The Rat Man: Key Personality Traits and Behaviors

The Rat man doesn’t take anything for granted and wants to make an adventure out of any experience he may be going through.

Rat Man

The Rat man is very productive and can see a good opportunity from a mile away. Being the first sign of the Chinese zodiac, h’s a natural born leader who thinks of himself first.

He has moods and pays a lot of attention to details but can get angry very fast and loves to gossip or to share his opinions. This man has ambitions and wants to be of help as much as possible, this making him successful in his career.

The Rat man in a nutshell

  • Rat years include: 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008, 2020;
  • Strengths: Eloquent, romantic and empowering;
  • Weaknesses: Obsessive, avoidant, distracted;
  • Life challenge: Expecting less of those close;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who loves variety and is quick to adapt.

A powerful personality

The man born in the year of the Rat doesn’t mind taking risks. He loves living under pressure and will most likely take a job that makes him feel agitated all the time.

This person wants to gain as much money as possible because he wishes for the finest things and to brag to his friends with everything that he has.

The women who are interested in him will be spoiled with many expensive gifts because he knows how to shop for a lady. There’s no one more generous than him, offering everything he has to his loved ones, which are not that many.

While he takes a lot of care when doing business, he can also spend everything he has just to make his lover want him more. That’s why he may be considered less honest by those who think he may have a hidden motive to be so giving.

Like all the Rats in the Chinese zodiac, he’s very likely to have only a few friends he deeply cares about. Many of his social connections will be in fact his business partners.

He likes to combine pleasure with work, so he’ll be present at any gathering or party with his colleagues.

While knowing how to listen, he’s also a very good talker. This means he can keep any conversation alive and is able to not embarrass himself, no matter whom he’s spending his time with. Witty and smart, he can be eloquent in any subject of discussion.

The Rat man is a powerful personality who sometimes strives to be at his best and to reach great heights in his career. Gentle, considerate and motivated enough, he could become someone famous if he would want to and would work hard.

This man gets along very well with both men and women. Charismatic and loving to the extreme, he will influence others to be like him.

Anyone will feel amazing in his company because he can offer a person great time and make him or her feel like the most important individual on the planet.

After all, many of the romances end badly nowadays, so it’s only normal for the union with him to be just the same. Since it can’t be said it’s typical for him to be of a certain way, he seeks for variety in everything.

None of the Chinese signs in the zodiac are exactly as the horoscope says they are, so look for additional traits than the ones mentioned. If he’s the type of Rat who doesn’t enjoy leaving things to chance, he will look for stability and to move from chaos or unpredictable situations.

The Rat man is definitely not a saint and has the capability to empower, protect and impress. Sometimes too jealous and having the tendency to do only what he wants, he may lose of a few people because of these traits.

If you find him to be just like the others on the outside, think twice about him or you will get to be very surprised when you least see it coming.

You will be able to observe the real him when problems will appear, not when he wants to be sexually satisfied. When he will begin to act like he no longer cares about lovemaking, be cautious because he may think of someone else and have another relationship on the horizon.

But normally, it wouldn’t matter if one person or a situation would provide him the variety he so much needs, he would still struggle for it on his own.

And he will do the same thing in the bedroom, spicing up his sex life with all kind of fantasies and new techniques. His partner should be open to everything he thinks of or he’ll get bored pretty fast.

The Rat and the Chinese Five Elements:

ElementYears of birthKey characteristics
Wood Rat1924, 1984Competitive, positive and determinate;
Fire Rat1936, 1996Funny, sharp and strategic;
Earth Rat1948, 2008Logical, compassionate and persistent;
Metal Rat1960, 2020Ambitious, logical and convincing;
Water Rat1972, 2032Convincing, independent and sociable.

Composed on the outside, quite agitated on the inside

The Rat man doesn’t take anything for granted and wants to make an adventure out of any experience he may be going through. That’s why his life will always be full of memorable moments.

This is how he sees things, and it’s suggested to not try and make him see them in a different way because he won’t budge.

It’s not a facile thing to understand him because he has many contradictions and is very intricate. He likes going to parties where he can’t stop dancing or being in the center of attention.

A good conversationalist, he’s diplomatic and always interested in what others have to say. Not to mention that he knows how to make people open and reveal their secrets to him.

It may seem that there’s no one better at the art of conversation than the Rat man. He usually speaks the truth without offending anyone, so he would never make fun of his friends or the people he’s dealing with.

His friends will be told what they need to hear in a tactful way, so embarrassing situations will be avoided at all times.

He has the ability to identify his interlocutors’ weaknesses because he’s clever and doesn’t mind shocking with the way he can hurt others.

It doesn’t matter what’s being discussed, he will always have an interesting comment or mention a fact that no one would have any idea about. He’s not only popular and funny as he has gentleness, honesty, intelligence, an attention to details and high adaptability.

No one can ever say that he’s boring because he can change personalities according to the situation. He can be very selfish and get rid of people he no longer considers useful, the opportunist who doesn’t keep a straight line and acts according to the situation, and a snob who is always chasing a good position at work or to be famous.

Materialistic, he is always concentrating his reactions and actions on making money. It’s like he’s all the time wondering what he’s going to get from a person or a situation.

That’s why he may get in love with a rich woman or someone who can make him climb the social ladder more easily, but he will definitely hide that this is his intention.

The Rat man likes to exploit his friends and family members because he wouldn’t mind living on their backs. This is one of the main reasons why he’s always groomed and looks for influential and wealthy people.

In public he’s calm and cool, at home he’s always agitated and occupying his mind with something. While promising many things, he would never give up his own comfort just to keep his word.

He holds on tight to his money, not lending a penny, so many of his friends may think of him as funny but cheap. He doesn’t have too many true friends, yet his contact list is full of acquaintances.

It’s like he can’t be intimate and warm with people. People know that he keeps his money close, so they won’t ask him to give them any. Don’t ask him to give for charity either because he only donates if it’s something about entertainment or food.

This man loves variety and to have all the freedom in the world. He may change jobs as he needs change and wants to learn something new.

Sensitive and mysterious, composed and cool, the Rat man keeps things to himself and may not see the big picture because he focuses too much on the details. He judges superficially and thinks people can’t understand him.

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