The Tiger Man: Key Personality Traits and Behaviors

The Tiger man has quick reactions and loves to be challenged in different ways, plus he is unlikely to lose his enthusiasm over the years.

Tiger Man

The Tiger man is very magnetic, and everyone knows he’s in charge of his life, not allowing anyone to dictate him what to do.

He is loyal, kind and ambitious. He believes in family and pays a lot of attention to his home. Very attractive, optimistic and full of enthusiasm, he’s the type of person who would help people he doesn’t even know.

The Tiger man in a nutshell:

  • Tiger years include: 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010, 2022, 2034;
  • Strengths: Humorous, independent and curious;
  • Weaknesses: Changeable, restless and pretentious;
  • Life challenge: He needs to learn to be less manipulative;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who is just as open-minded as he is.

He’s independent, wild and curious

He’s the most masculine man in the entire Chinese zodiac, and he takes pride in being this way.

If someone would dare to say something wrong about his virility or strength, he would immediately retaliate and become angry.

It doesn’t matter what others may think of him, he still wants peace and makes it hard for the ones who are looking for a fight to provoke him.

He knows how to lead, so expect him to take the lead in any situation or to initiate projects that will ultimately be completed.

The Tiger man is ambitious and relies a lot on impulse or rapid judgment when wanting to make a step forward in life. There’s no one more determined than him when it comes to his own hopes and dreams.

He’s not the most reliant person in the Chinese zodiac, especially when things are not going the way he wants them to. He’s more the type who’s interested in intellectual challenges rather than the physical ones.

But you can be sure he wants to look good and that he always will. As a matter of fact, he’s so attractive that he can make any woman, no matter how pretentious, go simply crazy about him.

Not to mention that he seems to have it all because he’s intelligent, attractive and fun. Don’t think he’s perfect because he has many negative traits too.

For example, he’s just as restless like the animal who represents him, preferring to often go out alone rather than accompanied.

He stands strongly next to his own beliefs, but he doesn’t mind when someone else has a completely different opinion than his.

He will probably manage to convince you to do things his way because he will give his best to succeed at it. It’s easy to forgive him for this, and you can wake up one day realizing that you have chosen to do what he has said.

The Tiger individual has a good sense of humor and can make anyone laugh, not minding when a joke about him is being made.

If he’s ready to take you in and to spend his life in your company, you should think twice and ask him about his intentions because he is not too constant.

But how he’ll act depends a lot on your attitude as well, just like it does with any other person in a different sign.

He’s independent, wild and curious to know everything about the person he’s spending his days with. This man likes being sincere and to keep his word, so if he isn’t all these things, you can be sure there’s something bothering him.

He’s usually very patient, but this doesn’t mean his patience is limitless. He can lose it completely when being nagged for too long.

Be as liberal and open-minded as possible when it comes to fidelity and trust him. The more possessive and jealous you are, the more he will want to run away.

The Tiger man knows how to react fast, wants to integrate in the absolute and can’t stand being mediocre because he’s looking for perfection in both people and his or their own actions.

He likes to be challenged and no matter how the situation is, he will continue to be powerful and dynamic to the point of aggressiveness. However, regardless of how motivated and enthusiastic, he won’t necessarily be successful because he doesn’t believe that there are any limits to his intelligence and abilities.

He simply can’t understand how someone wouldn’t be able to succeed on all fronts as long as they’re courageous and keep the faith. He likes to follow high and noble ideas to fight for because he wouldn’t mind having his name in the history books.

While the fact that he dedicates himself completely to projects will make him famous and honorable, he won’t be interested in other things because he only wants victory. He would be great in politics, as a broker or a voluntary helping the less fortunate.

He can be rebellious, so it’s possible he will often have confrontations with authority and law. This man loves change and is a good innovator who uses all of his resources to bring a revolution at work or in a project in which he’s being involved.

The Tiger and the Chinese Five Elements:

ElementYears of birthKey characteristics
Wood Tiger1914, 1974Tenacious, motivated and delicate;
Fire Tiger1926, 1986Contemplative, lucky and enthusiastic;
Earth Tiger1938, 1998Confident, honorable and creative;
Metal Tiger1950, 2010Brilliant, enthusiastic and protective;
Water Tiger1962, 2022Generous, well-mannered and self-confident.

Many see him as the ideal lover

The Tiger man has a lot of passion and lives intensely, but only for short periods of time. He will enter any relationship ready for anything, and only after a few months and even weeks, he will immediately get bored of it.

He believes love can happen in a second, so it’s possible he’ll immediately and forever fall for the woman of his dreams. Because he’s strong and inspires trust, she will find it difficult to resist him.

Women need to be careful around him as it can be difficult to want to ever part ways with this person. He knows how to charm and can surprise with how he actually is under the stripes worn on the outside.

If you’ll manage to get under his skin, he will be more than happy to make you promises and to let you know that you’re the most important person for him.

Problems may appear when you can’t decide whether to believe or not his beautiful words. Not that he may not be completely honest, it just can’t be sure if he’s happy with the situation or not.

He will not be insisting around his partner when she’s not feeling romantic, so if you are his lover and just want to stay in bed and read a book, he will not in any way be bothered by your wishes.

But be careful because he may want you to make the first move, so pay good attention to what he may be feeling. The Tiger man has a lot of energy, a rich imagination and knows how to touch a woman so that she feels intense pleasure.

You can never be sure that his mind is completely in the bedroom where you are both spending the night, but if you are bothered in any way by sexual fantasy, you can give up on him altogether.

You can confess to this man what you want in the bedroom because he likes pillow talks and doesn’t mind to play everything that may go through your head when it comes to sex.

Many see him as the ideal lover because he’s so talented when it comes to the sack. He may have a few drawbacks just like any other human being, but all in all, he’s energetic, sincere and fun to be around.

It can’t be said he’s perfect as a partner because there are some extensions to what some people may consider faithfulness, which he may go over.

He may like being admired by other women than his lover. Obviously, all this is different depending from Tiger to another Tiger. However, no matter which one yours is, there are many benefits to a relationship with him.

He’s contagiously motivated and devoted to what he does that many people will want to join him. He likes adventure and laughs when seeing people who don’t take any risks because he would only gamble and engage in all sort of dangerous activities, even in life-threatening situations.

It’s impossible to have him stick to a routine or to follow the well-established methods. He would never do things the same if he’d have to start them again.

If it happens for him to fail, the Tiger man immediately gets it back together and starts again with renewed energy. In his opinion, life’s a continuous challenge meant to fascinate those who have it and that has to be enjoyed to its fullest, no matter what this means.

There’s no one to have more thirst for living than him. He will probably have a lot of success and he’ll go through many ups and downs.

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