1989 Chinese Zodiac: Earth Snake Year – Personality Traits

These people get on well with most people, although their honesty prevails and they just say things as they are.

1989 Earth Snake Year

On the one hand, the Earth Snakes born in 1989 give their everything in trying to foster friendships. Caring, generous, and very kind to everyone they meet, these natives seem like the perfect friends that anyone would want. However, there is something else to talk about.

They have high expectations from those they drown in appreciation and affection. They want to receive the same treatment, and when this doesn’t happen, they are ultimately very disappointed, hurt, and will hold grudges.

1989 Earth Snake in a nutshell:

  • Style: Charming and devoted;
  • Top qualities: Seductive, calm and resilient;
  • Challenges: Suspicious and narcissistic;
  • Advice: They need to practice being patient more often.

Earth Snakes are very intelligent and adaptative to new situations, even in terms of romantic games where they are somewhat unlucky, to say the least.

A realistic personality

They are very active and dynamic people, always making plans and thinking about the next course of action, taking into consideration their aspirations and the obstacles on the path.

Also, they are looking for ways to further hone their skills and build a comfortable and relaxed lifestyle.

They don’t like it when someone tries to interfere with their thinking process when they are forced to take decisions on the spot without analyzing the sufficiently.

However, they are very calm and patient, and they never let emotions rule their actions. Admittedly, they can be very intense and passionate, but in a reasonable and controlled manner.

They have their feet on the ground and a grounded personality. This makes them perfect for leading positions because they can easily manage teams, deal with tough situations, and make educated decisions that will benefit everyone. Reliable is the keyword here.

They can be very understanding and keen on working with people. The Earth Snakes take it upon themselves to lead everyone to a good finality, to find the best solutions, and to cooperate seamlessly in the meantime. People swarm around them, attracted by the honesty, devotion, and passion that they emit.

Many Earth Snakes, especially women in this sense, are very artistic, to begin with. They possess a certain sensitivity toward the aesthetic aspect of the world, alongside the ability to initiate a connection through the imagination.

Moreover, they are very sociable and communicative as well, even though they might appear as feeble and frail.

Men, on the other hand, are aware of their own limitations and strengths. They know that hard work and perseverance are needed for anything, and they want to reach a state of balance with themselves.

They seek harmony, one that is found in success, achieved through intuition, focus, and a reasonable outlook.

The Earth Snakes have got to be amongst the most reliable, grounded, and realistic individuals in the entire zodiac. Common sense is of the essence in the game they play. They can be very aware of the goals they set for themselves, which means that they will never rush things out.

They prefer waiting things out, being patient, envisioning a greater future for themselves, one steeped in comfort and ultimate satisfaction. Those are achieved only through a good-natured personality and a determined nature.

Those born in 1989 work well with people, their honesty prevails, and they are very compassionate as well. No one hates or dislikes these natives.

A friendship with an Earth Snake means that you will feel reborn. Nothing will be the same ever again. There are new things awaiting you, and you will always have a trustworthy backup plan with them around.

The one thing that really screw things up for them is the overly-sensitive nature. They get offended and upset from the flimsiest allusions and jokes.

You can’t be too careful when around them because they might flip the tables out of the blue.

They can get jealous when confronted with competitive love interests, and they might even lose control. They are also very possessive of their loved ones.

Fortunately, they are quick-witted, adaptative, flexible, and daring enough to achieve their greatest potential, if only they were more careful.

Love & Relationships

Like everyone else, these lovers try to appear attractive to the opposite sex, to create the best impression. In relationships, they can be very assertive and demand attention from the partner. Also, they can be really intuitive and might even read minds.

Even more fortunate is the fact that the Earth Snakes are capable of great feats of self-mastery and self-control. Even if they end up screwing things up or saying the wrong things, they know when to stop and apologize. In arguments, they try to find a common ground, to avoid letting the discussion degenerate.

However, they find it hard to express their thoughts and emotions that easily. This is one of the reasons why they have a tough time finding a partner. If they could only reveal themselves easier and be open to others, they would have better luck.

The can be very devoted and understanding husbands and wives, giving freedom and independence to their partner.

It’s not that they are possessive and jealous, but they trust them enough to not be afraid. However, they expect things to play out according to their expectations.

Career aspects of the 1989 Earth Snake

The Earth Snakes are well suited for those careers that are based around working intelligently. They wish to be innovative and creative, the find new ways of solving problems.

Jobs that require one to be like a little robot, doing the same things, in and out, every day, are the worst they could think of.

Because of their strong intuition and imaginative personalities, they could find themselves to be at home working as a designer, a TV presenter or, why not, even a televangelist.

Once they actually find something that they really like doing, it’s time to put some effort and evolve in that domain.

However, they might change their perspective multiple times in time. What’s more, their financial situation might end up in shambles because the Earth Snake is notorious for the gambling compulsion.

Generally, they will do a great job in fields that require one to do some research, to synthesize and look for information, to put their minds to work and write articles, reviews, etc.

Health and lifestyle

In order to maintain a healthy organism, the Earth Snake should avoid foods rich in fat, they should work out daily in order to be fit, and most importantly, they must take care of their stomach, spleen, and pancreas. Those are the most important physiological parts in their case.

It’s good that they are very keen on working hard, and they aren’t afraid of over-exerting themselves. After a few hours of effort and physical exhaustion, the feeling of satisfaction is immense.

However, they need to be careful about the dangers of putting in too much effort. Relaxation is a key element as well.

The flaws of the Earth Snake are as follows – the tendency to take irrational risks when the ideal solution would have been much safer.

However, at the same time, when they are wary and cautious, they lose many opportunities because they tend to move from one extreme to the other.

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