1977 Chinese Zodiac: Fire Snake Year – Personality Traits

These people are usually dreaming big and don’t want to give up until succeeding, so others may deem them ruthless in their ways.

1977 Fire Snake Year

People born in 1977 are Fire Snakes and great lovers of the spotlight. Therefore, they simply adore dancing and acting.

Furthermore, these natives have a lot of sex appeal, charm and a great sense of what being a friend means. Because they’re Snakes, they don’t like dealing with the ordinary and avoid settling down as much as possible, as permanent change makes them happy.

1977 Fire Snake in a nutshell:

  • Style: Self-assured and energetic;
  • Top qualities: Focused, resourceful and charming;
  • Challenges: Reckless and temperamental;
  • Advice: They need to stop letting others hurt their feelings.

When it comes to love, they seem to fall deeply for many members of the opposite sex, especially because they’re sensitive. As far as wealth goes, they seem to have a lot of good luck, but they surely need to give up on some of their expensive tastes.

An eccentric personality

Fire Snakes from the Chinese zodiac are enigmatic and detached. The fact that they’re hiding their true feelings determines others to want to know them better.

It’s easy to identify them in a crowd because they’re always the ones looking different. It’s not that they are looking to get the attention of others, it’s more that they seem focused and confident, which makes them attractive.

These natives don’t really care about getting the approval of others and can simply become radiant when having to come up with their own rules or to keep their plans going.

They’re always the leaders and not the ones who are following. When the Fire element is involved, Snakes become more intense, ambitious and passionate, no matter if doing evil or good things.

Natives of this sign and element are open, adventurous and most of the time successful in everything they’re doing. Furthermore, they have a special magnetism and are able prove their leadership skills by inspiring confidence.

They’re always making sure their job is done and that others are being productive as well. Only a few other signs are more capable and surer of themselves as Fire Snakes.

They seem to also possess great intuition and to guess emotions of whole crowds, which makes them even greater leaders. Always doing something, these Snakes are a true force of nature, which means they can accomplish many great things that will also help them become famous, wealthy and respected.

When focused on achieving something, they’re usually dreaming big and don’t want to give up until succeeding. Therefore, they’re ruthless and many appreciate them for having a lot of ambition and being passionate.

However, the fact that they’re intense can bring trouble into their relationships. Fire Snakes can be very stubborn in their ways and possessive when their own interests are involved.

They have these self-defensive instincts that activate each time someone is threatening their success. When their demands are not being met, they become domineering and bossy.

Because it’s easy for them to communicate with anyone, they could do a great job in sales. The way these people talk can impress any pretentious listener, not to mention how they’re capable to convince large groups of people to do what they want. In sales, they would earn all the commissions for they’re really talented at this job.

Furthermore, these Snakes have strong opinions and can sometimes only think of themselves. However, people will still be impressed by them because they’re courageous, confident and dramatic.

It seems they’re also considered wise and insightful because they can observe every little detail of an issue. Very sociable and energetic, it’s easy for them to be leaders, even in ridiculous situations.

They’re very good at acting, dancing and reciting poetry, but they really don’t have the talent for creating stories. In other words, they’re only performers and not writers. Very attractive and having a charm that can’t be seen in other signs, Fire Snakes are often interested in politics and many of them decide to candidate for elections.

When doing this, they usually manage to also win because they’re eloquent and charismatic. In order for a win to happen, they need to decide what party to join and about which of their friends they should approach.

These natives find it difficult to settle and commit because they simply love change and don’t have enough patience to deal with the same things or people for too long.

Different than those who succeed by having perseverance, Fire Snakes are always acting on impulse and looking to make a change. Therefore, they don’t like waiting around or not calling things by their name.

They seem to have great talent at doing something valuable and useful for the many, which means they’re more technical and less spiritual. Luck will always be on their side when it comes to career.

As far as relationships go, these natives have friends who don’t mind giving them a hand and who love visiting their place. Fire Snakes tend to be subjective and to not listen to other people’s advice, things that needs to be changed if they want to be good friends with others.

Usually, they’re not the ones to talk about their emotions first, so it’s possible for them to break up from a partner without giving an explanation. They wouldn’t imagine a different way than hard work for making money, so their wealth will most of the time come from their salary.

Fire Snakes seem to be lucky with money, so it’s possible for them to become extravagant and to spend on all kind of pretentious social events. However, they should avoid giving everything they have for very expensive things and learn how to do their accounting.

Love & Relationships

It can be difficult for a person to handle a Fire Snake partner because people in this sign and element are always changing their opinion and can make it hard for anyone to follow them.

They’re not at all talkative and seem to sometimes speak in riddles. It’s better to argue with them when having a problem because this can help to remove the steam off a heated discussion.

After an angry rant, things with them will get back to normal. It’s very hard for Fire Snakes to completely open up to their partner.

They simply think that doing this doesn’t have any meaning, not to mention they’re very shy and would feel ashamed about some of their feelings.

It’s not usual for them to be emotional as they’re famous for always being in control and keeping a composed attitude, even if still having their romantic and passionate sides untouched.

Their partner needs to understand these natives are capable of making their other half very happy, just as long as they’re feeling stimulated and like they are having enough variety in their life.

Career aspects of the 1977 Fire Snake

Great public speakers and very ambitious, Fire Snakes can become everything they want in life because they’re very good with law, business and even politics.

Since they’re great intellectuals and their mind is always looking to gain more knowledge, it’s very possible for them to achieve great success in science, engineering or medicine.

Loving to read and having great ways with words, they could write theater plays and novels. Therefore, Fire Snakes are better at jobs where they’re fully capable of showing off their creativity and talents.

They shouldn’t have a routine, be stressed or do something that doesn’t require thinking because they’re more fit for the world of art and culture.

It seems they have a 6th sense for beauty and an intuition that can’t be seen in other signs. Besides all the previously mentioned careers, they could also do a great job as priests, models and TV entertainers.

Lifestyle and health

Fire Snakes in the Chinese zodiac have a great power of seduction, are persuasive, closed-up, charismatic, observant, but also insecure, possessive, ruthless when crossed.

While their passionate ways and ambitious character can be their strengths, these can also play the role of their worst downfalls. For example, Fire Snakes would never give up power or make a compromise.

Furthermore, they’re known to be jealous and suspicious, moments in which their selfishness would surface as well. In order for them to always be their better selves, they need to have an open mind and to understand others’ points of view.

This sign rules over the heart in the human body, so it’s important for these people to exercise regularly and to eat healthy.

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