Key Traits of the Water Snake Chinese Zodiac Sign

The Water Snake stands out for their amazing determination as absolutely no one and nothing can move them once they set their minds on something.

Water Snake

Those born in the year of the Water Snake are positive people who know how to appreciate beauty. Before they take action, they think of every little detail. While they’re courageous, they may not all the time show this side of them, especially in business.

It’s essential for them to try and take less risks if they want to be more successful in life. Intelligent and energetic, they know when to take advantage of the opportunities revealing themselves to them. Passionate about adventures, they will often cause trouble in their own life.

The Water Snake in a nutshell:

  • Qualities: Perspicacious, diplomatic and astute;
  • Challenges: Superficial, temperamental and weak;
  • Secret need: Being easily understood by others and being popular;
  • Advice: Try to apply in practice some of the life lessons you come across.

People will be drawn to them because they’re very friendly and attractive. Not to mention how many members of the opposite sex they are able to bring towards them. What can bring them down is the fact that they don’t appreciate themselves as much as they should.

The character of the Chinese Water Snake

Water Snake people have many interests and enjoy studying any subject. They are very capable of researching everything in depth. Cool and detached, it’s difficult to know what they’re thinking and feeling as they keep everything about themselves hidden.

Even their objectives and biggest dreams won’t be revealed to others. They will confuse their partner because they simply don’t want to reveal too much of themselves.

These Snakes are determined people with high standards. Intelligent and driven by their ambitions, they will make great money because they know how to.

It’s very possible you’ll find them working as the big CEOs of companies for they want a high income. When it comes to dealing with people and negotiating, they are the best.

Their home and business budgets will always be balanced because they know how to keep track of their finances.

These Snakes are graceful and stylish, attracting everyone’s attention without even trying. You will never see them dressed in sloppy clothes, so the opposite sex will surely like this about them.

Detached when it comes to love, Water Snake people will still pay a lot of attention to the person they choose to be with. But their feelings and affection will never be on display as they don’t like expressing their emotions in public.

While passionate and loving, they prefer to not allow others to interfere with their relationships. These natives are pretty private and usually keep important things to themselves.

The Chinese Horoscope says they will not hesitate to manipulate and deceive in order to get what they want. This why they are usually successful in everything they are doing.

The Water makes them more tolerant and open to other people’s ideas. But don’t expect them to ever give up their determination, they will only be interested in changing what they have planned and in cooperation.

Their partner will notice they are able to sometimes express their love in public and that they don’t mind compromising when they have to.

The Snakes in the Water element are better with people than the ones in other elements. That’s why they’re such great leaders and bosses.

Organizing work and motivating people seems to be what they know to do best. But be careful with them as they tend to always make things work so that they’re the winners.

They will love their family very much, but a coldness and aloofness will still be typical in their behavior. It’s essential they get rewards for all their hard work, preferring money instead of appreciation and respect.

Water Snakes want their family to have everything they need, so they’ll perform as best as they can to get the bonuses. Not to mention they sometimes like to enjoy some luxuries and indulge themselves in life’s pleasures.

Very smart and possessing a good memory, they can do a great job in the business field. While they may seem quiet when you first meet them, they are in fact very keen to express themselves openly.

Their mind seems to always be occupied, so they will be engaged in different kinds of intellectual activities. It’s possible they will meditate and think about the future during the most difficult moments of their lives.

An eye for business

Ingenious and great intellectuals like all the Snakes, the Water ones are also big fans multi-tasking. They have many interests and can identify where the money-making opportunities are.

All this combines with their intuition and makes them good at dealing with anyone who enters their life, a nasty situation or finances. Their social skills are truly impressive, their sign being the one responsible with their charm.

They would do a great job in any kind of organization because they would focus on people and what interests the company has, this way bringing great results.

Just like the water falls steadily, these Snakes have precise goals and are determined enough to see them achieved.

As a matter of fact, they are the most patient Snakes who display a quiet attitude. Usually, when these natives set their mind to something, they will have things done in the most efficient way.

There’s nothing and no one to distract them from what they want. The Water element makes them less stubborn and therefore, surer to succeed as open Snakes are more likely to gain appreciation and knowledge.

To continue the comparative analysis of their personality with Water, they are just like this element when facing obstacles: they simply destroy any barrier.

What they manage to observe will be gained through insight. Charming and curious, intelligent and oriented towards making money, they can concentrate and focus their mental power on what’s designed to make them succeed.

It’s easy for them to not get distracted and to eliminate anything unimportant from their sight. Always anchored in reality, they will plan for the future and keep their precise goals in mind.

Having a taste for the arts and good books, Water Snake natives are not only intellectuals, but also practical individuals. People and finances are managed by their mind in an easy and effective way.

While they may seem like nothing can bother them, they in fact keep inside their amazing memory all the deception they’ve ever felt. And when they will get their revenge, you can be sure they’ll be ruthless.

If they will focus on what’s not important or helpful for them, their determination may work to their detriment. For example, they shouldn’t focus on revenge or hate.

They should be as understanding as possible, letting go of all kind of negative thoughts. Forgiveness is what makes people better anyway. Not to mention how much it would improve their relationships with others.

The Water Snake man

The Water Snake man prefers to keep things to himself and makes a very good impression. He’s smart and an intellectual, so anyone can talk to him about anything.

With people he doesn’t know, he’s very diplomatic and patient. He prefers to spend his time alone and to think of what he’s about to do.

If he wants to, he can do great things, yet he doesn’t have dreams that are that big. He saves his money and knows what practicality means, so he won’t go after goals that can’t be attained.

He leaves his ambitions aside and always calculates how achievable a situation is. Many will like him for being easygoing and simple, even if he can be hurtful when crossed.

But he’ll most of the time avoid being this way because he’s nice and giving. This male Snake gives love a lot of importance. He wants someone whom he can love for a lifetime.

And he’s ready to make sacrifices for the woman he loves. He will make her happy by satisfying all of her wishes.

But he will never go for the selfish or the eccentric lady. When the head of a family, he’s the most faithful husband and caring father. He doesn’t mind working hard, everything that he does being for the ones he cares for at home.

He will give importance to how his children are being educated, so he’ll get involved in their upbringing. As a great intellectual, he doesn’t mind sharing all his knowledge, especially if it’s with people who are close to him.

The Water Snake woman

Calm and quiet on the outside, the Water Snake woman may seem that she doesn’t know how to fight for herself. But don’t think that, for she can develop the most dangerous plans for revenge when she wants to.

She’s intelligent and wise, understanding where to invest her energy and efforts, on what to spend her money and what she needs. It wouldn’t matter what business she’d be taking care of, she would be very efficient and practical, solving problems one at a time.

Her colleagues and bosses will respect her for knowing how to do her job. She can pay attention to the smallest of details and is persevering and mindful, traits that help her deal with the most difficult issues.

It doesn’t matter what she’s doing, she will always put family first. With the man of her dreams, she will never be too proud, not even when he’s courting.

Also, she doesn’t crave attention like many other women do. Not at all interested in luxury, she’s the type of girl who wants to travel and to learn something new.

Beauty is more likely to attract her, so a date at the art museum or a fashion show would be more indicated when wanting to get her. She will appreciate the person who makes her expensive gifts, but won’t really care that much about them.

After getting married, all of her energy will be focused on her husband and the little ones because she wants them to be as comfortable as possible. Her house will always be clean, the table full and her children educated.

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