1974 Chinese Zodiac: Wood Tiger Year – Personality Traits

These people are the ones who don’t mind fighting for lost causes, their levels of energy being hard to equal.

1974 Wood Tiger Year

1974 was the year of the Wood Tiger. People born during this period are great diplomats and can collaborate very well with others in order to make their dreams come true.

The fact that they’re all the time digging too deep into matters can bring them trouble, not to mention how much they despise authority and want to rule their own life.

1974 Wood Tiger in a nutshell:

  • Style: Straightforward and relaxed;
  • Top qualities: Tenacious, enterprising and affectionate;
  • Challenges: Impulsive and underestimating;
  • Advice: They need to stop rushing into conclusions.

Wood Tigers will always defend the weak against the strong because they’re compassionate and ready to fight for those who can’t do it for themselves. It’s possible for them to sometimes be selfish and snobbish, but many will mostly appreciate them for being very loyal and reliable.

A diligent personality

All the Tigers in the Chinese zodiac can convince people to get together and to do great things. The Wood ones are no different, which means many of their friends admire and support them to be themselves.

They’re the most moderate of all the Tigers because they know what practicality means and how to be sociable, composed or hard-working. These natives are the most efficient when collaborating with others because they’re very good at making peace and standing up against bullies.

Wood Tigers will always try to bring out the best in the ones they love and never even think bad of their friends. All this means it’s great to be around them, but also easy to take advantage of their kindness.

Furthermore, they’re creative enough to generate positive changes, all this while helping many of their friends to achieve their goals.

The same Water Tigers are very friendly and can belong to more than one social group, according to their interests and work life. They can make things exciting for anyone because they’re always wanting to make the world a better place and to improve.

Their biggest weakness may reside in the fact that they don’t know what discipline means, which means they can’t keep track of their projects and their passion is sometimes too much.

Out of all the Chinese signs, they are the ones who don’t mind fighting for lost causes. Their high level of energy and passion can have them not feeling quite like they’re supposed to, in their own life.

It can be said they have a dramatic side and get to feel depressed or bored when things become too easy. These natives simply love being the underdogs and working in the shadows.

Because they love a good debate and don’t mind sharing opinions, their relationships with friends and family can be very intense. Having a lot of pride, they’re never hurrying to apologize, but their actions will always speak for themselves, especially when they’ve done something wrong.

Therefore, Wood Tigers won’t say “sorry”, but will definitely do many things to show they actually are feeling bad.

Those who happen to be in love with them should get prepared to sometimes be burned because these natives have a passion that can be overwhelming.

It’s easy for Wood Tigers to collaborate with others in order to fulfill their dreams. They’re very good communicators and can integrate in any group because they tend to agree with what their collaborators are saying and are very diplomatic.

It’s easy for them to make sound judgments, even if they’re most of the time superficial and can’t appreciate the deepness of a discussion.

When not understanding what they’re supposed to do at work or regarding a friend, they may fail in their endeavors and end up where they have started.

It’s suggested they’re using as much as they can of their diplomatic attitude and determine what others need by analyzing things in depth. The Chinese Horoscope says that the Wood element can calm any person.

Therefore, Wood Tigers are more composed and down-to-earth them than other natives in the same sign. These people can take their time and reflect before making a decision, which means it’s less likely for them to get involved in conflicts.

However, they’re very eager to stand by those in need, so individuals who can’t fight their own battles should definitely have a Wood Tiger by their side.

Furthermore, natives of this sign and element don’t want to rebel as much as their counterparts, even if they’re very good at solving problems and never scared of conflicts. They’re generous, extremely loyal and always ready to help their friends make their voices heard.

Wood Tigers would also never hesitate to work hard for their loved ones. Therefore, they should take some time to charge their batteries when feeling they can no longer deal with problems.

It seems they’re born to resent being ordered around, so it’s better for them to start their own business rather than to go at an office job. Very courageous and ready to fight for the ones who seem weak, they would never stand aside when someone is in trouble.

The fact that they’re caring is good, but many will want to take advantage of them, so they need to pay attention when making new friends. It can be said they’re too opinionated and not at all modest.

Furthermore, it’s easy for them to become nasty and selfish, especially when admiring others too much and not being able to achieve the same things. While a little bit immature and impulsive, their friends really appreciate them for being reliable and for keeping their promises.

As soon as Wood Tigers have been convinced to take action, no one can influence them to change their mind anymore. They’re famous for learning quickly and for having the kindest heart.

When it comes to family, it’s possible for their parents to be sick or for their father’s professional life to have many troubles. Their mother may be moody, so it’s important for them to spend as much time as possible with the ones that brought them into the world.

Love & Relationships

The love life of Wood Tigers can’t be easily defined because these natives are little bit extreme when it comes to romance.

On one hand, they can possess a lot of passion and desire for adventure, while on the other, they may only desire to express their sensuality by being very spiritual.

It can’t be said their ways are the worst, but they’re definitely not working for everyone. When devoting themselves to their other half, Wood Tigers become the most passionate lovers.

They’re capable of great feelings and happen to be sensual, which means many members of the opposite sex will want them.

However, they can hurt people with no intention and after suffer greatly about it. This happens because they’re too adventurous and impulsive.

It can be difficult for them to stay forever faithful as they can an end up being attracted by someone else besides their partner if ignored.

When coupled with Monkeys or Rats, Wood Tigers can make these natives feel what emotional chaos is. Because they want to all the time take part in new adventures, it’s possible for them to never be truly involved with a person.

Transferring all of their energy for spiritual enlightenment to the romance sector can help them have forge romantic relationships.

Career aspects of the 1974 Wood Tiger

Very sociable and passionate about everything, Wood Tigers have enough talents to become successful in any career.

Because they’re great team players, they’ll get to be very appreciated in business and marketing, or at jobs for which solidarity is very important.

Being able to perform any role because they have many artistic talents, these Tigers can become successful actors or singers.

Furthermore, they’re known for being good leaders, regardless if it’s about politics, groups of friends or businesses. They have the ability to always be on top, so it would be a shame to not give them a leading position at work.

Furthermore, they wouldn’t do something that doesn’t help them self-improve. Because they need to show how talented they are to the rest of the world, they may end up being politicians, artists, doctors, writers or lawyers.

Lifestyle and health

People born in 1974, the year of the Wood Tiger, are bossy, self-sufficient, talented at leading, charismatic and always ready for action.

The biggest challenge of their life maybe dealing with their own powerful emotions as they can sometimes get overwhelmed by their own quick-temper, and their impulsiveness is not known for bringing them any good.

The more disciplined and focused these natives will struggle to be, the easier it will become for them to deal with any obstacle in their life.

The most sensitive organs in their body are the liver and the gallbladder, which means they should stay away from any harmful substances or alcohol.

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