Key Traits of the Earth Rat Chinese Zodiac Sign

The Earth Rat benefits from great agility in money matters.

Earth Rat

Those born in the year of the Earth Rat know how to communicate and to make large groups of people feel good, but they’re a little bit possessive. They will probably have a difficult life when young, yet they will learn how to face it without any problems.

These natives are amongst the most conservative people in the Chinese zodiac. But at least they’re realistic and pragmatic enough to become more mature before age.

The Earth Rat in a nutshell:

  • Qualities: Logical, compassionate and persistent;
  • Challenges: Intrigant, jealous and opportunistic;
  • Secret need: They need money to feel safe and stable;
  • Advice: They should leave sensitivity aside when it comes to work.

These Rats are very worried about how others see them, so they will give their best to be to everyone’s liking. While slow at making money, they will still manage to gather enough for their senior years to be quiet.

The character of the Chinese Earth Rat

The Earth Rat individuals are practical and intelligent people. While not at all interested in the arts, they still are imaginative when they have to solve a problem.

These natives can really pursue their own interests in the most inventive and realistic manner. It’s normal for them to sense when danger is approaching.

It’s like they rely on a sixth sense and immediately realize when something bad is about to happen. If one of them is telling you that you should avoid getting involved with a person, you’d better listen to him or her.

Their focus is more on domestic issues. They like to keep their home tidy and hate having things agglomerating around them. It’s a pleasure to have a coffee or another drink at their place.

They are not very interested in having a fashionable environment and in matching the chairs with the couch, but they surely want a certain level of comfort and coziness.

You will feel like home when visiting them, even if you know you live somewhere else. Their children will always be well fed and groomed, but they won’t necessarily wear the latest clothes in the fashion industry because Rats take good care of their money.

If you know someone who can support a family with the minimum wage, then you can be sure that person belongs to the Chinese sign of the Rat.

When others wouldn’t even think they have a chance to put some money aside, Rats come up with solutions of saving and on top getting a second-hand car. If you need someone to take care of your budget, don’t hesitate to ask them for help.

While they love to nurture, they can still be worn out by running a household because they’re too jumpy and are prone to suffer from anxiety. And when they are feeling this way, they turn into real nags.

When the Earth element is present in their chart, Rats become more down-to-earth and pragmatic. They will save their money for when times will be bad. The same element will calm them down, but they will still put something aside for emergencies because they think life can hit them hard in their pockets.

While this means they’re reliable, it also suggests they can have worries that others wouldn’t even think of. Not the most spontaneous people in the Chinese zodiac, these Rats think a vacation would only mean wasting their time.

They depend a lot on their routine and prefer to stay at home doing the things they can do best. They’re intelligent, but they still don’t like risking too much in life. While very careful with their money, they don’t mind giving as much as they can of their time to others.

Because they like to take care of people and are kind, many will want to be around them as much as possible. Putting family first, they would never betray a friend or a loved one.

A demanding personality

Earth Rats are always attentive and sensitive to what others are feeling. They are very determined and focus a lot on how much they have left in their pockets.

The Earth helps them be more cautious, industrious and tactful. These people need to always be busy if they don’t want to withdraw from society and become the absolute loners.

They are more grounded and realistic because Earth is present in their chart. These natives will always respect tradition and want to achieve many great things for them and their family to enjoy a stable future.

They have the intelligence and innovative mind of Rats, but they keep it real because their element doesn’t allow them to dream too much or to not focus on the matter at hand.

They’re living an honorable life and want stability more than anything else. The more money they manage to raise in their slow but steady manner, the happier they are.

While not too generous with their finances, they still love their family and friends more than anything else.

Earth represents everything that’s stable and reliable. This element is all about keeping everything whole and maintaining peace. As a matter of fact, it’s nurturing and the most motherly elements in the Chinese zodiac, inspiring harmony and serenity.

Those who have it in their chart are realistic and hard working. They can organize people and schedules, which makes them great for leadership positions. Because they’re always honest, thoughtful and respect traditions, the natives of this element can make the best decisions for their life to take the right turn.

Earth Rat people are the most constant and realistic of all the Rats in the Chinese zodiac. They have the intelligence of the sign they’re born in but they are not as lightheaded. That’s why they’re sensitive and very logical, which means they have all the chances for great careers and strong relationships.

But they usually stick to what they know and what has been tested. They are not impulsive like other Rats, and they prefer to stay put rather than moving around and changing everything. Not to mention they don’t like taking risks and trying their luck.

They could charm anyone with their cleverness, this being the reason why they have so many friends. It’s a good thing they are not as selfish as their brothers and sisters in the same sign, caring a lot about what others think of them and wanting to make a good impression.

If respected and appreciated, they return with their loyalty. Because they’re perfectionists, they could be very demanding with others and rush to get things done as good as they can.

They sometimes stress too much when they’re comparing their achievements with those of others. If they would no longer stress and would stop being so competitive, they would become successful in the steady manner in which they are used to function.

The Earth Rat man

The Earth Rat man can temper his impulses and make the best decisions for himself because he’s thoughtful. He doesn’t like taking risks and he’d rather work hard than take on a good opportunity that may go the other way.

And he’s proud of the way he’s living and working, taking great pleasure in the results of his efforts. Because he reflects for too long, it may seem that he takes a lot of time when making a decision.

This man sometimes misses the chance to prove his talents, so it’s possible you’ll find him in a mediocre position, even if he’s very smart and resourceful.

However, he won’t suffer that he does something that isn’t important. His profession will always remain valuable to him, no matter what he’s doing. He’s reserved and not at all ambitious even if he thinks fast just like all the Rats in the Chinese zodiac do.

He has a wisdom that can’t be seen in others, so women or ill-intentioned people can’t fool him. He has a hold on his feelings and doesn’t allow his emotions to surface.

Others would rather describe him as mannered and nice. It’s very difficult for very beautiful women to make him provide for them. Not that he doesn’t care or like to spoil his loved ones, he just can’t be the sugar daddy for a gold digger.

He will work hard and make enough for him and his family to be happy. But he will still pay attention to how much he spends and with whom he’s sharing his fortune with. Because he needs to always be admired and given approval, his loved ones should praise him all the time.

The Earth Rat woman

This lady will have a quiet and calm life because she avoids conflicts and finds out the best ways to deal with her relationships. She hates gossiping and discussing rumors.

This lady never judges and is all the time honest when expressing her opinions. You will never see her cheating or deceiving because she likes to work hard and to invest all of her time and efforts in what she is doing.

Her colleagues and bosses will appreciate her for being professional and for dealing with the tasks at hand very seriously. When she has to do something important, she’s firm and determined to go with her own methods because she rarely accepts what others are suggesting.

The Earth Rat woman is never too proud or feeling superior, but she holds on tightly to what she believes in and what advantages her. This lady knows how much she’s worth, so she won’t get together with a man who’s superficial and doesn’t know what he wants.

She needs to be respected and listened to, and she’d be only right to demand all this from the ones she loves. This lady will be caring and loving with her close ones, not paying attention to what others say about them.

She simply runs away from scandals and deceiving situations because she can’t stand this type of behavior.

This Rat lady doesn’t spend on useless things, being careful with her money. She makes a good and loyal wife who loves to take care of her family. Everything she’s doing will be aimed at making her husband and children happy and comfortable.

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