1960 Chinese Zodiac: Metal Rat Year – Personality Traits

These people have high plans and are much more coherent than other people in their strive to accomplish them.

1960 Metal Rat Year

Metal Rats are idealistic people who want to succeed at everything they’re doing. Furthermore, they have a lot of charm, are very attractive and can appreciate everything that’s beautiful.

If believing they’re right, these natives can be stubborn and refuse to give in when an argument is taking place. Luckily, they seem to have a lot of good luck when it comes to wealth.

1960 Metal Rat in a nutshell:

  • Style: Ambitious and pretentious;
  • Top qualities: Faithful, reliable and convincing;
  • Challenges: Selfish, possessive and impulsive;
  • Advice: They need to be careful about how they express their emotions.

The element Metal makes the Rat and idealistic person who can talk about almost everything, is very open to discussions and has intense emotions. People born in 1960 may try and cover up the intensity of their feelings by always being optimistic and jovial.

A wise personality

The year of the Rat is the first in the Chinese zodiac cycle, which means natives of this sign tend to always be first and to take the initiative. This is one of the reasons why they sometimes consider themselves superior to others.

Active and curious, Metal Rats need to be stimulated from both a physical and mental point of view, especially because they want a busy life. They don’t mind living dangerously and taking on new challenges every day.

These natives seem to see things clearly, to have great intuition, good attention to details and spontaneity. For these reasons, they tend to solve problems easier than others.

Metal Rats love to travel and it’s easy for them to interact with others as they have a great charm and a very good sense of humor.

The Chinese zodiac says they’re wise and good at giving advice, even if their life doesn’t seem to be all the time in order.

For example, they can become obsessed with money and power and not want to give up gambling or manipulating for some cash, which means being greedy can be their worst enemy.

However, they have high ideals and are very coherent, optimistic or determined to succeed, not to mention how much people of the opposite sex love them because they’re kind and enjoy beauty more than anything else.

It can be said Metal Rats have great taste and can advise anyone on fashion or interior design. This doesn’t mean they don’t have any negative traits because they’re jealous and very stubborn to accept other people’s views.

These natives will strive all of their life to get the things they want, even if this means spending a lot of money. They think lifestyle is very important for any person and that a home can give an individual energy.

Therefore, they want everything surrounding them to be long-lasting and of high quality. As soon as they’ll learn many things by experiencing life, they’ll start to achieve many great things, no matter if sometimes life can end badly for them because they have a quick temper, not to mention how difficult they probably have been as children.

It’s possible for them to depend a lot on their brothers when adolescents. Furthermore, they may choose a spouse that’s older than they are because they need some wisdom into their life.

The Chinese zodiac says these natives are very intelligent and determined to succeed. This means they’re aware of themselves and of the world surrounding them.

When it comes to their way of thinking, they tend to be subjective and can convince groups of people to do what they want because they know how to talk.

This is also helpful for them to always seem interesting and positive, as it hides away their quick temper, possessiveness and selfishness.

Metal Rats seem to be very lucky when it comes to money, not to mention they’re good at managing wealth. It’s easy for them to earn a lot and to never lose it. As long as they’re focusing on their job and decide to spend their finances carefully, they can end up very rich.

Others know them for being charming and witty because they can make anyone laugh and are wanted at many parties. Usually open and clever, some may see them as opportunists who don’t want to work hard and who prefer to make their money by taking advantage of different occasions.

It’s very likely that many of the Metal Rats will have a joyful childhood and a least turbulent an adolescence, none without a care in the world. Problematic may be the second part of their life, when they may lose a lot of their money with a bad business or break up with their soulmate.

When old, they’ll be comfortable and at peace with themselves. It’s important to see if they’ve been born in the summer or in the winter because in the first case, they would have everything they wished for without too many efforts, while in the second, they may need to go out and look for what makes them happy.

It’s even possible for them to take great risks and to be involved in accidents. When it comes to their feelings, they can easily control them and display a cool look that hides their intense emotions that are being kept a secret, inside their heart.

After all, Metal Rats are very passionate and capable of going through many twisted feelings. Maybe one of their most negative traits is the fact that they don’t talk about how they’re feeling with anyone, which means they’re repressing their feelings and only build up pressure inside.

What’s great about their passion is the fact that they simply exude sex-appeal and are very physical.

Love & Relationships

Because they’re charming and attractive, Metal Rats can have many admirers of the opposite sex. However, they have very intense emotions, which means they’re sensitive and can’t bear to fail in love easily.

If they want to be appreciated by their other half and to live a perfect romantic life, they need to be more caring because they only tend to charm and to not pursue relationships.

As a matter of fact, those who are in contact with them should know their energy and stimulating mind can make anyone fall for them.

When loving someone, Metal Rats give a lot of themselves and feel complete, at least in the beginning.

It can be said natives born in this Chinese zodiac sign are a little bit superficial and tend to easily get bored because they need a lot of variety in their life.

Therefore, they don’t only need friends that are open-minded and inventive, but also lovers who can stimulate them in bed all the time. Furthermore, natives born in 1960 are charming and very unpredictable.

It’s very difficult to stand still in a relationship with them because they always want a change of scenery and to do fascinating things. While they may be selfish, this is the way they’re seeing life and wouldn’t want to have it any other way.

When with a lover, Metal Rats may become overwhelmed by their own emotions and passion, which means they can end up being jealous, even if never talking about their feelings. In such situations, they need to avoid being destructive and focus on making compromises or on being as down-to-earth as possible.

Career aspects of the 1960 Metal Rat

Metal Rats are very good with their hands and can do anything they want in life as a profession. They’re methodical, cautious and fast at learning, which means it’s easy for them to do something technical.

These natives should dedicate themselves to their work because this is the only way for them to have success.

As their mind is sharp and they have a great way with words, it’s very possible for them to become successful business people. However, for this to happen, they need to be more persistent and confident.

People born in the year 1960 of the Metal Rat have a lot of charm and can adapt to any situation, no matter if they need to become more aggressive or perhaps more imaginative.

They love to work hard and to spend their money on expensive things. Because they’re elegant and refined, expect them to want what’s best and to have many intellectual interests, even if this side of them doesn’t get revealed as soon as getting to know them.

The Chinese zodiac says they’re very good at any job that would require them to handle money.

Lifestyle and health

Metal Rats seem to have great luck in all aspects of life, even if they can sometimes skip great opportunities because they are not paying enough attention.

However, long-lasting wealth seems to always find them, not to mention they’re always ready to push themselves and achieve success in a way that very much reveals their strong character.

Snakes can be great listeners for these natives and are even able to help them be all the time optimistic. With Tigers, Metal Rats seem to get along very well and to never argue.

The internal organs ruled by this sign are the large intestines and the lungs, so Metal Rats need to pay greater attention to their respiratory and digestive systems.

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