Tiger Chinese Zodiac: Key Personality Traits, Love and Career Prospects

People born in the year of the Tiger have a changing nature, being one moment calm and kind and the next domineering and firm, although their magnetism remains.

Tiger Chinese Zodiac Animal

Those born in the year of the Tiger are very confident and firm, which makes them great leaders. Ambitious and persevering, they will simply not give up until they have achieved their goals.

Being very tough on the inside, these natives never regret what they have done and stick to their opinions. They express themselves freely because they hope others will trust them more this way.

The year of the Tiger in a nutshell:

  • Tiger years include: 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010, 2022, 2034;
  • Strengths: Valiant, trustworthy and generous;
  • Weaknesses: Distant, short-tempered and vain;
  • Blessed careers: Hospitality, Sports, Politics and Management;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who will respect and follow their advice.

People usually respect them, and they can lead others to achieve great things. While having all the confidence and qualities that make them very good leaders, they still hold a certain darkness in their heart. It’s easy to make them angry and they can be arrogant or very provoking when feeling like someone doesn’t agree with them.

A righteous personality

Very open to talking about anything, Tigers are flexible people who pay attention to what others are saying.

Nice and gentle, they still can have a short temper when things don’t go their way. It’s like they’re always balancing the passion they have and what the outside world asks of them, withdrawing in the comfort of their own home when needing to rest.

Giving with their time and love, they will do anything to protect the people in their life. They are not only fighting the outside world, but also themselves.

But a certain balance between their internal and external peace needs to be established if they want to achieve success. Career-oriented, they will always be supporting the righteous ways but also don’t mind being rebellious and against the opinion of the majority.

When fighting for a cause, they’ll do anything to support their ideas and the people they have chosen to help. It wouldn’t matter if they’re your friends, partners or co-workers, expect them to be loyal to you for a lifetime.

It’s important to always keep your guard up around Tiger individuals because you can never know what’s in their mind or how they are going to react. These natives would fight for anything, always wanting to better themselves and to be the supporters of what’s true or right.

It’s hard to resist their magnetism and authoritative ways that demand respect and for them to occupy an important position.

Calm and at the same time turbulent, kind of terrifying, bold and gentle, you can’t say how they will be one minute and what they will turn into the other.

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Loving adventure, they want change and excitement in their life more than anything else.

As they’re always busy and getting something done, it’s easier for them to work alone. And they do like to work hard because their energy never seems to end. If you give them something to do, expect enthusiasm and completion of the project in the shortest amount of time.

They’re good money makers even if they don’t seem to care about finances that much. It’s not normal for them to worry about this because they seem to find how much they need and even more wherever they may be going.

Their emotional life is pretty rich, so they can love with all their heart, even too intensely from time to time. All the Tigers need their territory and to be sure of what’s theirs, so if you happen to be their friend, expect them to want you to be on their side.

They’re original and this can be seen in how they have decorated their home. Great combinations of colors and textures seem to be what best describe their place. They want to differentiate themselves from the herd, so they will decorate and dress in an unusual way.

When it comes to their ideas, they can be innovative and bring their own style into a concept. Smart, active and open-minded, Tiger people are fast learners who usually pick up a new skill in the time others are struggling to get a grasp of it.

They will probably change jobs and deal with many tasks at once, only one career in their lifetime not making them that happy. They’re at their best when having a portfolio to be proud of and when leading.

Tiger’s love traits

When it comes to love, the invulnerable and free-spirited Tiger natives will conquer many hearts before finding someone with whom they can settle and who also understands their need to live their life to the maximum.

They will care for their partner and guide him or her as intensely as they did in the beginning of the relationship. If they would feel like things are about the end, they would be the first to leave.

But you can be sure they will do it gracefully and elegantly because this is their style.

The Tiger man is just like the animal representing him when it comes to love, which means fierce and looking to offer pleasure. While he may like more than one person at once, he will continue to be domineering, meaning he needs someone who isn’t very independent.

He likes being worshiped at home and for his wife to always follow his advice. Not that he isn’t kind, he just wants to be the one who rules.

Tiger’s love compatibility

Best matches

Dragon, Horse and Dog

Bad matches

Ox, Snake and Monkey

The woman born in the year of the Tiger wants a love story like in the movies, never forgetting a single one of the partners she had.

This lady is passionate and possessive, being able to make her lover become defensive because he feels uncomfortable around her when she’s like this.

She hates being bored in her love life, so her husband will have to keep the passion going and things exciting. She needs someone to protect and comfort her emotionally. Not that she’s not strong and able to lead, she just likes being spoiled.

While having many friends, it can seem difficult for Tigers to make people trust them. They simply can’t establish deep connections with people because they’re keeping everyone at distance and don’t want to trust others either. Not very romantic, they approach people they like more pragmatically and in a realistic way.

Many will adore this about them, so they’ll get to enjoy love. While not very lucky in romance all the time, they will still find that perfect partner and eventually get married.

Career prospects

Tiger people are tenacious, courageous and good leaders, which makes them very important in their team. If you want to have them functioning at their best, let them be free because they hate being constrained.

When it comes to business, they are great negotiators and opponents because they simply control their egotistical nature and impatience. They can speak about anything and usually know a few foreign languages.

Because they’re domineering, they want a position as a CEO or a manager. Natural born leaders, authority positions make them feel good. But they need to be challenged and to face changes at their work.

They believe in their career and are never afraid to make the big decisions or to tell their bosses when these make a mistake. It doesn’t matter what they have chosen to do for a living, you can be sure they will get to be very successful.

The Tiger and the Chinese Five Elements:

ElementYears of birthKey characteristics
Wood Tiger1914, 1974Tenacious, motivated and delicate;
Fire Tiger1926, 1986Contemplative, lucky and enthusiastic;
Earth Tiger1938, 1998Confident, honorable and creative;
Metal Tiger1950, 2010Brilliant, enthusiastic and protective;
Water Tiger1962, 2022Generous, well-mannered and self-confident.

The Tiger man: A proud and versatile individual

The Tiger man has a quick temper and often acts out of impulse. He’s romantic and wants to live life to the maximum. His life will be full of events and very active.

After a woman will marry him, she will notice how many emotions he has, but also how possessive he can be. You can be sure he will give his all to have his projects done and that no one will distract him from focusing.

If you want to get to his heart, be fit, look good and have a lot of variety in your life. Make sure you present one of your weakness so that he starts to think he needs to protect you.

This is what makes him proud and sure than he’s the one who leads. Join him in all the sporting activities he takes part in as it’s a chance for you to exercise more.
The Tiger Man: Key Personality Traits and Behaviors

The Tiger woman: Always positive

The Tiger woman can charm anyone with her energy, openness and enthusiasm. She’s fashionable and always open to trying new things.

Clever, this lady will make her way to the hearts of other people. She knows how to take care of her family and at the same time how to enjoy life.

She likes working in teams and is also a good mother who loves to play with her children. Kids will be free around her because she’s friendly with them. She’s probably the best at establishing good relationships with the little ones, and these will listen to her.

Always positive, she influences her family and colleagues in a good way, bringing all the passion and liveliness in them to the surface.

It’s true she can as well be sad when disappointed, but it seems easier for her to change her moods. Not pretentious and high maintenance, this girl doesn’t require too much to have a happy life.
The Tiger Woman: Key Personality Traits and Behaviors

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