2008 Chinese Zodiac: Earth Rat Year – Personality Traits

These people are kind and friendly, often investing their efforts into making their loved ones feel safe and secure.

2008 Earth Rat Year

Children born in 2008 are Earth Rats, which means they’ll hate taking risks as adults and sometimes make some unprofitable investments. These natives will love organizing things, being disciplined and keeping everything in their life safe.

When it comes to work, they’ll be down-to-earth and cautious, avoiding mistakes as much as possible. They won’t care too much about their own image because they’ll be more interested in having fun and in keeping their sensitivity untouched.

2008 Earth Rat in a nutshell:

  • Style: Resourceful and talented;
  • Top qualities: Meticulous and persistent;
  • Challenges: Possessive and temperamental;
  • Advice: They shouldn’t feel like they need to please everyone.

Disciplined and always planning, Earth Rats will be very much admired for their realistic views. As a matter of fact, they’ll be the most grounded natives of their sign. Having a lot of courage and being ambitious, they’ll give their best to be satisfied from a financial point of view and to climb the social ladder.

An attentive personality

Earth Rats born in 2008 will be the most realistic natives of their sign. They’ll possess the intelligence of Rats, without being as flighty, which means they’ll only make good decisions that will help them have stable relationships and a prolific career.

Very practical, these people will prefer to work with traditional methods and to stick with safety. Different than other Rats, known to be impulsive and rushed, they’ll want to settle down and to live a peaceful life.

For this reason, they’ll resent taking risks and doing things recklessly. Possessing a lot of charm and being intelligent, Earth Rats born in 2008 will have a lot of friends.

While not as self-centered as other natives of the same sign, they’ll very much care about what others think of them and try as much as possible to end up being respected.

People who will admire and give them importance will receive their loyalty as a gift. Not at all adventurous like Rats belonging to different elements, they’ll want to be surrounded by familiar places and old friends.

These natives will always struggle to be financially secure, meaning they won’t hesitate to use their talents, no matter what job they’ll be doing.

As a matter of fact, they’ll possess many skills, be very cautious in their actions and care very much about their loved ones, even if they’ll all the time worry about how others are seeing them.

They’ll be smart, attentive to details and popular, so everyone will want them at parties and different social gatherings. Many will feel amazing in their presence, not to mention they’ll be able to have any type of conversation and to easily make friends.

Others will come to them for advice and a sound opinion. They’ll work hard and use all of their talents, creativity and wittiness, so their job will bring them many satisfactions.

There will be times when they won’t feel confident, thing that will influence them to not express their ideas at work and therefore, to not receive the recognition they’ll very much deserve.

Many of them will be amazing journalists or writers, whereas others will excel in PR and other jobs in which they’ll have to be around people.

Their colleagues and superiors will appreciate them for being able to remain calm in desperate situations, not to mention how resourceful they’ll continue to be, no matter how difficult the times.

These natives will want to be in the middle of things and to get as busy as possible, so it won’t be difficult for them to stick to a stressful routine and to do things as perfectly as possible.

As a matter of fact, all Rats are known for wanting perfection. Earth ones born in 2008 will keep a good disposition by doing everything their heart is telling them.

When focused on accomplishing something they’ll be passionate about, no one and nothing will be able to hinder their endurance and determination to succeed.

However, there’s the danger for them to become obsessed with perfection, situation in which they’ll pay too much attention to unimportant things and end up being lost.

It may seem easier to worry about superficial things and to not deal with those that are important, but it’s definitely not the best strategy.

Therefore, Earth Rats born in 2008 will have to prioritize their tasks in life and to give importance to what matters the most. This will be very helpful for both their career and personal life.

It will be impossible for others to corrupt them because they’ll be very focused to follow their own path, which means they’ll manage to make their life work in their advantage. Many will confuse this in them with stubbornness.

Not wanting to know about their own limits and being focused to succeed, they’ll work very hard and forget to take good care of their own health. It may make sense to see Rats being like this, but they’ll definitely need to take better care of themselves and to not be bothered by having all the attention of others on them.

They’ll assert their effectiveness according to how convincing they’ll be when dealing with others. Their need for perfection can inspire people to be the same, especially since these Rats will be very friendly and won’t mind teaching their friends everything they know.

Friendly and polite, they’ll be very appreciated for these traits, but they’ll have to be careful and not flatter others. This will only be in their disadvantage because many will know them to usually keep a certain distance in relationships, which means flattery from their side would seem forced.

The more sensitive people in their life can end up being very hurt by this as they would think these natives are only lying in this situation.

Earth Rats born in 2008 will also be appreciated for their refined tastes. Everything these natives will do is going to exude elegance and class. This will also come from their need for perfection, and they’ll never be interested in dealing with practicality that’s lacking beauty.

The more they’ll follow their heart, the more their surroundings will receive their elegance and end up being more refined. However, there will be the danger for them to become obsessed with appearances.

This won’t be in any way wrong when they’ll have to furnish their home or to buy some clothes, but it will definitely cause them problems in their relationships with others.

Focusing too much on beauty and being too worried about their own image will probably lead them to become rather superficial.

Love & Relationships

Earth Rats born in 2008 will be very much influenced by their need for perfection when it comes to their relationships with others.

It’s possible for them to have many problems in this direction, especially when young. What they’ll be looking for won’t exist because humans will never be perfect.

These natives will ask too much from their partner, but will be very inventive doing it. For example, they’ll want their lover to be as efficient and successful as they are, at the same disciplines they’ll be excelling at.

When it comes to other aspects, they’ll simply overlook any weakness. When young, they’ll often be very jealous and possessive, but will never show this side of them to anyone else aside from their partner.

However, after getting older, they’ll control all of these negative feelings and be more regulated. Very scared of getting hurt, they’ll avoid showing their emotions and talking about their fears.

The most intelligent of them will realize perfection in love can’t be accomplished and a long-lasting relationship is more important than all this.

If they won’t change and continue being unhappy, they’ll only manage to welcome more negativity into their life.

Career aspects of the 2008 Earth Rat

Possessing great perception and being wise, Earth Rats born in 2008 will always see the big picture in life.

All this will get combined with their sound judgment and enable them to rapidly solve problems. These natives will want a high position at work because social status and wealth will always motivate them to move forward.

As bosses, everyone will love them for being kind and imaginative. They’ll be better at doing something creative for a living, so many of them will become artists, writers or designers.

Having technical talents as well, some will want to be engineers and constructors. Generous soul and relaxed around people, Earth Rats born in 2008 will be involved in many charity projects.

Others will be impressed by how they can give themselves completely when trying to help the less fortunate one. It’s possible they’ll work for different charitable organizations and not ask for a salary.

They won’t chase a career in politics, diplomacy or military because they won’t want to associate their beliefs with the ones of the many.

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