1996 Chinese Zodiac: Fire Rat Year – Personality Traits

These people love dealing with the unknown in life, often being of great support to others, even if they don’t particularly seek this.

1996 Fire Rat Year

Many Fire Rats are born in 1996 and therefore, kind, classy, energetic and courageous. These natives seem to know how to dress and love spending their time in nature because they’re all very athletic.

Fire Rats have a pure heart, just like children, not to mention they’re very optimistic and ready to deal with any obstacle in their life.

1996 Fire Rat in a nutshell:

  • Style: Sharp and convincing;
  • Top qualities: Easy-going, ingenious and direct;
  • Challenges: Moody and stubborn;
  • Advice: They don’t need to crave recognition all the time.

A sociable personality

Fire Rats are the most energetic and independent natives of this sign. It’s difficult for them to stay in one place because they’re all the time looking for new things to do.

Wanting freedom more than anything else, they can’t hold on for too long to anything, and places with strict regulations simply scare them away.

This is why they’re more suited for careers involving traveling or doing something creative. Even at home with their families, Fire Rats may feel suffocated with emotions or stressed, thing that may determine them to look for a way out from the situation.

In spite of their fear of responsibility, they’re very giving and humanitarian, so others may feel very attracted to this side of them.

Out of all the Rats in the Chinese zodiac, they’re the most outgoing and determined. Furthermore, they’re known for their impulsiveness, which means it’s easy for these natives to get into trouble.

Fire is an element that gives people more energy and a need to be dynamic. The Chinese astrology doesn’t believe differently, so when this element is associated with the brilliant and sociable sign of the Rat, the result is people meant to succeed, who also happen to be bold leaders and fun friends.

Rats can all be said to have a lot of energy. It doesn’t matter if out for a night in the club or at work closing a deal, their nature is to hurry and to eagerly wait for the next challenge.

When Fire is involved, this energy gets to be doubled, so natives of the Rat and this element are twice as enthusiastic and active. It’s very likely for them to shine at every party and to be appreciated for their company because they’re sociable and intelligent.

Rats tend to focus on bigger dreams when associated with Fire. Therefore, natives of this sign and element will go beyond just attending parties and take the initiative of engaging in many new adventures.

They simply love having fun and dealing with the unknown. Furthermore, they want a lot of variety and can sometimes feel like they don’t have enough time to experience everything this world has to offer.

Out of all the Rats belonging to different elements, they’re the ones who can appreciate a new way of thinking, even if quickly changing their mind and jumping to something else.

Many will see them as restless and unable to see things clearly, but the ones who love them the most will know they just need new experiences and to be challenged in order to feel happy.

Fire Rats should sometimes rest and think about their future. When it comes to their speech, they seem to be very honest and able to hurt others with just a few words.

If these natives would try to improve their conversational skills, they’d manage to achieve much more in their life.

More than this, they should be more thoughtful and take their time to be logical rather than emotional, especially when making decisions.

The Fire element influence can make Rats born in 1996 impatient, which means natives of this sign and element are a little bit too honest, insensitive and hurtful when talking.

It’s suggested for them to do what they want in life, but to be more patient and flexible with others. Furthermore, they should try and be disciplined because their impulsiveness can’t bring anything good into their life.

However, it shouldn’t be presumed that Fire Rats are superficial. Indeed, their element helps them have a clean conscious all the time and to be very positive about their actions, not to mention how they’re the most available to help others, out of all the Rats.

It’s true they can’t be completely selfless like Dogs or nurturing like Goats, but in spite of being interested mostly in themselves, they don’t mind supporting others wither.

More than this, they’re very good at motivating people to try new things and to succeed. After all, having so much energy and power to get things done makes them a good influence.

However, Fire Rats can become impetuous and not caring. Wanting variety more than anything else, they can end up doing reckless things and being unpredictable, which can bring about a very negative impact on their relationships.

More than other Rats, Fire ones have an aggressive temper because their element dictates them to be like this. It’s only up to them and the way they manage to be more patient, for their success to be possible.

Love & Relationships

Generally, lovers belonging to the Rat sign in the Chinese zodiac can fantasize too much. While seeking material security, they also want a spiritual connection with their partner.

These natives desire to be considered wiser, more beautiful and charming than their lovers. When admiring their other half too much, they can turn into very naive and gullible creatures.

These lovers are also very affectionate and relaxed, not to mention elegant and mannered. Possessing great sincerity, they can’t hide when being teased, which means it’s easy to have them showing themselves when in love.

Fire Rats love complaining and talking about their life, so they require friends who are ready to listen to them. They will always appreciate someone who wants them to talk and who never comes up with advice that is somehow forceful upon them.

These natives have to be surrounded by honest people because their nature is to be suspicious.

It’s easy for them to imagine others may have hidden motivations for their actions, so they should completely trust at least a few of their friends.

Giving a lot of importance to their money and spending on expensive things, it would be better to never ask them for a loan.

Career aspects of the 1996 Fire Rat

Being independent and imaginative, people born in the year of the Rat 1996 can succeed in any profession, like the ones of artist, writer or editor.

However, these natives may be less creative when working in teams. Because they seem to pay great attention to details, it’s easy for them to do something technical, so they should become engineers and architects.

While very active, they don’t seem to have too much courage, which means they shouldn’t become police officers, business owners or politicians.

They seem to make good decisions when it comes to money, but they shouldn’t make business with friends because this would not only bring them financial issues, it would also destroy their friendships.

Fire Rats have enough energy to do anything they may want in life. When something requires them to be active and warm, they can become very successful doing that thing, which means a job in sales might also suit them very well.

Health aspects

Ever since children, Fire Rats in the Chinese zodiac might be done for their troublesome health. While very energetic, they seem to easily get tired, not to mention how often they are catching colds.

However, it’s good they’re not seeming to have more serious problems regarding their health. Furthermore, they don’t like extreme temperatures, so they should avoid very cold weather and spending all their summer on the beach.

While appearing weak and not being able to sustain too much physical effort, they seem to live long lives.

These natives don’t have a problem with any type of food, but this doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have a healthy diet.

It’s easy for them to focus only on work and to forget about eating, which means they may get sick and have problems with their digestive system ever since young.

Smoking or drinking are not good ideas for them in any way. If they want to remain healthy, they need to eat their breakfast, and to always be happy while exercising.

Fire Rats are said to rule over the heart in the human body, so a diet low on fats and physical exercise are very important for natives of this sign.

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