1998 Chinese Zodiac: Earth Tiger Year – Personality Traits

These people have an altruistic nature, don’t waste their time and tend to become quite responsible with age.

1998 Earth Tiger Year

The Earth Tigers born in 1998 are very determined to succeed, and they trust themselves a lot. Not that they are selfish or egotistic, but that they have this sense of certainty when it comes to doing things.

Moreover, these people don’t fool themselves with idealistic strategies or impossible aspirations. They only dream about what they can achieve, nothing more.

1998 Earth Tiger in a nutshell:

  • Style: Observant and easy-going;
  • Top qualities: Passionate and dependable;
  • Challenges: Restless and egocentric;
  • Advice: There is no need to feel like they need to raise to other’s expectations.

Their ambitions are great, though, precisely because they know that it all depends on them to achieve greatness. Nothing is too hard or difficult for these natives, and they will give it their all to overcome their limitations.

A responsible personality

The Earth Tiger individuals take it upon themselves that it’s their responsibility to defeat all the odds and reach for their goals. They rationalize any situation, seek for a logical solution, and implement it with ease.

Moreover, they try to stand tall against adversity, to support their ideas in spite of any opposition, and to complete their tasks with versatility.

Their minds are always working, always active and dynamic, searching for answers, opportunities to get better and further develop their skills.

If the world stands against them, they will fight the world. Their freedom and independence are paramount, the single most important factors acting as guidelines.

What’s more important is that they are very straightforward and blunt. If there’s something that has to be said or if any problems appear, and no one raises the subject, they will sure do so immediately. They have no reason at all to beat around the bush, after all.

They are very responsible and ambitious individuals, in the sense that they deal with problems as they come and they spend as much as necessary to finish their work.

Anything other than that is less important and less deserving their attention. Whatever can’t be uncovered through realistic analysis and logical observation holds no importance for them.

This combination is one-part stability and grounded realism, but also one part fiery impetus to defeat all the obstacles on the way and beat the competition.

They can be realistic and sensitive at the same time, knowing how to take attitude when necessary, but also to understand, and use their intuition in some cases.

They will not waste time on foolish ideas that have no chance of coming true. Instead, they give their best on what really matters for them. Other people can’t even come close to their level of efficiency and focus.

They are especially kind and supportive to their friends. In general, they prefer helping those in need and offering aid whenever necessary, rather than working alone and building a future based on solitude. One of the most appreciated traits they have is probably this one, the altruistic nature.

They value friendships and interpersonal relationships greatly, and they want to raise deepen them accordingly, to foster the ties until they become indestructible.

Their inner energy and strength help a lot in this sense because everyone else gets revitalized and reenergized by their restrained yet strong personality.

Love & Relationships

These Chinese zodiac signs put a lot of importance on romantic connections just because they have boundless feelings that have to be expressed somehow.

And what better way than being directed towards a partner? They are passionate and intense, much more than everyone else.

They have some problems in dealing with conflicts in a relationship because they simply aren’t good at expressing their thoughts on a certain situation. They don’t know how to explain their ideas and points of view.

However, what they can do very easily is bring out the enthusiasm and joy in their partner. Everyone likes them, especially people of the opposite sex.

These people get on very well in life precisely because they are rewarded for their kind deeds.

Their support and help towards people don’t go unnoticed. It’s usually those they aided by chance that come at the most surprising of moments to give back what they received.

They have great ambitions that become bigger and bigger in time. This expansive set of principles and aspirations is built atop a mountain of experiences, fueled by a strong sense of self-confidence and an unbeatable imagination.

They should learn to communicate better with their partner though because that’s the number one issue that brings about the end of a relationship for them.

Career aspects of the 1998 Earth Tiger

The Earth Tiger is voracious, insatiable, and aching to take a bite from the succulent prey that awaits the legendary hunters. In other words, these natives are fighters, warriors.

They will build their own legacy with pure willpower, ambition, independence, and personal power. They don’t want to listen to orders or follow some stupid rules.

Don’t expect them to be boring, one-sided or narrow-minded because they can’t do that.

They are intelligent, with an expansive mind, curious and honest, with strong and firm principles that they will never abandon. They can work wonders in governmental positions or in a leading place.

They are very focused on what’s important to them which means that they will only follow a single path to completion.

It would be crazy and inefficient to start doing things many things at the same time, and finishing none. They also have to be attentive to what others feel, to how they perceive their actions and methods.

Unfortunately, for all the intensity and dynamism at the beginning of a project, the Earth Tiger natives can quickly lose interest if things get monotonous or boring. They are spontaneous and imaginative, so they need something to intrigue their interest.

Health and lifestyle

For the Earth Tiger born in 1998, the most important parts of the body are the stomach, the spleen, and the pancreas.

These must be protected at all times. What does this mean? Having a good nutrition, of course. If you eat bad things, then don’t expect your health to thrive.

They must avoid unhealthy and foods rich in fat. What’s more dangerous for them is the daily pressure of obligations and responsibilities.

They need to learn to take a break, relax and find a comfortable space where they can just forget about everything. Also, they should also learn to be more decisive and careful.

In the end, these natives love success, and they do everything they can to get to that level, to make good financial situation for themselves and their family.

Even though their generosity doesn’t go unrewarded, they don’t take care of their money like they should.

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