The Tiger Woman: Key Personality Traits and Behaviors

She is strong and intuitive, she is always one step further from those around and is courageous enough to face life’s challenges.

Tiger Woman

The Tiger woman is very seductive and magnetic, but at the same time she inspires great authority and has a certain prestigious presence. She’s turbulent but also calm, kind and intimidating, bold and courageous enough to face any situation and to even deal with life-threatening situations.

She chases a life full of excitement, doesn’t mind dealing with change or traveling to far-away places and interacting with new cultures. Many people will be very attracted to her enthusiasm and the way she’s living her life as she really likes to deal with the unknown.

The Tiger woman in a nutshell:

  • Tiger years include: 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010, 2022, 2034;
  • Strengths: Ambitious, hard-working and seductive;
  • Weaknesses: Annoying, impulsive and distracted;
  • Life challenge: She faces a battle between her instincts and her logic;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who appreciates her extreme need for independence.

A strong character

Intelligent and appealing the Tiger woman will attract everyone’s attention as soon as she will enter a room. She has a magnetism and sexuality that can make even the most famous lovers go crazy about her.

She’s not in any way afraid to let people know about her feelings and she’s honest. The fact that she’s confident can be noticed from the very first moment of interaction with her.

If you have just met her and you think she’s too straightforward, think again about wanting to spend more time with this lady because she can be extremely interesting.

However, it’s true not anyone can like her all the time. Many will say she’s too masculine because she displays many traits that can be found in a man.

What’s the most noticeable about her character is her extreme need to be independent, meaning she will never rely on someone else for success.

It’s totally OK for her to only depend on herself because she only believes in own powers anyway. What society thought of women 70 years ago is very far away from whom this lady is because she simply can’t rest behind a man or to allow him to take the lead in the family at all times.

She has endurance, courage, energy, passion and aggressiveness, so she can mold her fate according to what she wants the most. This lady can’t understand what making fun of people means because she’s serious when it comes to giving importance to others.

Not scared to get what she wants, it’s normal for her to want the last word when her interests are being involved. Those who will oppose the Tiger woman are going to be taken down, no matter if they’re her close relatives or very influential personalities.

A strong character, this lady works hard and never lets things half-done. It’s not usual for her to just dream because she’s really ambitious to go after what she wants.

That’s why she will have more success than those who just daydream and have no idea where to start with attaining their goals. She knows that she’s the equal of any man, but she may have moments when feeling like her femininity is completely gone.

When seeing chauvinistic men, she simply starts to feel rage. You can be sure she’s the feminist who won’t have only a domestic life and will join all kind of movements meant to liberate the women.

She’s not afraid of being mocked or of any danger. Many will respect her for who she is, including those who don’t agree with her views. You can trust her to never force you to do something you don’t want, but it’s possible she’ll manage to convince you to think everything was your idea in the beginning.

She’s a mystery for many because her attitude can be conflicting with her own needs and wishes. She’s not at all confident, even when she shows the world that she is.

Only her close friends will get to know how she really feels. In case she charmed you, you can be sure that you’ll be fascinated by her your entire life as she gets better and better with age.

It’s a good thing that she never reveals her true potential, always leaving some additional room for improvement. After a few weeks or months with her, anyone can be intrigued and wishful to be in her company again.

Crazy, independent and even dangerous, it also happens that the Tiger woman is a great intellectual. She will break many hearts while she will definitely not want to because she’s too kind to ever wish to hurt someone.

A strong character on the outside, she’s a child in her heart. If you want to compete with her, wake up very early on because she’s always ahead. She will instinctively share her success with those whom she thinks have contributed.

The Tiger and the Chinese Five Elements:

ElementYears of birthKey characteristics
Wood Tiger1914, 1974Tenacious, motivated and delicate;
Fire Tiger1926, 1986Contemplative, lucky and enthusiastic;
Earth Tiger1938, 1998Confident, honourable and creative;
Metal Tiger1950, 2010Brilliant, enthusiastic and protective;
Water Tiger1962, 2022Generous, well-mannered and self-confident.

A lady who lives fast

The Tiger woman is elegant and has an exquisite taste. Finding a lover is not at all a problem for her, but she may have difficulties when deciding on a person.

She wants someone who has similar interests, not who makes her happy for a moment. She doesn’t look to settle because she isn’t in any way domestic. After all, she’s a hunter who would hate being caged because she needs to chase.

That’s why she doesn’t mind short-term romantic involvements and gets involved just for one-night stands. One of the obstacles in her life is her short attention span and the need to always change.

This lady lives fast because she has great passion and needs to avoid the large amount of people who find her irresistible. All the Tigers can have intense emotions and are delicate, but the way they love is very intense.

Possessive, the woman in this sign will want to change the bad boy, and she’ll succeed most of the time because he will be completely fascinated by her passion and romanticism.

Attracted only to people who are independent, she wouldn’t mind being with another Tiger because she would only be stimulated and always admiring him. However, she could manage very well without a partner, so it doesn’t make a big difference for her if she’s single or not.

She’s likes to express herself, but she has a problem with changing her emotions and preferences all the time. That’s why she needs someone who’s steady and stable.

Very nonconformist, the Tiger woman will all the time react against the norms and rules imposed by society and other people. She doesn’t mind fighting, but her lack of a sense of humor can’t be good news when she’ll be criticized.

Don’t think she doesn’t have to pay a price for her successes because the impulsiveness and aggressiveness that she has can have her making big mistakes, especially when she needs to interact with other people.

She’s obsessed with success and wants too much adventure, which can’t be in any way favorable for business or for the fun side of her life. Being hostile towards men, no matter if at home or at work, she will be frustrated and tense when she won’t be able to get along with them.

It’s suggested she becomes less motivated to succeed, more relaxed and that she learns how to laugh or to take a good joke. Understanding life needs to be enjoyed rather than won is something that she would definitely need to work on.

Elegantly accepting failure should be grasped by everyone, not only her, because it comes with life and is an important lesson. It would be impossible, even for this girl, to win all the time.

There are only a few other women who are more moral than the Tiger one. She’s very loyal and sticks to what she has promised in the most stubborn way. She’s also honest and wouldn’t even think to make use of a white lie.

Those who are hypocritical will have nothing to with her because she’s too strict when it comes to being oneself. This lady will never cheat, no matter how much money and comfort this can bring her.

If there is someone to mess with her integrity, she becomes violent and thinks of the ugliest forms of revenge.

Very interested in learning new things, she’s curious and wants to gain knowledge about anything. She will try to educate herself more and more with age.

Her memory is good and the intelligence that she possesses will help her be the perfect student of every school she joins. She can talk about anything because she knows a lot and has accumulated a lot of information reading books or the newspaper.

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