2001 Chinese Zodiac: Metal Snake Year – Personality Traits

These people are usually dominated by competitiveness but can also be very warm and understanding.

2001 Metal Snake Year

People born in 2001 or the year of the Metal Snake are powerful, courageous, ambitious, egotistical and very proud of themselves.

They have everything it takes in order for them to succeed, so it’s very possible to find these natives in a high position, where everyone admires and praises their skills, not to mention they’re very good at leading others because they’re very flexible.

2001 Metal Snake in a nutshell:

  • Style: Intuitive and convincing;
  • Top qualities: Elegant and considerate;
  • Challenges: Vain and possessive;
  • Advice: They need to rely more on others at times.

A logical personality

The Chinese Horoscope declares Metal Snakes as resourceful, refined and able to read other people’s mind.

The Western culture sees the Snake as a dangerous and deceitful creature. However, no matter the astrology type, the element has great influence over a sign’s personality traits.

When Metal is associated with the Snakes, natives with the most intricate personalities can emerge. Metal influences people to be more tenacious, so the Snake in this element is known for inventiveness and a good ability to perceive others, not to mention how natives of this sign and element are able to identify the root of a problem.

Metal Snakes are more composed and tough than those belonging to other elements, not to mention they can finish any project by using a very logical approach.

Metal influences them to have higher goals and to still never allow anyone or anything be in their way, especially when they’re fighting for something. These natives won’t be stopped by anything in their quest for success.

They seem to want beautiful and refined things more than others, so they’ll much focus their entire life to have financial security and to live in luxury.

Metal Snakes are very good with money and can invest in the most reliable and rewarding opportunities that can keep them wealthy for long periods of time.

They’re the most mysterious, free and tolerant of all Snakes in the Chinese zodiac, also known for their focus and determination to succeed.

Very intelligent, they can resolve difficult problems without investing too many efforts. Those who are their friends and colleagues should not to cross them because they’re pretty ruthless when trying to obtain revenge.

Sometimes dominated by competitiveness and being very possessive, they will do everything in their power to become successful and to stay this way.

Because they can be fixated on making their dreams come true, it’s possible for them to become suspicious of others and to think many are trying to take their position at work or to impede them from doing things the right way.

For this reason, Snakes don’t really trust others and it’s very difficult to communicate with them. The Chinese Horoscope sees these natives as pursuers of beauty because they’re very sensual and simply love appealing to their senses.

They’re known for drinking the finest wines, visiting the most impressive art galleries and eating the most delicious foods.

Since Metal Snakes are more driven to succeed, they’re also very proud of the money they’re making. Having many traits in their personality intensified by this element, they’re more secretive and defensive than Snakes belonging other elements.

While it’s possible for them to have strong and comfortable relationships throughout time, they really don’t like allowing people into their private lives.

Metal Snakes are known for being private and for not having too many friends, not to mention how their emotions are always hidden and never discussed.

They suspect others of many evil things, so their nature is cautious to the point of extreme suspicion. This is not necessarily a bad thing because it keeps evil people away, but it can also have them keeping important friends and individuals at distance, individuals who can influence them in a good way.

Furthermore, Metal Snakes are the most dangerous natives in this sign. It would be better for others to not deceive them because their revenge can be very painful.

However, it’s good for them to be more intense, even if they’re also more capable of tremendous hate and a deep anger.

Metal Snakes will never act loudly on their rage because they prefer to plot for revenge and to be ruthless when the moment is right.

This has a positive side as well because it makes them good when having to deal with intense people and pressure, which means they have great passion as lovers.

Being also sensual, many members of the opposite sex will look for them and their company.

Metal Snakes have many positive traits, but this doesn’t mean their personality doesn’t come with some negative ones as well.

For example, being so ambitious, they can also turn into the most competitive individuals, which can lead them to do harsh or immoral things.

Furthermore, these natives can stress others with their problems too much, especially when not having too many successes. For this reason, they’re suggested to address their insecurity by themselves.

Snakes can be manipulative when trying to obtain something. However, they’re so skilled at doing this that others are not even realizing they’re in fact following what these natives are saying. This is not necessarily a bad thing because they’re not known for having bad intentions and can succeed where others would only wonder what to do.

Love & Relationships

Honest, possessive and dealing with jealousy in romance every day, Metal Snakes are very loyal when in love, even if other people admire and pursue them.

They want to be in a relationship and are more focused to give than to take when with a person. They want someone who can love them for who they are and tend to get very possessive when having a more stable connection with their other half.

It can be said jealousy is one of their biggest weaknesses, so their lover should always make them sure that they’re being loved.

Men belonging to the sign of Snake and the element of Metal are very attractive and admired by many women. However, they tend to become aggressive after a long period of time with a lady, not to mention they’re too honest and not that many people can really understand them.

When married, they want their wife and little ones to respect them, especially since their loyalty can’t be questioned. It’s rare not to have them home in time for dinner or at any birthday party. They also know how to not let work interfere with their family life.

Career aspects of the 2001 Metal Snake

Metal Snakes are very good at jobs where they have to think fast and to react in seconds. They like improvising and competing, especially in sports.

Having interesting and original ways of doing things, they’ll never give up their own methods and encouraging others, meaning the position of a leader suits them very well.

When in a team, these natives are very capable of guiding people to take the right direction, no matter how confusing the situation may be.

It will be difficult for them to work in a place where they can’t express themselves or where they should follow a routine. If they want more success in their career, they should listen to others, and also appreciate them for their ideas and opinions.

Being confident and very ambitious, Metal Snakes can deal with any obstacle in their way, especially when it comes to their career. Because they want a high position and to be respected, they may become successful business owners, lawyers or bankers.

Health aspects

Depending on what they are, women or men, Snakes can have different health problems, not to mention how important their parents’ health is for their well-being.

They’re known to indulge in food and to not care about their diet, which can cause their stomach serious problems.

Furthermore, they’re known to never complain and to bottle up all of their emotions, which can lead to great stress and after, to cardiovascular diseases and even to problems with other organs.

Women in this sign needs to pay extra attention to their kidneys and urinary tract.

The organs over which Metal Snakes are ruling are the lungs, so these natives are suggested to eat healthy, to reduce stress and to sometimes exercise, but not to the extreme.

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