1972 Chinese Zodiac: Water Rat Year – Personality Traits

These people have a great charisma and seem to be very good with words, although they sometimes get in hot water because of this.

1972 Water Rat Year

1972 was the year of the Water Rat, the Chinese zodiac sign that is influencing people to think fast and to be unique. Therefore, Water Rats are very good at dealing with challenges and know how success can be achieved.

These people tend to become very good at what they’re doing for a living by investing a lot of hard work in their projects and by developing strong relationships with others.

1972 Water Rat in a nutshell:

  • Style: Fast-thinking and demonstrative;
  • Top qualities: Charming, intuitive and nurturing;
  • Challenges: Possessive and wasteful;
  • Advice: They need to distance themselves from people with negative thinking.

Furthermore, Water Rats know how to seize an opportunity and how money are being made. While very good friends and companions, they still prefer to spend their time alone rather than in groups.

A compassionate personality

Firstly, Water Rats can be very persuasive and even manipulative. Their mind is fast, so they can come up with many innovative ideas and fruitful strategies.

As a matter of fact, these Rats are known to find solutions to the most difficult problems. The fact that they can adapt to any person or situation makes them be very appreciated by others.

Furthermore, they have a great intuition and can determine what people’s true intentions are. Therefore, Water Rats are able to easily identify what the strengths and negative traits of a person are, and bring about their support where it matters the most.

Many will be very attracted to them and not even realize they can easily get manipulated by these people.

Luckily, Water Rats are also compassionate, giving and gentle, even if a little bit selfish, but never to the point of hurting others.

They have great charisma and seem to be very good with words. Those who need some financial advice should definitely call them and ask for an opinion because they’re not only very good at handling money, they also seem to sense when danger is approaching, things that suggests they can immediately identify a bad investment.

While all Rats are known for being great nurturers and domestic creatures, they can also have an immense success as accountants.

It’s possible for them to be negative and to sometimes feel anxious because they’re all the time putting great pressure on themselves to have a perfect family and to keep everyone in their life safe.

The Chinese Horoscope says Metal Rats can also be rude and short tempered, especially when feeling anxious.

After all, it’s not their fault they’re working hard and that they’re sincere in their efforts to make their loved ones feel cared for.

Metal Rats are also known for being very intelligent or for easily identifying different ways out of difficult situations. It’s almost impossible to have them trapped in a corner because they always know what to do and where to ask for help.

Giving a lot of importance to family and home, they will do anything to protect these things in their life. All Water Rats born in 1972 are emotional and compassionate.

Being very loyal to their friends and family, many will respect and appreciate them for whom they are. These natives don’t mind working hard and are usually very proud of what they’ve achieved.

The fact that they’re not bothered by sharing their success with others makes them great friends. It can be said they’re smart because they know how to seize an opportunity and their strategies are all the time meant to bring them more power.

Many of them have average successes in their youth, but amazing achievements during middle age and fulfilling retirements.

The women of this sign and element love to chat, so they may need to be a little bit quieter, especially if they want to be truly happy with a partner.

All the Water Rats are conservative, which means they prefer going with the old and tested rather than with the new and progressive. Furthermore, they’re cautious and love to calculate every step they’re making in order to not lose their good luck.

Love & Relationships

Being perfectionists, Water Rats may encounter problems with their relationships, especially during their youth years.

They should understand perfection doesn’t exist and humans are meant for error. These Rats are famous for making promises they cannot fulfill, especially to their partner.

They can come up with very inventive solutions to problems and are struggling to do everything as perfectly as possible.

It’s very likely for them to focus only on one aspect of their life and to forget about others. The young ones are usually very jealous and therefore, likely throwing tantrums when feeling abandoned.

However, they would never show this side of them to anyone else besides their partner, not to mention that when older, they become more composed and regulated.

These natives don’t want to talk about their emotions because they’re afraid of getting hurt.

The most intelligent of them are aware their partner can’t be perfect, so they don’t mind spending their life with someone who’s just loyal and loves them.

It’s important for Water Rats to sometimes express their feelings, especially if they don’t want their positive energy to turn into a weakness.

Career aspects of the 1972 Water Rat

Very good at communicating with others, Water Rats can express their thoughts easily, which means they can be great educators, writers or journalists.

When working in teams, these natives are able to establish excellent relationships with their colleagues and superiors because they know what interpersonal connections mean and don’t mind working hard for achieving twice the successes they thought about when seizing opportunities.

Their mind is calculated and they could make a budget for any income. Reserved because their brain is always working, it’s easy for them to accumulate wealth and to help others do the same.

Water Rats don’t have their intelligence from books as they’re more streetwise and can deal with any problem of the everyday life.

Others recognize them as great problem solvers who don’t mind giving a hand and nurturing their loved ones.

When having to help, these natives are never forgetting to look for themselves as well, even if they’re very caring and would never think of betraying anyone.

They’re very good when doing something creative, so it’s easy for them to be artists, journalists and poets.

They’re also known for being talented when having to do things with their own hands, which means working in a garden or in a crafts shop can be their true calling.

Generous and warm, they may end up working with charities. As a matter of fact, there’s no one to volunteer more wholeheartedly to help others.

However, they’re not very good politicians and leaders, which means they should avoid management positions in their career.

Lifestyle and health

People who are born in 1972, could very much use a Dragon friend because Dragons will encourage them to take advantage of any opportunity in their life.

Furthermore, a Monkey could help them enjoy good times and have real fun. In other words, Water Rats would be much more successful if having a Dragon and a Monkey around, even if they’re known as optimistic and aware of what they want from life.

Furthermore, they’re very intelligent, charismatic, funny and agile. Their friends appreciate them for their refined tastes and for being generous.

Water Rats get motivated by wealth, which means it’s possible for many of them to become greedy later in life. What’s sure about all of these natives is the fact that they’re always seeking to gain more knowledge and to take on new challenges.

When it comes to their emotions, they tend to be overwhelmed by feelings and to stress too much. This is why they should always ask their loved ones for an advice, especially during difficult times.

It’s important for these natives to not build walls around their emotions because their family and friends would no longer be able to determine what worries them the most.

The organs in the human body ruled by this sign and element are the bladder and the kidneys. Therefore, those born in 1972 should especially drink plenty of water and eat healthy.

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