1962 Chinese Zodiac: Water Tiger Year – Personality Traits

These people are calm and gentle but don’t confuse them, they are not ones to accept any compromise.

1962 Water Tiger Year

People born in 1962, the year of the Water Tiger, are very cautious and calm, not to mention they can face any challenge without complaining. Their mind is always clear and they don’t make mistakes very often.

Different from other Tigers, the Water ones are very open to progress and innovative ideas. Furthermore, they learn quickly and can do very well if trying their luck with something creative.

1962 Water Tiger in a nutshell:

  • Style: Witty and uncompromising;
  • Top qualities: Knowledgeable, understanding and passionate;
  • Challenges: Overly cautious and vain;
  • Advice: They need to be less reliant on help from others.

It’s possible that those born in 1962 will succeed so easily that others will be very envious of them. It’s necessary for these natives to take their partner’s feelings into consideration, especially if they want to be successful in love.

A sacrificing personality

People who are getting together with Water Tigers can easily notice how sincere and pure these natives are. When making a mistake, they’re known to feel very guilty and therefore, to forgive others more easily when doing something wrong.

Water Tigers are never pretentious or dramatic, not to mention how much they hate imposing themselves and being in the spotlight.

They’re polite, jovial and mannered, but also too confident and gullible, which means they sometimes need to be defended. They allow others to talk about them and accept the fact that they have some faults, but this also means they’re tolerant with their loved ones.

Water Tigers are so honest that they’re sometimes doing themselves wrong, not to mention how easy it is for many to betray them.

They only lie when being defensive, and this happens very rarely. Unable to stand hypocrisy, they can sacrifice themselves for a good cause without thinking twice.

Water Tigers rarely accept to make compromises and usually go for what they need in life. However, they tend to never question what they’re being told, so the facts that support an affirmation need to reveal themselves to them without being looked for.

The Water element makes them calm and brings about more empathy or openness towards being sociable, things that other Tigers don’t have.

While Tigers are usually close-minded, the ones in the Water element are known for being more understanding. Furthermore, they’re very concerned about how happy their loved ones are.

Although Tigers, they’re really worried when their family members or some of their friends are having problems.

It’s a great pleasure for them to stimulate their senses, but they’re also very capable of hard work when required, not to mention they never invest only half of their heart because for them it’s always all or nothing.

Just like Monkeys, Tigers are great intellectuals and people who want to possess more knowledge. The Water ones will read everything that falls into their hands, but their knowledge will never be deep. They may know many things, but only superficially.

Furthermore, people born in 1962, the year of the Water Tiger, are generous, sensible and forgiving. Very intelligent and having a passion for culture, they also possess an earthy nature.

It’s possible for them to indulge in life’s pleasures just like the Pigs, but never to be as insecure as natives in this sign, who sometimes can’t even defend themselves, not to mention attack.

Tigers seem to be lazy, but they attract a lot of luck because they’re rational, have common sense and know a thing or two about practicality. As they’re not allowing emotions to cloud their judgment, many may see them as cold and composed.

However, they can be very happy and enjoy a rich social life. It’s easy for them to make friends for a lifetime because others recognize how capable they are of self-sacrifice.

Not many will have their affection, and women who are water Tigers can make great presents or organize wild parties. It doesn’t matter what their mind is set to do, all Water Tigers want to perform their duty and to invest as much time as possible in their projects.

When determined to accomplish a goal, these natives become a force, not to mention how no one can stop them from believing in their own decisions.

All the conclusions they’re reaching are usually very well analyzed, which means they can sometimes remain indecisive when figuring out the solution to a problem.

This is pretty much true for all of them, so they need to ponder less when having to make a decision, especially if they don’t want to miss out on great opportunities.

Love & Relationships

The animal Tiger is mysterious and lives in a cage in which no one dares to enter. It can be ruthless when someone is crossing its territory, and this species is known to walk alone.

Water Tigers in the Chinese zodiac are not far from this when it comes to their love life, but it’s very possible to get discovered very soon for being almost ideal lovers.

These natives are just perfect for those who don’t want someone predictable and want to have a life as exciting as possible.

Water Tigers are always ready to make new friends, to go on new adventures or to dance all night long. They’re intelligent and can become passionate about many of their friends’ interests.

These people hate routine, so their life is always full of variety, not to mention they have a desire to keep their passion running.

Tigers born in 1962 have very good instincts when it comes to understanding others, even if it may seem difficult for them to sometimes understand themselves.

They’re supportive and motivating, not to mention how much they can succeed at everything, even when times for them are bad.

They’ll continue to be like this when looking for someone to be next to them, to be supportive and also loyal. Tigers will always stand beside the ones they love, so their partner can expect them to be devoted and helpful themselves.

It’s true the Water ones can’t be convinced to have different opinions than their own and can have views that will forever remain the same, but some of them know all this and are trying to be a little bit more flexible. Flexibility is important in any friendship, and Water Tigers don’t make any exception.

Career aspects of the 1962 Water Tiger

Usually, all people born in the year of the Water Tiger get along very well with others, which means they’re perfect for a job in charity or the social sector.

Furthermore, natives of this sign and element are very creative and good in the arts. The fact that they have patience will bring them a lot of appreciation from their bosses, not to mention how much their coworkers will like these people because they’re always optimistic and can make anyone laugh.

Never tired of work, Water Tigers will be very successful at what they’re doing for a living, especially if running a business of their own. It’s possible for them to become art dealers because they love collecting valuable items and antiques.

Their main purpose in life is to live comfortably and for their family to enjoy every life’s pleasure.

When it comes to money, they seem to always have what they need, no matter what’s their profession because wealth comes to them without too many efforts being invested.

They will always be helped to reach great heights and to become someone important. People born in 1962 are natural born leaders, opponents who love to compete and who are never afraid of anything.

Because they love taking risks, it’s possible for them to often get into trouble. The fact that they narrow-minded and suspicious makes them less appreciated. They may have great success as salespeople, managers, CEOs, police officers and even in the military.

Lifestyle and health

Water Tigers usually have a lot of luck, especially when it comes to making new friends and earning money.

They tend to get along very well with those who are communicative and open. With Horses, Rats and Dragons, these natives have the same interests in common, which means great friendships between them can be established.

Being empathetic is both their greatest strength and worst weakness. When too worried about their loved ones, it’s possible for them to become very indecisive.

The biggest challenge for these natives is to no longer procrastinate and to be open to lead others.

The organs ruled by this sign are the urinary tract and the kidneys. It’s also suggested for these natives to always reduce stress and to find a balance between their personal and professional lives.

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