Key Traits of the Metal Snake Chinese Zodiac Sign

The Metal Snake is seductive and sneaky and will have no other way but theirs.

Metal Snake

Metal Snake people are known for being courageous and for easily taking the big decisions in life. These natural born leaders are a combination of firmness and independence. It’s possible they’ll sometimes be arrogant, but their honest aura will most likely be clearly sensed all the time.

Reserved, self-assured and always free, these Snakes prefer to work alone. Even when it comes to their personal relationships, they want to only have a few close friends.

The Metal Snake in a nutshell:

  • Qualities: Intuitive, attractive and talented;
  • Challenges: Narcissistic, weak and jealous;
  • Secret need: Being able to trust and count on those close;
  • Advice: Be careful how you use your seduction powers.

Smart and energetic, these Snakes will always plan for the future, thinking of how they could make their skills work in the most efficient way. They can immediately identify a good opportunity and their determination is enough for them to get what they want from life.

The character of the Chinese Metal Snake

Metal Snakes are known for intelligence, an analytical mind, cautiousness and a helping nature. They usually keep their life private because they’re secretive. It’s possible they’ll be manipulative when wanting to attain success.

Every failure in their life won’t be taken into consideration because they can’t be brought down easily. They love talking and their intuition is always spot on. The absurd and the new always makes them curious.

While not easy to tame them, they still give more importance to feelings than to sex. The mind of Metal Snakes is to the point, calculating and fast. Add this to the fact that they’re very determined and energetic, and you get people with traits that are very helpful when it comes to attaining their goals.

It’s rare that these natives don’t identify a good opportunity or make wrong assumptions. They are always planning to make their dreams come true, in a secretive and subtle way. But they really don’t trust people, even to the point of paranoia.

What the Metal element brings them is more will, which is very useful for the Snakes for they are not able to see how they could make it from time to time. The Metal also makes them more eager to resolve problems when compared to other Snakes.

Metal Snakes know how to invest and to make their financial situation flourish. They want the finest things because they have great taste and love everything relating to arts. Their loved ones will get to see how generous they can be. Meditation and introspection is something they simply love to do.

By far, these Snakes are the most mysterious, elusive and confident ones. It’s easy for them to become paranoid thinking someone wants to take their place at work.

Even when having all they want, they will still be envious and think of others as their opponents. If they would fail, they wouldn’t even accept the idea that they did.

Their possessive and domineering nature is joined by the fact that they don’t communicate. At least, in their defensive way, they are nice and giving. They will know from a very young age what they want in life.

Many will not know what they’re thinking or wanting to do. This means they will have a psychological advantage and always be one step ahead of others. But they can be the most dangerous personalities this sign ever had.

For instance, people should be careful not to deceive them because they can become ruthless when crossed. And the Metal makes them even more vengeful and mean, so expect them to hurt others where it hurts them the most.

They won’t throw tantrums or act recklessly, they will analyze the situation in silence, thinking on how they can get their revenge in the most cruel way.

But this intensity won’t affect only their ways of being negative. There’s also a positive side because they’re very passionate as lovers. Considering how sensual they are as well, imagine how many of the opposite sex will be at their door.

How the Metal element influences them

Metal Snakes are talented people with a precise mind. They’re smart and motivated to succeed more than other people in the same sign. A little bit discriminating, these natives have a tendency to go only after what benefits them and to be loners.

They are fast-acting and reserved, never hesitating to chase a good position. The Metal element in their chart will make them want luxury and comfort even more than normally. Therefore, they will fight hard to be rich and powerful.

They see things clearly and from a distance, being able to have a grasp of only what’s best for themselves. These Snakes won’t stop until they get what they want.

Many of their efforts will be focused on getting rich and obtaining as many fine things as possible. And they are really good at handling money, investing only in what could help them have the good life.

Out of all the Snakes, they are the most free and private. Focused and determined, these natives will be even more intelligent with the Metal present in their sign.

It’s important you don’t spend too much time trying to change them because they can be very vengeful and ruthless when annoyed or crossed.

They love competition and are possessive with both people and the power they have managed to gain. Because they’ve worked so hard to reach their goals, they are suspicious everyone wants their position or a bite from their success.

It’s not enough Snakes are not at all trusting, when the Metal comes into discussion as well, it simply turns them into these introverted creatures who suspect anyone of bad intentions.

The natives of this sign and element will be able to stay at a job because they will see the logical advantages of the situation. Ambition is another thing that Metal brings to them.

As soon as they’ll decide what methods to apply and which paths to follow, there will be no one and nothing to stay in their way until they’ll get what they want. The Chinese astrology says that Snakes are lovers of beauty and of the finest things.

They are sensual and enjoy good food, expensive wines and the most interesting art pieces. These are the things they are living for, as a matter of fact. Metals Snakes are all this and a little bit more.

For example, they have more determination and pride when it comes to what they can afford to buy. But they can have a suspicious mind and be very cautious. This self-protection they’re using for their own good can be useful because it keeps people with bad intentions away.

The Metal Snake man

This man is very careful not to give away details about his life. He doesn’t trust anyone, from his closest friends to relatives. It can be very difficult to have him respect and recognize someone’s efforts, but when this will happen, he will turn into the most loyal and trustworthy companion.

He suspects, envies and hates having a rival. He thinks that he deserves the best position, so he’ll slowly and steadily advance in his career.

The Metal Snake man cares a lot about work and is responsible, always ready to help his colleagues when they need him.

When it comes to love, he wants to be understood. He needs someone supportive and on whom he can count. He will always remain true to the lady of his dreams, wanting a family more than anything else.

This man can’t stand being deceived by a woman and no one can change this or anything else about him for that matter. He’s jealous and sometimes very cold, but he’ll protect the ones he loves with his life.

No one will be able to come between him and his lady. And he will make his friends and relatives aware of this. He knows what his wife and children need to be happy, so he’ll guide them through life. He’s the most faithful Snake of them all.

The Metal Snake woman

This lady is cool and aware of what life has to offer her because she’s prepared for anything. She shouldn’t hurry to make decisions or to share what she’s thinking.

This lady is not talkative and has great ambitions. She cares a lot about her financial future, that’s why she will give her best to be great at her job.

Determined and courageous, the Metal Snake woman will be ruthless with her opponents, but only until she reaches her goals.

Her colleagues and bosses will admire her for being responsible and diligent. But she can be very selfish, putting only her own interests at the center of her world. Not to mention that she wants a man who has a good position and who earns a lot of money.

This Metal Snake woman loves comfort and to be surrounded by art. She’s the gorgeous type of wife who’s devoted to the work around the house.

She’s too intelligent and professional to not want to combine career with a domestic life. Her children will be spoiled because it’s in her nature to do this.

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