Key Traits of the Earth Tiger Chinese Zodiac Sign

The Earth Tiger benefits from a forceful and intense character.

Earth Tiger

Those born in the year of the Earth Tiger can be extreme from time to time. They are the type who is happy one moment and sad the other. However, they are still very smart and can spot a great opportunity whenever they see it.

According to the actions they usually take, it’s very difficult to determine they are Tigers at all as they never reveal their emotions and don’t allow feelings to interfere with their logical thinking.

The Earth Tiger in a nutshell:

  • Qualities: Contemplative, honourable and creative;
  • Challenges: Obstinate, egocentric and restless;
  • Secret need: They wish to always be involved in their social circle;
  • Advice: They need to be more helpful with their peers.

These Tigers will never take risks or act impulsively. It is very important for them to be appreciated and occupy a good position, and they won’t stop until they will get all this. Not at all romantic, they usually marry out of interest and not really out of love.

The character of the Chinese Earth Tiger

Earth Tiger people have an intensity and magnetism that can be rarely seen in other signs. They don’t accept when someone says “no” to them and are very confident.

Powerful, they usually achieve their goals, no matter how impossible they may seem. As a matter of fact, the more someone or something is in their way, the more motivated to work they will be, as their competitiveness and rebellious side will get activated.

They simply love to prove that others may have been wrong about them. Many who are close to them will notice they hide great passion and strong emotions.

They feel deeply for those who happen to be in their life, and don’t like to see others being bullied. Therefore, they will stick next to people who are less fortunate or have been done an injustice.

This is how they prove their power and show how greatly they can fight for a great cause. When it comes to their relationships, it can be very difficult to be around them.

They are sensual in the sack, but the fact that they work too much can come between them and their partner. While loyal, they find it hard to trust others and are very insecure.

Not to mention that their mood swings can definitely spoil what they have with someone dear. When they are feeling down, Tigers need to be supported and pushed towards more optimistic thoughts.

They would hate being criticized and hearing that they may have been wrong. It’s almost impossible to have them recognize a mistake they made.

When hurting someone, they prefer to apologize through their actions and not their big words. They are natural born leaders and it’s possible they’ll be put in charge even when they don’t actually want it.

These natives don’t like it when people let them down and want to inspire their loved ones to always do what’s best.

When the Earth element is present in their chart, the Chinese zodiac mentions they are better at focusing without getting interrupted by their own passion. Therefore, they’re more pragmatic and can control their emotions very well.

While they always know what’s wrong and right, they never hesitate to stand beside what they consider is right and they come towards conflict very cautiously or in a controlled manner.

As a result, they would never say something wrong or while they’re heated up by anger. It’s amazing to have them as your allies because they are not only strong and possess high endurance, they can also stand next to what they believe in.

When assessing a situation, they are calm and bring in their intelligence. Earth Tigers are easygoing people who always think about consequences before taking action.

They are great with the everyday life and can manage their finances very well. While they struggle not to allow their moods to control them, they will avoid spending all their money at once, but they can also simply spend everything they have in only one shopping session.

They are very romantic and can spread a lot of their passion, so it’s impossible to get bored next to them.

Confident in their own forces

Earth Tigers are very realistic and never allow their enthusiasm to overcome their rationality. More responsible and honest than other Tigers, it’s also more difficult for them to be distracted from what they are doing.

This means they can focus for more time and are way more relaxed than most Tigers, which will bring them a lot of success. They should not take themselves so seriously and always keep their sense of humor intact.

Ignoring what their closed ones are feeling wouldn’t be a good idea for them. Earth is an element that inspires people to be grounded, more stable and down-to-earth. Its main purpose is to keep everything whole and functioning at its best capacity.

People who have this element in their chart are very pragmatic and know how to work hard. There’s no one sincerer and more traditionalist than them, and they’re able to make great decisions.

Very confident in their own forces, Earth Tiger individuals are very right to believe in themselves. They have the power of the Tiger and the logic of the Earth.

The decisions they’re making are always based on a lot of consideration and thorough thinking. They won’t be impulsive or make rash decisions, no matter how interesting it will seem for them to do so.

When they’ll have to, they will be very disciplined and work as hard as possible. It can be said a lot of things can be achieved when working with them. Earth Tigers are smart people who can absorb a lot of information and can find the best solutions to their problems.

While they see things in a realistic way, they prefer to go with the trusted methods and make them develop from the point of beginning.

It’s difficult to have them distracted and interested in something new when they are focusing on something specific.

Just like all Tigers, they want the power and to be recognized, not minding to fight and to compete for what they want. When wanting something, they will work hard and diligently rather than achieve things the easy way.

They are very gentle and like to put their loved ones’ interests above their own. It’s because they’re altruistic and just like all the Tigers, they want to help with whatever they can.

While sensitive in everything they are doing, they still tend to be arrogant when they are focusing too hard on getting what they want. It’s essential they establish a good balance between their professional and personal lives.

The Earth Tiger man

The Earth Tiger man knows what responsibility and seriousness mean. He’s very good at running a business and makes a very efficient leader.

It’s almost impossible to have him distracted from what he is doing, so his plans will usually get to see the daylight. However, this doesn’t mean he won’t make time for the ones he loves or continue to be helpful.

He’s cautious and sticks to what he’s chasing in life. When things aren’t fair, he becomes very unhappy and wants to make a change. He doesn’t mind when others are complimenting and flattering him, but he still gives his best to be humble.

This man wants to make enough money to live a comfortable life and to afford the good things in life. When it comes to women, he’s a gentleman who would never say a wrong word.

When he will first meet a lady, he will start to study her behavior and to court her. Because he likes beautiful things, he will buy her all kind of expensive gifts.

As a family head, he’s perfect and provides his family with everything they need. He will make sure his wife and children are comfortable and very happy with what’s going on in their life.

But this doesn’t mean he doesn’t have his problems because he can be authoritative and very pretentious. He wants his loved ones to be obedient and humble around him.

The Earth Tiger woman

Because she’s controlling, the Earth Tiger woman will never have a serious problem her entire life. When it comes to her work, she’s very responsible and wants success.

As a manager or CEO, she inspires both fear and enthusiasm, so her subordinates won’t even dare to say something wrong to her. But at home and with her friends, she’s nice and keeps everything simple.

She pays great attention to what her loved ones want and need, wanting to always offer her support. This lady can give great advice, but she never follows it herself.

Confident, she thinks she can work all of her issues on her own, but she can be very rigid and not at all gentle. When it comes to love, she wants someone to understand and care for her.

She shouldn’t be perceived as calm and dull because she’s very fiery. This girl likes it when she’s being complimented and loves to make gifts to her loved ones.

Because she gives herself completely to a relationship, the Earth Tiger woman expects the same from her partner. But don’t ever think of betraying or lying to her because she will immediately terminate the relationship.

She can get very jealous and make a scandal when she’s the most suspicious. But she will still need a serious reason to feel these negative feelings. As a wife, this woman will be great with the budget and the work around the house.

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