Snake Chinese Zodiac: Key Personality Traits, Love and Career Prospects

People born in the year of the Snake seem like they have a sixth sense when it comes to uncovering other’s intentions although they don’t always follow it.

Snake Chinese Zodiac Animal

It doesn’t matter what people say about them, Snake natives are smart, clever and thoughtful, plus very capable of success and of leaving a good impression.

Their sophistication and elegance will always impress, being possible for them to be great leaders. It’s normal for them to think before speaking although they never allow their feelings to get the better of them.

The year of the Snake in a nutshell:

  • Snake years include: 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013, 2025, 2037;
  • Strengths: Insightful, quick-witted and adventurous;
  • Weaknesses: Conflictual, suspicious and fickle;
  • Blessed careers: Education, Beauty, Hospitality, Writing and Business;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who will be very passionate about their relationship.

Usually serene and cool on the outside, they’re in fact fiery and wild on the inside. Very supportive, they give their best to help others and try as much as possible to not have a bad reputation.

A quiet personality

Snakes are disciplined people who prefer to keep private, to discern and to use their intuition as often as possible.

They’re gentle and attentive to what others need, but they’re very quiet company. However, underneath this reserved attitude, they’re very headstrong and doubtful, which can have them suffering or failing.

Snake individuals can see beyond the surface and guess what others are feeling deep in their hearts. This can help them create their own reality in the most practical and graceful way.

They like to think of things and their wisdom often has them understanding the most abstract and philosophical concepts in life. It’s this talent they have and their need for a stable financial future that makes them the famous “guardians of the treasure”.

An agitated and noisy life is definitely not for them because they’re all the time longing for peace and serenity. These natives are more driven by intellectual challenges than by physical ones.

They simply love contemplating and sitting alone in the quiet. When it comes to their possessions, they prefer quality over quantity and to have an elegant, stylish environment.

They are among the natives who want luxurious things and to enjoy as much comfort as possible.

They are the ones who seduce in the Chinese zodiac because they are popular and have a special charm. It’s like the spotlight always wants to be on them and that they can never be ignored.

But the attention of others or their admiration is the least they expect because they are quiet and don’t insist on expressing themselves. Don’t compare them with the snake that took Eve into sin because they are not even a little bit evil.

They are only very motivated and determined to finish what they have started, not liking to be deceived or cheated on. Their decisions are always firm and made fast.

Many will be in love with them without having any hope to receive all the affection back. If you know someone very frustrated about romance, be sure they’re in love with a Snake because these natives can be irresistible.

Not to mention how the fact that they don’t like to gossip and waste their time makes them even more attractive.

They are great thinkers and intellectuals who like to discuss philosophy and to use their head rather than their heart. It’s rare for them to rely on what their intuition is telling them as they prefer to always go with facts and to appreciate what others are saying or thinking of.

It’s almost like they have a sixth sense when it comes to guessing what people are actually plotting. They may not want to lend you money, but they will still give their best to help you with other things when you’ll need them.

One of their negative traits is that they can exaggerate with everything. After helping someone, they can become very possessive with that person.

Another of their downsides is that they can tell lies from time to time, especially when they’re feeling that they’re going to get away with it.

Snake natives have an intuition about people and are shrewd in everything they’re doing, but their deceitful nature will always be there in their heart.

Discrete and preferring to keep things to themselves, they’re good at mind games and can enter a person’s soul easier than others.

This means they would make great therapists and psychologists. Not that they’re not interested in other sciences because technology and politics may attract them too.

They’re very good at gathering knowledge and researching any subject, so expect them to excel at everything they may be doing. When it comes to them being life partners and friends, they can be very supportive and at the same time dangerous for their enemies.

If someone would ever cross them, they will take their time to think of the most hurtful revenge and use it when they’ll know that person is the most vulnerable.

Snake’s love traits

When it comes to love, Snake people are not only jealous and possessive but also demanding and not at all forgiving. When angry, they can go completely quiet and destructive with more time that passes.

Having high standards, Snake individuals carefully choose their partner and make sure they have carefully thought of how the relationship would look like.

Because they’re jealous, they will have problems not only in their relationship but also at work because they would no longer focus on what they can achieve when they’ll be thinking how others are better than them.

Snake’s love compatibility

Best matches

Dragon and Rooster

Bad matches

Tiger, Snake and Pig

The Snake man wants to have variety and a lot of passion in his love life, so he will look for all of this with many different women.

All the Snakes are progressive and interested in the new when it comes to love. They express themselves openly, understanding the mindset of those next to them very well.

But they don’t reveal themselves at all, which means their partner will find it very difficult to understand what they want. This is what will make their search for true love to become very difficult.

Those born in the year of the Snake will be good and stable partners who will inspire the same things in their family. Around their middle age, many unpleasant things will happen to them, but they will overcome them.

The Chinese zodiac says the man in this sign is the most difficult and strong person you could ever meet, while the Snake woman is the most beautiful lover.

While many think of these natives as attractive, they still seem to not have that much good luck when it comes to love because they’re too jealous and possessive.

Not to mention how people won’t want to be around them because they keep hiding their feelings. When someone is preparing to enter their life, they simply become very cautious and start to analyze if that person lives up to their standards and has the same interests as them.

Career prospects

Never seem to be mistaken about what they remember, as the mysterious Snakes can never forget what they have experienced or talked about in the past. They always seem to be prepared for everything, using their intuition more than they would like to think and turning situations in their own benefit.

While not at all careful with their money in their youth, they become a lot like this after their thirties. But they also become more peaceful and wiser during this period as well, not trying to make the same issues.

However, they seem to not have any control over their emotional life, no matter their age. While hard workers, it’s easy for them to get bored with a job and to change what they are doing for a living, quite regularly.

Imaginative and industrious, they would be great in a workplace where their talents would be put to use. But they should avoid routines and too much stress because these are simply not for them.

Courageous and ready to face any challenge, they will always use their great mind to take advantage of the new opportunities arising in their life.

The Snake and the Chinese Five Elements:

ElementYears of birthKey characteristics
Wood Snake1905, 1965Tenacious, creative and friendly;
Fire Snake1917, 1977Affectionate, tactful and idealistic;
Earth Snake1929, 1989Tactful, seductive and composed;
Metal Snake1941, 2001Intuitive, attractive and talented;
Water Snake1953, 2013Perspicacious, diplomatic and astute.

The Snake man: An observant guy

Wise and mysterious, the Snake man has many interests and loves to read books or to listen to music. He’s a true artist and enjoys life to the maximum, but also cautious and very attentive to what his subjective way of judging situations is telling him to do.

Always doubtful and not trusting others, he keeps hiding his feelings and thoughts because he wants to protect himself. The Snake man is always full of ideas and doesn’t like people who procrastinate.

When he has decided on something, you can be sure he will stick to that decision forever. His rationality may have others think that he doesn’t have a heart. When faced with a problem, he shows his true leadership skills and finds a solution very fast.

He’s responsible and wants to fulfill his dreams, so many people will respect him. He’s very passionate in love, which means women will always be around him.

Many will think he’s in love sometimes, but he would only contemplate. He’s a man of both thought and action because his life is usually full of variety and fun.
The Snake Man: Key Personality Traits and Behaviors

The Snake woman: An elegant lady

The Snake woman is very charming, calm and has a fragile appearance that fascinates. She believes in herself and comes up with good plans. Elegant and very kind, this lady appreciates classic art and good food.

She’s very beautiful and has a beautiful skin, which will make many women around her very jealous. Because she’s always nervous, it’s possible she’ll get sick with some stomach diseases, so she needs to learn how to relax.

This girl likes to dress as the fashion dictates and buys many expensive clothes. Wanting to have a lot of money and to live a comfortable life, she will do everything she can to attract fortune.

A good wife to her husband, she will want him to always be motivated and to keep the family wealthy. This Snake lady is very unprejudiced and doesn’t insist on competing with men.

She has confidence and will most likely make many men go crazy about her, which means they will want to make each and every of her wishes come true.
The Snake Woman: Key Personality Traits and Behaviors

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