The Rat Woman: Key Personality Traits and Behaviors

She is very decisive and benefits from an abundance of feelings, wishing for everyone to take her seriously all the time.

Rat Woman

The Rat woman is friendly, charming and full of life. She likes being in the company of others and going to parties. If thing don’t happen the way she has planned them, this lady will immediately realize what went wrong and react accordingly.

When others no longer know what direction to take, she simply sees new opportunities and starts to take advantage of them. She has great determination and big ideas, but she should be careful not to impose her way of thinking on others.

The Rat woman in a nutshell:

  • Rat years include: 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008, 2020;
  • Strengths: Charming, considerate and generous;
  • Weaknesses: Superficial, rushed and conceited;
  • Life challenge: Negotiating her way through some serious situations;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who understands her need for independence.

She’s a really special lady

The woman born in the year of the Rat is not as romantic as other ladies born in the rest of the signs belonging to the Chinese zodiac.

However, she has enough passion to make for all the missing romanticism. She would hate to be alone, so her need to have as many friends as possible is pretty much understandable.

She wants to intimately connect with the man of her dreams, not finding any meaning to a relationship with no substance. She may seem calm and that she simply goes with what life has prepared for her on the outside, but inside she calculates her every move and likes to anticipate what is about to happen.

Miss Rat has a great talent in the business sector because she has the necessary wits and is very good at negotiating for everything to turn in her favor. When it comes to the way she interacts with others, she allows her extroverted personality to surface and can become the life of any party.

She makes an incredible hostess and is very popular among the members of the opposite sex. Not that women don’t find her interesting and a good confidant because they simply love to spend their time with her as well.

Many should look out because she’s a really special lady who would do anything to achieve success and to be happy. She also has a need to prove that she’s capable and as independent as any woman can be.

The woman in the Chinese sign of the Rat will give her best to be a good professional and to do what she loves the most for a living.

She will not give up power if she’ll get it, not even if she becomes a mother and has to start taking care of her children. As a matter of fact, she loves being a parent because it gives her even more authority.

Don’t think that if so career-oriented, she won’t find any pleasure in taking care of her family because she’s a great homemaker, mother and wife. It’s just that everything needs to happen on her own terms for her happiness to be complete.

Not to mention she expects her partner to give a hand with every chore around the house. Sometimes, she will simply let her husband take care of the children and do the dishes, while she will just go out to jog or to meet with her friends in the park.

But as soon as she’ll return, you can be sure she’ll turn back into the most considerate and generous wife. Just like the man in the same sign, this lady is very sociable and wants to go out as much as possible.

Her friends will be more than happy to have her around because she makes everyone feel good and can crack a good joke. She simply loves being the life of the party and to talk.

Usually, her friends visit her very often because she’s hospitable and takes good care of her guests, especially when they are paying her a compliment. She’s very popular among men and women alike.

But don’t think she’s all milk and honey because on the other side, this lady can be immature and irresponsible as well.

It may seem like she struggles under this uncertain but powerful feeling that her life isn’t complete, like she misses something to make her whole.

Never aware of her psychological and emotional state, Miss Rat is continuously trying to find herself.

The Rat and the Chinese Five Elements:

ElementYears of birthKey characteristics
Wood Rat1924, 1984Competitive, positive and determinate;
Fire Rat1936, 1996Funny, sharp and strategic;
Earth Rat1948, 2008Logical, compassionate and persistent;
Metal Rat1960, 2020Ambitious, logical and convincing;
Water Rat1972, 2032Convincing, independent and sociable.

No point in trying to tame this woman

Whenever she wants to prove how much she’s worth, the Rat woman is very judgmental with both herself and those surrounding her, starting to determine that some people in her life are completely useless when it comes to what she wants from them.

She has violent reactions if others don’t take her seriously, changing from having an internal rage to making harsh comments. Many will be shocked by this lady, so she will impose herself and gain some respect due to it.

But it’s also possible for her to embarrass herself, especially when doing something reckless. In spite of the fact that she seems confident all the time, she’s actually insecure thinking that she’ll never find herself or that others won’t satisfy her emotional needs in totality.

Because it’s easy for the Rat woman to agree with everyone, she will always have many friends and acquaintances. However, it will be difficult to keep them close in spite of all her efforts because they will feel how she suspects them all of being deceiving.

If she would be more objective, things would be completely different. There would be no point in trying to tame this woman because she’s too free-spirited.

However, as a paradox, she wants someone strong whom she can appreciate, love and have near for a lifetime. She’s not the most patient or eager to occupy the second place.

It would be better for her to know the truth of a situation from the beginning because she’s intelligent and witty enough to deal with any kind of problem. When it comes to romance, she’s very attractive and has a high libido, so men will want her by their side all the time.

She’s also passionate and attentive, not at all afraid to show her partner how she’s feeling. It seems like her emotions are in abundance at the beginning of a relationship, but if her man wouldn’t feel the same, she would just turn cold.

It’s very important for the Rat woman to be cared for and to belong to someone. What she needs the most in her life is security, so when having it, she’ll become caring or the best company a man could ever have.

Miss Rat likes indulging in pleasure and is very charming, but it will take some time for her to find someone who can bring in all the security that she needs.

As soon as she’ll be happy with someone, she’ll turn into the best partner ever. She doesn’t trust what she can’t control and is very difficult to please because she’s quite demanding for others to live up to her standards.

She thinks anyone is a possible deceiver, so the best friends she makes are those from childhood, who have proved themselves to be trustworthy over the years.

Another negative trait that she has is her eagerness to make harsh comments that are amusing for some and hurtful for those who receive them.

She could be left by all of her friends and remain lonely because of this. The Rat woman is very thrifty, making all of her friends laugh about this trait that she has.

This lady analyzes the reasons behind buying the smallest thing, justifying every penny spent at any shop.

Not to mention she can be one of the biggest hoarders in the Chinese zodiac. The Rat is known to give its women great potential when it comes to their professional life.

But they need to be emotionally stable for their abilities to reach their maximum point and success to be attained. These ladies can become the most useful and talented members of their community if they focus enough.

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