1984 Chinese Zodiac: Wood Rat Year – Personality Traits

These people seem to be very interested in how others perceive them but this doesn’t prevent them from acting exactly as they are.

1984 Wood Rat Year

People born in 1984, also known as the year of the Wood Rat are very intelligent and inventive. However, because they don’t tend to act in order to make their dreams come true, they’ll miss on many great opportunities in life.

Wood Rats love being part of a group and really want the easiness any collaboration can offer them. They don’t mind working hard, but aren’t patient and determined enough to succeed on their own.

1984 Wood Rat in a nutshell:

  • Style: Competitive and resilient;
  • Top qualities: Resourceful, attentive and ingenious;
  • Challenges: Dismissive and manipulative;
  • Advice: They need to focus less on their insecurities and more on what they can do better.

Having high morals, Wood Rats will always look for peace and to avoid arguments. It seems these natives have a lot of good luck when it comes to wealth, even if they really don’t know how to manage their money.

A warm-hearted personality

The Wood element makes the intelligent Rats born in 1984 more sensitive, artistic and appreciative of everything that’s beautiful. Out of all the Rats in the Chinese zodiac, the Wood ones really know how to express themselves in an artistic way and to appreciate beautiful environments.

These natives simply love being in nature, and trees or flowers make them feel very calm. While generous and sincerely concerned for others’ well-being, they can also make use of their sociability and this way, get to become the leaders at work.

These Rats know their way with words and are very admired by their friends and family. Furthermore, they can succeed at everything they’re doing because it’s easy for them to see the big picture and to only focus on their own objectives.

They have a natural talent for sales, no matter if they’re trading ideas, business plans or cosmetic products. It seems they can convince anyone of anything just by being eloquent as usual, so many people will decide to buy from them, if they happen to be selling something.

In spite of looking confident on the outside, Wood Rats are in fact the most insecure natives of their sign. This means they’re driven to work twice as much as others and to complete their projects on time.

Furthermore, they’re worried about how others see them, which means they’ll always struggle to please. One positive effect of their calmness is the fact that they’re not prone to suffer from nervous breakdowns, like Metal and Fire rats are.

As a matter of fact, all natives of this sign tend to burn all of their energy when focusing and to be exhausted for short periods of time, not to mention how much they love living chaotically.

More than this, they’re known to invest a lot of passion and efforts into many projects or ideas, to the point where they’re starting to become too worried and anxious.

However, Wood Rats don’t have this tendency to exaggerate and prefer to keep up a more relaxed attitude. These natives possess a calm attitude and are not as quick-tempered as their counterparts.

Many appreciate them for having a strong work ethic and for being able to survive under harsh conditions. As a matter of fact, the Chinese culture sees them as the most resourceful sign because the animal that represents them has been able to resist for millennia.

It doesn’t matter if it’s an issue regarding their personal or professional life, Rats are always putting themselves first. Therefore, they don’t hesitate to be manipulative, especially when competing and having to make sure their place is warm only for them.

Wood Rats are a little bit different and would never do something immoral. These natives know the best how to appreciate value, especially when compared to other Rats, so they would never act without thinking of others or against the law.

Being adaptable and eloquent, Rats have a negative side as well, when it comes to these traits. For example, it’s easy for them to become manipulative, just to escape harsh situations and to have things done their way.

Being so flexible means they don’t mind using sneakiness in order to obtain great benefits for themselves.

Despite being anxious and insecure, Wood Rats are still able to attain a balance between work and personal life, and also to be happy.

They should stop worrying about what others think of them because it would be pointless to do so. Furthermore, they should trust the future is going to be bright and enjoy the present as much as possible.

Able to understand many difficult concepts and being resourceful, Wood Rats tend to see the root of any problem. They’re very smart and full of good ideas, so a job in technology would suit them very well.

Their morals are strong, not to mention how much they want peace and to avoid conflicts. Because their mind is creative, they’ll always think more than others and manage to come up with good solutions to problems.

However, it’s possible for them to miss on many great opportunities because they don’t like to act on their thoughts. Being ethical and interested in many things, they can deal with any situation at work.

While knowledgeable and hard-working, they seem to lack patience and to never persevere. It’s suggested for them to be less proud and to insist on getting things done as this is the only way for these natives to become successful.

Having great pride and being free, Wood Rats tend to avoid taking on responsibilities, yet people still respect them.

This issue can lead to either being difficult for their superiors to promote them, or to a popularity that allows them to feel comfortable in any environment.

These Rats don’t mind obeying rules and respecting the law because they love belonging to a community and are known as conservative. Their hard work is meant to bring them a happy and secure life.

Love & Relationships

Because they have a very active lifestyle, Rats need a soulmate with a lot of energy. The Wood ones are very emotional and tend to stress or to become impatient for no good reason.

Furthermore, these natives can sometimes be too controlling, so they should avoid positions of power in groups. It’s suggested for them to always share their feelings with people in their life because this would relieve a lot of emotional tension.

Wood Rats are known for having a special charm and for really enjoying being out in bars, with friends. These natives are very good at getting together with new people, but they don’t seem to know how to let go of old relationships, which can be a problem when they’re pursuing a new partner.

Looking at their birth chart, it can be said they won’t get too much help from their family and friends, so their youth years may be difficult as they’d have to rely very much on themselves.

Luckily, they seem to later have a very happy marriage, during their middle years, and to actually find their soulmate. They will be with that person who complements them and supports their dreams.

It seems Wood Rats are all meant to have a very happy old age. As far as romance goes, these natives like to show their love by taking action, so they’re not the most romantic people, but at least their partner can all the time rely on them.

Career aspects of the 1984 Wood Rat

Possessing great wisdom and being perceptive, Rats can only see the big picture. When this gets combined with their amazing ability to judge things clearly, they become the best problem solvers in the Chinese zodiac.

These natives are very attracted to a good social position and wealth. They seem to be great leaders, but only if allowed to work with their creativity and not forced to follow a routine.

Great careers for them can be the one of a movie director, business owner, writer, politician, scientist, pilots, musician and even comedian.

Wood Rats don’t mind working hard and are practical enough to succeed in any profession.

While not known to take big risks, these natives usually manage to achieve what they want by being attentive. Their creativity and artistic spirit can have them accomplish many impressive successes in different lines of work.

Health aspects

Wood Rats are usually healthy people because they’re all the time doing something and therefore, they’re exercising without even trying to.

There may be moments when they’re feeling stressed, negative and aggressive, but they can fight all this with exercising.

Wood Rats are said to rule over the gallbladder and the liver, which means natives of this sign should try to eat as healthy as possible and avoid consuming too much alcohol.

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