1965 Chinese Zodiac: Wood Snake Year – Personality Traits

These people are calm and composed, often trying to harvest encouragements to action from others.

1965 Wood Snake Year

People born in 1965 are Wood Snakes, which means they’re disciplined, elegant and neat. Furthermore, these natives want only what’s expensive and of high-quality.

Cautious and at the same time relaxed, they can make new friends as easy as others wake up in the morning. While having many acquaintances, only a few people can be considered their real pals.

1965 Wood Snake in a nutshell:

  • Style: Remarkable and charming;
  • Top qualities: Creative, friendly and talented;
  • Challenges: Arrogant and materialistic;
  • Advice: They need to question more the intentions of those around.

An extraordinary personality

Wood Snakes born in 1965 give a lot of importance to order and wish to have an elegant home. These natives are precise and disciplined enough to keep everything in order.

Furthermore, they’re creative and very talented in the academic field. When it comes to their tastes, they have a good eye for high-quality and beauty.

Wood Snakes are famous for never trying to deceive or manipulate in order to achieve success. While still possessing ambitions, it can’t be said they’re struggling too much for fame and recognition.

Therefore, they would never do something nasty to others, just for them to become wealthy or famous.

While they’re better at making and maintaining friendships when compared to other Snakes, it seems they can still enjoy their alone time more than anything else in the world, just like all the natives in the same sign.

These Snakes hate taking advice from others, so they’re pretty much relying on themselves for everything.

They are proud of their own ways and would never give up on their views because they think they’re talented and intelligent enough to achieve great things.

Furthermore, Wood Snakes are family-oriented and would all the time sacrifice themselves for their loved ones.

They’re known as mannered, cautious and relaxed. It’s easy for them to make new friends because they don’t mind inviting people over to their place.

However, the fact that they’re snobs who prefer to interact with influential people instead of the more modest ones makes them act superior, not to mention how much they despise those who are sloppily dressed and not groomed because they pay a lot of importance to image.

While not having too much enthusiasm and desire to take action, Wood Snakes require encouragement from their loved ones in order to succeed.

Their ideals may be lofty and misunderstood, so it’s essential for them to become more realistic. All Snakes are known for keeping their feelings to themselves, which means it’s nearly impossible to guess what’s going on inside their mind.

They’re usually all the time calm, not to mention how they can never lose their coolness. It wouldn’t matter how agitated the situation is, Snakes and especially the Wood ones don’t ever seem to be bothered.

They wouldn’t follow a passionate person because he or she would seem like a fool to them. They’re very smart and capable, so they want everyone to know this about them.

Therefore, they’re always struggling to make a good first impression and to look good. Relying on what they’ve inspired in others when first meeting seems to work very well for them because their positions at work are usually high, even if they find it difficult to hold on to a task for too long and to start new projects.

Luckily, it’s easy for them to solve any problem when being helped a little bit. However, they require a lot of variety and change, so many of them decide to be freelancers or to take part-time jobs.

Other Wood Snakes simply seize great opportunities and have incredible achievements once in a while. When determined to make great efforts, Wood Snakes start to become really successful.

Failure doesn’t come easy to them because they become very depressed when such a thing gets to happen. At least they’re very lucky with money and can anytime prove the talent they’re having at handling finances.

Wood Snakes know how to use their magnetism in order to attract people. While other natives of this sign are defensive, the Wood ones love to communicate and to express their feelings or creativity.

The fact that they’re tenacious is very beneficial for them because it keeps their focus on relationships and friendships and their emotional balance untouched.

Sticking to the things they value the most, Wood Snakes can attract and manifest almost anything they wants to accomplish, from relationships to wealth.

However, this doesn’t mean they should no longer work and only indulge in pleasure. On the contrary, they’re usually more interested in gaining new knowledge and putting their ideas into practice, in order to make life easier for themselves and others.

Wood Snakes are known for having easy ways of observing and for understanding very difficult concepts. Not even making an effort to be charming and to have an imposing presence, they may become famous people who have many numbers of friends.

They want to be recognized, so they’re paying a lot of attention to the way they’re looking and what they’ve achieved in life.

Because they’re the most sociable Snakes, they’ll always be considered great friends and the wisest advisers. Not in any way selfish, they’re really appreciated for sharing almost everything they have with others.

Love & Relationships

Wood Snakes are very adaptable, thing that has an influence over their love life as well. For example, they may change many partners when young, especially since they’re incredibly attractive and known to have great energy levels or an inquisitive mind, not to mention how charming and intriguing they can be at all times.

However, these natives can sometimes become too much and begin to overwhelm most of their friends.

The fact that they easily get bored is something that doesn’t bring them too much good either, but at least they’ll realize when older that any kind of relationship can be reinvented as long as the friends or the partners are paying attention to one another.

It’s just that when young, they don’t know how to calm down or how to control their curiosity.

Furthermore, they want to draw conclusions only from their personal experiences, this being the reason why it’s so interesting to have a conversation with them. It seems they have a problem admitting when others are right, so this can lead to some arguments between them and their loved ones.

Wood Snakes know how to listen, but can’t pay attention for too long, so their friends need to keep them stimulated with meaningful activities and interesting conversations.

The partner that can complement the Wood Snake born in 1965 is able to make this native more patient. Furthermore, he or she needs to also be tolerant until the Snake decides to show his or her best sides.

Career aspects of the 1965 Wood Snake

Great humanitarians and possessing very creative minds, Wood Snakes could choose any career they want in life.

Because they have a need to help others, it would be great for them to become politicians, lawyers or the presidents of nonprofit organizations. In the same way, they have good skills when it comes to understanding the law or how the human mind works.

Furthermore, it’s very easy for them to attract a large number of fans with their creative work.

Wood Snakes love being challenged; therefore, they should decide on a job that’s exciting and requires them to speculate. For example, they could play the stock market or negotiate contracts for professional sportspeople.

Besides all these things, they would make amazing actors, negotiators and writers as such occupations can give them an opportunity to reveal their talents. Many of these Snakes are famous designers, inventive programmers or wealthy bankers.

Lifestyle and health

Wood Snakes love having fun because their levels of energy are very high. While capable of listening, it’s also possible for them to lose control and patience when getting too bored.

For this reason, they need to be all the time stimulated and to have a good time. While very strong, it’s also possible for them to feel stuck when facing a problem, not to mention they have some weaknesses as well.

For example, they tend to not let go of past events and to hold grudges. Many of them are always paying attention to what people think of them, not to mention how all Wood Snakes are only interested in material successes, fame and having their expensive tastes fulfilled.

They’re encouraged to become free from all these weaknesses and to be independent. Their most sensitive organ is the liver, which means they should limit their alcohol consumption and avoid fatty foods.

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