Rat Chinese Zodiac: Key Personality Traits, Love and Career Prospects

People born in the year of the Rat are driven by a need to achieve success, being easy for them to get the power and to make themselves noticed.

Rat Chinese Zodiac Animal

Rat people are attentive and energetic people who rely very much on their instincts. They are naturally curious and always eager to try new things. Because they’re also intelligent and talented, it’s easy for them to succeed at everything they may be doing.

But having all these wonderful traits doesn’t make them good leaders as they aren’t bold enough to be in charge and to make harsh decisions. These natives are more the type who complains and prefers to criticize others when not doing a great job.

The year of the Rat in a nutshell:

  • Rat years include: 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008, 2020;
  • Strengths: Assertive, persistent and easy-going;
  • Weaknesses: Harsh, criticizing and fidgety;
  • Blessed careers: Education, financial services, economics and travel;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who is as ambitious and money oriented as them.

While often rude and straightforward, they are still good at making friends and people really like them.

A determinate personality

On the outside, Rat individuals may seem shy and keeping things to themselves, but things aren’t like this at all. They are in fact unsettled but they hide it, which makes them pretty popular and always surrounded by friends.

These natives are smart, positive and outgoing personalities who sometimes criticize too much and find faults in everyone and everything. But all in all, they simply love being in large groups and going to big parties.

They want to be members of the most exquisite clubs, so it’s not surprising to see them in close circles of friends. It’s their favorite thing to get involved and be part of different events.

Rats really appreciate friendship and family ties, being very difficult for them to part ways with people and different situations because they’ve grown to be very attached to them.

However, it can be tough to determine where they are standing because they sometimes let their love for money to rule over the relationships in their life.

While they prefer to keep things to themselves, it’s easy to see when they’re upset because they become irritated, blunt and rude. It’s normal for them to be nagging from time to time.

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Their negative traits are all about how much they take pleasure in gossiping, criticizing and negotiating for everything to happen in their own terms, even when the issues are not as important.

They sometimes buy things they don’t actually need just to bargain for the price and to accumulate as many possessions as possible. Anything that reminds them of a trip or a feeling will be kept in their closets and definitely in their heart.

While well intentioned, they will interfere with their neighbors’ life and bother some people. What describes them the most is their charm, assertiveness, persistence and the need to be protective.

It’s normal for them to never give up and to go after their dreams. They are very attractive people who can allure to any member of the opposite sex into their life.

Rat people are driven by a need to achieve success, being easy for them to get the power and to make themselves noticed. When they want something, they no longer care about how they obtain it because the end always justifies the means.

They seem calm and easy to be around because they love to talk and can maintain a good conversation going for a long time.

But if you take a better look at them, you can notice they are always nervous and can’t calm down for a moment, doing something with their hands or fidgeting in the chair.

It’s because inside they are full of energy and they’re continually burning, thinking and twisting. While sizzling and agitated, they will still never outburst. They are very aware of their surroundings and composed on the outside, but the aggressiveness in them can be very dangerous if they would let it show.

Intellectuals at heart, Rat natives will use their great mind to make important decisions. With regards to little details, they are the best at dealing with them.

They are usually pragmatic but seem to not project things in the future or to have the necessary boldness to get something done. It’s often that they impede themselves from succeeding because they’re too greedy or conservative.

Don’t believe for a moment they’re constant because unpredictability characterizes them the most. They’re capable of surviving when others don’t even think they can fight anymore.

It’s sometimes like they have a telepathic mind because they’re very insightful, but it’s possible they’ll end up lonely as they don’t trust people. The world becomes magical when they’re in love and a real Hell when they no longer trust their lover.

Rat’s love traits

When it comes to love, Rats are heated partners who get very involved in their relationships. But when feeling left behind or lied to, they will feel like their heart was torn apart.

When they break up, these natives seem to no longer find their peace and wander around without having any hope. Luckily, they get it back together fast because they hate being alone for too long.

Very careful about their own interests and with their money, they still don’t want to be alone and are looking to build a family in a home that offers them all the comfort.

Rat’s love compatibility

Best matches

Ox, Monkey and Dragon

Bad matches

Rooster and Horse

While opportunists and looking for the best solutions, they are still deep about their feelings. Very compassionate with everyone in their life, these natives prefer to be polite and to let their lover have the last word when arguing.

This type of flexibility and kindness makes them very popular with those who want to be in their life. They have high principles when it comes to the important things and don’t stress that much about what’s trivial.

The man of this sign is a great husband and family head. He’s the type who’d give up his own hopes and dreams for his children and wife to have everything they need. The Rat woman is a dreamer who wants that Hollywood-like type pf love.

While they easily start a relationship, it’s as simple for them to leave their lover too. When they feel like they’re with the ideal partner, they become more flexible, loving and fragile. But they need to wait for that perfect love and to be patient in looking for it.

Career prospects

Discrete but pungent and at the same time opportunistic and quite cheap, Rat individuals are very thirsty for wealth and want to get a high position in their place of work.

People may suspect they’re corrupt because they want so badly to get the power. However, it’s not only money that makes them feel secure and less anxious.

They also need to get busy because they’re very talented and good at making things with their hands. Careful, attentive to details and clever, these natives would be great doing something technical for a living.

The more they will dedicate themselves to their career, they more successful they will be. They’re astute and very good at identifying good business opportunities. But they’re not determined enough to stick to a project for too long, so success is not guaranteed.

The Rat and the Chinese Five Elements:

ElementYears of birthKey characteristics
Wood Rat1924, 1984Competitive, positive and determinate;
Fire Rat1936, 1996Funny, sharp and strategic;
Earth Rat1948, 2008Logical, compassionate and persistent;
Metal Rat1960, 2020Ambitious, logical and convincing;
Water Rat1972, 2032Convincing, independent and sociable.

The Rat man: A truly inspiring personality

The man born in the year of the Rat is an excellent communicator and always wants to know as much as possible about people surrounding him because he can change things in his personality in order to become more likable. This is why he’s such a good partner.

As a friend, he will pay attention to every little detail and make his buddies open their heart to him. He has a great memory and likes to ask all kind of questions as he’s curious about what he can’t see.

No matter what you may be working on, he will always have good advice because he’s truly inspiring and has great ideas. He’s known as kind and not at all aggressive, so if you find him angry or a little bit irritable, you can be sure something is very wrong.

He wants a classy and nice lady, someone who has a good education and is flexible. This man has a great energy and is highly motivated, so he can’t stand to see people who are lazy and not caring.

He knows how to plan and always has everything organized. He’s calm and believes in his own intuition, being able to deal with problems as clearly and efficiently as possible.
The Rat Man: Key Personality Traits and Behaviors

The Rat woman: Witty and sociable

The woman in the sign of the Rat is thrifty and wants to save for rainy days and will only spend on what she needs the most.

And she will be the same with her family, which means she can be unbearable from time to time. Only if things would be critical and someone in the house would simply become desperate for money, she would change her ways and give them some.

This girl is an intelligent wife and a good mother, taking care of her loved ones without bothering her husband with everything. Her children will be taken by her to football and violin lessons.

This lady is sociable but can grow to be dependent on the ones she loves the most. She wants her children to have everything they need and is a good child for her parents herself.
The Rat Woman: Key Personality Traits and Behaviors

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