The Snake Man: Key Personality Traits and Behaviors

He is artistic and intuitive but doesn’t openly seek adventure although he is easily bored, he prefers to be in a comfortable space, both mentally and physically.

Snake Man

The man born in the year of the Snake is self-analyzing, a fine observer and silent. He’s more the type who listens than the one who speaks.

He’s also very aware of his capacities but he can be secretive about his own methods and not wanting in any way to share them. He feels for his loved ones and tries his best to be all the time calm.

The Snake man in a nutshell:

  • Snake years include: 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013, 2025, 2037;
  • Strengths: Adaptable, expressive and loyal;
  • Weaknesses: Vain, fickle and irresponsible;
  • Life challenge: Learning to leave caution aside and to take calculated risks;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who will put him on a pedestal and recognize his merits.

This individual still remains very intense and intimidating to other people. Very passionate, attractive and magnetic, he can make any woman go crazy about him.

He can adapt easily but hates routine

The Snake man is only looking to impress with his charm and the way he acts. This man wants everything to be clean, so he tidies up all the time.

His most noticeable negative trait is narcissism as he gives a lot of importance to the way he looks, paying attention very much to what he’s wearing and how his hair is arranged.

As he always wants peace, this person very much relies on others to be as nice to him as he is to them.

The man born in the year of the Snake knows what he wants from both life and people around him. He may seem the most energetic and active person you have ever came across, but he surely is reliable and trustworthy.

He doesn’t talk much but is sweet and able to make things happen in a quiet manner. Not the type to look for adventure and excitement, he can however, be fun and think that family always comes first.

As a matter of fact, how boring he is depends a lot on how his partner acts. It can be said that if left to do whatever he wants, he will turn into this domestic creature who doesn’t like change and who needs an extra push to take a different turn in life.

He can adapt easily, so count on him to want to travel around and to enjoy going to different kind of parties. It’s easy for him to keep fit, this being a great thing because if he’d allow himself to go loose, he would definitely gain weight.

Artistic and having many talents, he can easily make money and work hard for what he wants.

He hates routine, so make sure you take care of everything you can to spice up things with him. What will come back to you will be worth the effort as he will make you feel that you’re in a relationship that’s perfect and that everyone envies.

When he feels threatened, the Snake man simply withdraws and doesn’t admit that he’s secluded. He can be so cautious to the point where he can no longer move or take any initiative because he’s terrified of the consequences.

This man doesn’t want to fake that he’s alright, so expect him to start to conform and to be very moral, not allowing any intellectual stimulation to come his way.

He can also repress his aggressiveness and emotions, so he’ll end up being unfulfilled and withdrawn. It’s possible for him to do many things to escape this state of mind and to feel secure again, but such methods can often contradict what he actually wants.

He depends a lot on others to survive and to be happy, so he tries his best to make sure the people in his life feel only good about him.

Every person he loves will be treated in a gentle and considerate way because he will pay great attention to them. He’s patient and doesn’t want to hurt anyone, so he carefully chooses his words and doesn’t try to be tyrannical.

No one can provoke him because he knows how to compromise and to swallow his pride or pain. When someone confronts him, he doesn’t respond in any way, this meaning he won’t look for revenge but to handle it quietly and to resist.

It can be said he definitely has masochistic tendencies. One of the most famous Snakes with this type of behavior was Mahatma Gandhi.

The Snake man can’t refuse someone or protect his interests, no matter how many times he’ll regret he hasn’t done it when the times was right.

He’s all the time apologizing and grateful when someone does him a favor. He believes in fairness and plays openly all the time, being terrified of injustice.

He gives anyone an opportunity to express their opinions, defend their ideas and do their tricks. He can listen to a person for hours because he doesn’t want to interrupt and knows how to be a good listener.

The Snake and the Chinese Five Elements:

ElementYears of birthKey characteristics
Wood Snake1905, 1965Tenacious, creative and friendly;
Fire Snake1917, 1977Affectionate, tactful and idealistic;
Earth Snake1929, 1989Tactful, seductive and composed;
Metal Snake1941, 2001Intuitive, attractive and talented;
Water Snake1953, 2013Perspicacious, diplomatic and astute.

He puts a lot of value on what he does

The Snake man is a skillful lover with a rich imagination and who always wants to express his sexuality. Just like the woman in the same sign, he can seduce anyone he sets his mind to conquer.

But if rejected, he will no longer pay any attention to that person, thinking that he wasted his time on someone he can’t use in any way.

While a macho, he’s still very sensible and can easily get hurt by harsh commentaries because he constantly battles the others’ impressions and attitudes regarding him.

Even though he has many interests, he will still care the most about the woman that’s next to him. If you happen to be that lady, expect him to wash the dishes and to clean the house.

When you’ll be sick, he’ll buy you soup and when you’ll be healthy, he’ll be the best lover. However, be careful with what you are buying him for Christmas because he has expensive tastes and wants to surround himself with luxury.

He prefers expensive materials in his bedsheets and for the pillows to smell of perfume. If you’ll prepare a romantic setting for a night of passion with him, you can be sure he will fall for it and give you all his love.

He needs to be turned on if it’s for him to have the most intimate and passionate connection with a woman. He likes uninhibited ladies who are completely relaxed before making love and who want passion to rule in their bedroom.

The Snake man can last for hours having sex and possesses a great imagination. His body looks like it has been made to stay in between the sheets, but he can’t be happy if he doesn’t feel the atmosphere is relaxed and that his partner enjoys life to the maximum with him.

He believes love and sex are the same thing, so he’s not in any way promiscuous. This man doesn’t mind when the woman takes control and initiates lovemaking as he would only respect what she wants and help her turn the night into something perfect.

He can really give a relationship the feeling that it has been made in Heaven. He is also able to take any woman to heights she never dreamed of without asking her to make any effort.

While probably the most loyal sign in the Chinese zodiac, this can turn into a problem when someone will try to take advantage of him.

The Snake man is always open and willing to do others’ job for them, so those who are no so well-intentioned may very well try to have him do things for them.

He puts a lot of value on things and people he really cares about, so he’s very cautious not to cause any harm to whom he loves. It isn’t difficult to have him staying for a long period of time next to a woman because it’s normal for him to be faithful and devoted. He’s all about loyalty, love and consideration.

With every day that passes, life with him becomes sweeter, without the lady in his life having to do too many efforts for this to happen. If you are with him, be careful when he’s around the woman next door because as soon as she will see him in action, she will definitely start to want him for herself.

If things happen and the situation takes a bad turn, it will most likely be your fault because he’s not at all the type to cheat. And as soon as he’s gone, you can be sure he will never come back, so you’ll be left without your lover and twice the work to do around the house.

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