1948 Chinese Zodiac: Earth Rat Year – Personality Traits

Fun to be around, these people always have the best interests of their friends and family in mind.

1948 Earth Rat Year

Those Earth Rats born in 1948 are people with high standards, the kind of individuals who are able to perceive the true face of the world, unfettered by illusions, lies or deceits. They will not let themselves be conned into superficiality and ignorance.

Moreover, they want to create a better world, one founded on equilibrium and balance, one where each and every individual values order and loyalty.

1948 Earth Rat in a nutshell:

  • Style: Freedom seeking and straightforward;
  • Top qualities: Generous, practical and affectionate;
  • Challenges: Possessive, manipulative and opportunistic;
  • Advice: They need to sometimes leave their emotions aside.

These natives know how to make friends, how to keep them, and how to lead a principled life. They find that fortune and success have always been spinning around them for no reason at all, apparently.

An agile personality

These men and women know exactly what to do and how to approach most situations in order to get to the best possible outcome.

They are responsible and thoughtful, with a strategic mindset and a very logical personality. They prefer to gather information before taking a decision, and they take all opportunities as they come.

They want to find fulfillment in this life, happiness, and satisfaction, but only when surrounded by social conformism, with rules and regulations to organize and manage daily life.

They have principles, virtues, certain ideals serving as guidelines, and they will never betray them.

Earth Rats tend to be analytical, observant, and systematic in their thinking patterns. They will take everything into consideration, look at a situation from afar, judge the given data at face value, and take an informed decision.

They want to know exactly what can happen, what are the pros and cons of a certain option, before coming to a decision.

They should learn to accept advice and criticism though because they tend to be very distant and apprehensive when people try to correct them.

Mistakes are experiences, after all, things one should learn from. All in all, life is good to them, except for their love live, towards which they more reluctant and afraid.

When compared to the other Rats of the Chinese zodiac, the Earth Rat despises the unknown, having to face off the unpredictable outcomes. They want to know precisely what’s going to happen, when it’s going to happen, and how they can work with it.

In this sense, they are the opposite of adventurers. The home turf is the single most important location, the one place that becomes a refuge.

Moreover, they seek to become rich, to develop their social and professional expertise, while having the best interests of their friends and family in mind. They will always use time-tried techniques and tools that have been proven to work.

People born in 1948, under the Earth Rat symbol, are very friendly and fun to be around. They are always looking for new ways to entertain, to spark interesting conversations, to intrigue their interlocutors with a soothing and calm debate.

They can bring joy and happiness back while eliminating gloom and sadness. You can’t ignore their advice because it comes from the heart, and you can admit that it’s a very constructive and intelligent advice. They take it slow and steadily and think things through.

Just like the name says, the Earth Rat prefers to be steady-minded and calm, a pragmatic who sees the world from a practical perspective.

These natives want to establish a pattern of perception, to organize the world under certain categories in order to better understand it.

They can be very emotional and sensitive to the plights of other people. Even more, they will always understand special circumstances and think about why people get things wrong.

As a plus, Earth Rats are always honest and straightforward. They will always share their thoughts as they come.

Love & Relationships

The Earth Rats can be summed up in a couple of words with regard to their love life: honest, extremely devoted, very devoted, and endowed with a unique charm that beguiles everyone into liking them.

They are nervous when meeting a beautiful person, someone on whom they want to make a good impression.

Moreover, they won’t try to impress through fakery or build up a persona for that very purpose. They will present themselves in the best possible light, but not more than that.

In a relationship, the Earth Rat is kind, thoughtful and very responsible. The same goes for their children, whom they nurture accordingly.

Career aspects of the 1948 Rat

Whatever they lack in ability and innovative perspective, they make up for in ambition, perseverance, and the willpower to put more effort as times goes by. They will never give up, no matter what happens, and this is something that has led them to new achievements every time.

They can be artists, using their great imagination and creativity to change the aesthetic principles of the world, but they can also excel in technical jobs that require certain specific skills. Hand-made products, especially, are the main focus of these natives.

Moreover, the majority of these natives are impressed by the struggles of the underdog, the hardships that people have to go through, and they participate in charitable events.

Where there are things to be done, especially in times crisis when no one would be able to change the situation, the Earth Rats will take the initiative.

They were the good reporters, going to where the action was, and the most dangerous events for that matter. All the great news were brought by them, from the theaters of war, and so on.

Public relations, in general, is a field where these natives excel in. They are very good communicators, and they handle themselves well when confronted with unpredictable situations.

Health and lifestyle

They can feel very pressured and anxious about most situations though. No matter how efficient and productive they are, it’s all built on countless nights spent overthinking, making plans, despairing over mistakes and possible repercussions.

This greatly affects their emotional balance as a whole. In general, everything comes to them without too much effort, especially health and wellbeing.

They are very active and don’t usually suffer from any sickness. Peace and quiet are all they’re asking for, and this is what they generally receive.

Their realism and the pragmatist overview are signs that they will be careful and patient, not impulsive and itchy to make a fortune. They are very punctual, as well as very serious about keeping their given word.

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