn’t mind doing the work around the house while being a successful professional as well.

She’s the busy type, but she doesn’t mind a little bit of pampering from time to time. So expect her to take long hot baths and stay in the sun for hours when the weather’s good.

Very passionate when it comes to lovemaking, the woman born in the year of the Snake will offer all of her affection as long as she’s given back the same thing.

If she would feel like her partner’s attention is no longer on her, she would simply look to break up from that man.

Humorous and witty, she will simply destroy all of her opponents with a single harsh remark. She’s attractive and usually manages to get her way.

If she can’t succeed, she turns into this unhappy person with whom no one can deal anymore. Not at all modest, the Snake woman will be charming with whomever wants to be around her.

She’s rather the type who stays at home than going to clubs and bars with friends. Her taste is impeccable, seeing proportions, colors and even rhythm or melody like a true artist.

She’s simply in love with beauty and likes to be surrounded by harmony. When seeing something ugly and repulsive, she revolts because it makes her feel bad.

That’s why she practices all kind of rituals, not because she thinks of their symbolism and effects. When cooking, she arranges the food on the plate because she simply couldn’t eat unappealing food.

This love for beauty can sometimes make her lose contact with reality, while her wish for luxury can empty her pockets in a short amount of time.

She thinks more with the heart than with her mind. Instinctive about the people in her life, she can identify their intentions and acts accordingly.

Her intuition can also influence this lady to be very sensitive, while also helping her with the everyday life. For example, the Snake woman can find the answer to many of her problems based on what she feels and likes.

This lady would never make fun of people because she wants to be accepted. Therefore, she’ll be very cautious and think before speaking, whether it’s about a person or a situation.

She will give her best to be fair and to give everyone a chance, so her judgment will always be impartial. But things may not go as she wants them to because her emotions are always in the way.

However, you can rest assured she will do everything in her power to get things done correctly. Her instinctive tactfulness and consideration can happen to fail her from time to time.

The Snake and the Chinese Five Elements:

ElementYears of birthKey characteristics
Wood Snake1905, 1965Tenacious, creative and friendly;
Fire Snake1917, 1977Affectionate, tactful and idealistic;
Earth Snake1929, 1989Tactful, seductive and composed;
Metal Snake1941, 2001Intuitive, attractive and talented;
Water Snake1953, 2013Perspicacious, diplomatic and astute.

She knows how to play her cards

Kind and a good friend, the Snake woman is interested in how others feel and in hiding her aggressiveness when they make a mistake. That’s why she’s considered such an affectionate woman.

Intelligent, she has a lot of knowledge on many subjects and is interested in any intellectual subject.

She likes to read the big authors and will never say something stupid because there’s no field she can’t touch with her mind.

While charming on the outside, she’s very stubborn on the inside, especially when crossed. She’s a little bit materialistic and has a very developed sense of propriety.

The fact that she shares only with the ones very close to her is quite funny. It’s almost impossible to argue with her because she doesn’t like to contradict anyone.

However, don’t think she won’t do anything in her power to get what she wants. If you establish a give and take relationship with her, she will be the happiest. When it comes to romance, she can charm any man with her romantic side.

She wants her partner to have a good sense of humor while she keeps playing the role of the successful beauty. All Snakes are known for being possessive and for having jealousy crises.

The Snake woman could be possessive even after the relationship is over. She would hate to be rejected because she only wants acceptance, to be appreciated and loved.

This lady needs a lot of security in her life in order to be truly happy. Among her negative traits, one is the incapacity to deal with reality because she’s a dreamer with many moods that often influence her decision-making.

She likes to seem helpless because it brings her more advantages than being confident. This means she has a feminine exterior and is changeable or even fragile on the outside.

It can be impossible to determine what she’s committed to because she’s always up to something new. Religion, mysticism and philosophy attract her like a magnet.

One thing this Snake lady needs to learn is being more altruistic because she can be very selfish. While unjust and capable of deception, she covers all this with a helpless, delicate and feminine attitude as this helps her get what she wants from people.

She would never give up her hopes and dreams for others because her personality is only oriented towards winning and profiting. Her own set of rules can confuse the person she’s living with because it leaves a lot of place for misunderstandings.

However, when really in love, she’s very considerate, fun and exciting. But it can take her a while before she decides to talk about her problems with the man she’s sharing her life with.

The ideal partner for the Snake woman will allow her to be free while inspiring a sense of security and adoration. This lady is very good at turning situation into her advantage and at making people take her side.

She will always try to be independent because her need for freedom can’t be in any way impeded from manifesting. There are moments when she’s impressed by the less fortunate ones’ situations, especially if she’s with a Snake man who can help her notice these things.

She needs to be loved for being beautiful, just like the Dragon lady likes being admired for her talent.

The Snake woman wants to seduce just to feed her ego, so her imagination won’t rest until she feels like many men are really crazy about her.

It can be difficult to resist her charms, but there are gentlemen who actually can. When this will happen, she will focus all of her force to change their mind and to make them like her at some point.

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