1950 Chinese Zodiac: Metal Tiger Year – Personality Traits

These people are fast-thinkers and risk takers, always ready to try their hand at something new.

1950 Metal Tiger Year

Metal Tigers born in 1950 are very independent and hate being tied down to others or any responsibility. They dream big and can be superficial, but no one is able to work harder than them when wanting to achieve their goals.

They’re very confident and bold, not to mention they sometimes take drastic measures and don’t allow others to help them with anything.

1950 Metal Tiger in a nutshell:

  • Style: Brilliant and protective;
  • Top qualities: Optimistic, caring and witty;
  • Challenges: Vain, superficial and arrogant;
  • Advice: They need to prioritize some things in their lives.

Very good with any type of relationship, these natives are also family-oriented and good providers because their career choices help them in this direction.

An ambitious personality

Metal Tigers are usually optimistic and give a lot of importance to their freedom. Inspiration seems to hit them everywhere they may be going, but they can sometimes be selfish, not to mention superficial, even if they are working very hard to make their dreams come true and don’t seem to let others behind or to not take things seriously.

Very positive and having the courage to face any challenge, Metal Tigers are confident their actions are going to turn into successes. It’s sometimes too easy for them to make sudden changes in their life and to never allow their loved ones to give a hand.

Being less dictatorial and more open to interact could help them have more harmonious relationships.

These natives are very hungry for power, so it’s easy for them to advance in their career if they continue learning and doing what they know best.

Being successful at developing relationships with others, they get along with all of their colleagues, so their place of work will always be close to their heart. However, they shouldn’t become lazy whenever feeling lucky because they have all the chances to win at everything if staying focused.

When it comes to wealth, they shouldn’t borrow from their friends if they don’t want to lose all these people happening to be in their life or to have conflicts with them.

Anyway, they’re lucky with money and can become successful in their career, but only if determined to work hard. If they don’t want to lose, they need to avoid being impulsive and gullible.

Usually confident and friendly, Metal Tigers are also ambitious and ready to work very hard at achieving their goals. They’re courageous, opinionated and can charm anyone, especially when talking about their views or enthusiastically working on their projects.

Their mind is fast and they’re highly intelligent, which means they can never stop learning. It’s easy for them to have original ideas, not to mention how many times a day they’re thinking about new projects or daring objectives.

Metal Tigers are known to always take risks and to not obey rules. They very much enjoy their own freedom and doing things spontaneously, without thinking too much of consequences.

This is why they’re always agitated and don’t have enough patience to see if things are going the way they’ve planned them. It’s easy to recognize these natives in a crowd because they’re the ones whom others are always admiring.

They represent power and have great leadership abilities, so people respect them, no matter where they may be going or what they may be doing. They can convince others to follow them by being dynamic, intense, free and curious.

Many will find them irresistible, so there’s no wonder they have friends everywhere. Furthermore, Metal Tigers are bold, energetic and confident, which means they can make great leaders.

However, the fact that they have a liberal mind and too much passion can have them too impulsive and disobeying rules. While selfish when it comes to the everyday life, they’re very generous if having to make grand gestures of generosity.

Because they like being in the middle of things, it seems they’re destined for others to pay attention to them, all the time. These natives don’t fear anything, so it’s very easy for them to become blind when facing real dangers. They will probably go where others don’t even dare to dream of.

Fighters against injustice, they also have a humanitarian soul and would never allow something unfair to happen. Metal Tigers tend to give up tradition and to live progressively because their mind is always open and they’re not bothered by changing their career all the time or having many interests at once.

The more life experiences they’ll get to have, the more profound they’ll become. These people don’t care about the materialistic side of life and have a magnetism that attracts others to them, almost immediately.

Furthermore, they’re warm, friendly, sincere and approachable. Compassionate and generous, they’ll always shine at important events, and many will respect them for being coherent and scary.

When in a position of authority, they may become lonely, but at least they’d be satisfied with the new experiences and the power they’re possessing.

The Chinese astrology says the ones born during the night are less chaotic than the ones who were brought into the world during the day. Metal Tigers may face many challenges and dangers in their life because they love taking risks, but at least they wouldn’t get bored.

Things can be smooth for these natives, and the Chinese culture believes they’re a feminine sign that represents an old female tiger. Many Chinese people who don’t want daughters avoid having their child in a year of the Tiger.

However, the Metal natives of this sign are lucky, powerful and great as protectors. It’s believed they’re defending the homes in which they’re living against Three Major Risks: fire, intruders and spirits.

Love & Relationships

Metal Tigers want peace and a quiet existence next to their partner because they believe in family life. While the women of this sign and element have great enthusiasm, the man possesses a quick temper and a feminine appearance.

It’s very difficult to guess what Metal Tigers are thinking because they’re never revealing too much about themselves. Those who get captivated by their charm will be forever conquered and wishing to know more about their friend or partner.

What’s great about these Tigers is that they can always come up with new ideas of what to do, even after a lifetime of being with someone. They seem to fascinate everyone, not to mention how much they want a person to be their soulmate for a lifetime.

Water Tigers tend to have a great balance between their professional and personal lives, which means their partner will always appreciate them for being home in time.

Furthermore, they tend to always tell the truth and to be thoughtful with their lover. Their main problem seems to be regarding emotions and with not understanding why others are having moods.

However, if they decide to be tolerant and loving, they can enjoy their relationship and friendships that last for a lifetime. It’s possible for these natives to worry too much about their children and to have conflicts with the little ones because of this.

They’ll get upset if their spouse is going out without them, so it’s suggested they’re always open to new ideas of spending their evenings. It’s essential they don’t become suspicious too often because they may drive their partner away because of this.

Metal Tigers are energetic, imaginative, dexterous and usually athletic, which means they can be great lovers as well.

While their mind can roam free and away from the bedroom, they’re capable of great love, but aren’t too imaginative in bed. They don’t mind engaging in fantasies, but prefer to have a partner that’s capable of good conversations instead of role-playing.

Career aspects of the 1950 Metal Tiger

Metal Tigers are very domineering and want a position of power in their career. It seems they’re natural born leaders who can teach others how to do many great things.

Loving any new challenge, they need variety when it comes to what they’re doing for a living. These natives are never afraid to tell people that are being wrong, even if the recipients of their opinions are their superiors.

They’re very devoted to achieve professional success and don’t mind working hard in order to make their dreams come true. It seems that no matter what profession they may be choosing, it’s easy for them to get to the top.

Lifestyle and health

People born in 1950, the year of the Metal Tiger, are very lucky with money and in their career. However, they have a difficult personality and can’t really establish profound connections with others.

Goats make them feel safe and in the same time interested in the mystery and detached attitude these natives have. These two can share many secrets and not get too close to one another.

Sometimes very passionate to achieve their goals, Metal Tigers can become selfish and over-confident. These are the moments when they should realize their logic may be flawed, not to mention how precious others’ opinions can be for them, when they have to make a decision.

The organs Metal Tigers are ruling are the most important ones for respiration: the lungs. This is the reason why people born in this sign and element need to live in an area that isn’t too polluted.

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