1986 Chinese Zodiac: Fire Tiger Year – Personality Traits

These people are self-reliant and somewhat risk-takers, needing a sense of adventure in their lives.

1986 Fire Tiger Year

Tigers belonging to the Fire element in the Chinese zodiac and born in 1986 are flexible, skillful and very determined to succeed. Furthermore, they know how to keep a good conversation going and don’t mind giving a hand when needed to.

Many will look to return them favors, so they’ll have many good things coming to them. These Tigers are very intelligent and often the best at what they do. However, their vigor and enthusiasm can sometimes lead them to make mistakes.

1986 Fire Tiger in a nutshell:

  • Style: Courageous and determined;
  • Top qualities: Dynamic and talented;
  • Challenges: Rebellious and vain;
  • Advice: They need to avoid letting themselves disillusioned.

Proud of themselves, it’s unusual for Fire Tigers to take other people’s advice into consideration. They’re energetic, extravagant and very expressive, not to mention they have a tendency to see what’s positive in life and in people.

A charming personality

All Tigers in the Chinese zodiac are known as courageous, competitive and unpredictable. They simply love being challenged and don’t mind facing any hostility if they have to protect their loved ones or their pride.

Those born in 1986, the year of the Fire Tiger are not known to worry about consequences because they seem to always find their way out of difficult situations. Under the calm exterior, they have a very passionate and agitated spirit.

Because they want to lead, it’s possible for them to become very stubborn when not in control. While generous, they can also be very selfish and self-centered.

Always active and ready to deal with anything, Tigers are smart, charming and popular, people loving them for not being obsessed with money and power.

When influenced by Fire, these natives become more energetic and focused to take action. Fire Tigers would never hesitate to take charge in any situation, so others are positively influenced by them.

As a matter of fact, this influence of theirs and the fact that Tigers have many high ideals makes them highly appreciated by other people.

While usually optimistic, Fire Tigers are also very independent and therefore, restless or moody. Since this allows them to have a lot of excitement in their life, they can also get into a lot of trouble.

Fire influences the Tiger’s personality to have all the traits accentuated. People in this sign and element are very proud of their achievements, dreams and ideas.

When trying to make a name for themselves, they often give an impression of eccentricity because they’re very intelligent and have strong convictions that only a few can oppose.

Being reckless is common for all Tigers, but when Fire is involved, people born in this sign can be twice as harsh and impulsive. It’s even possible for them to lose business partnerships and romantic affairs by saying only one word, but in the same manner, they could win the entire world.

All Tigers are known for their dynamism and for getting up from failure, immediately after falling. Having a lot of energy, they can impress anyone, no matter where they may be going.

These natives are independent and capable of great successes, not to mention their presence is all the time noticed. Having great courage and many skills, Fire Tigers are never afraid of new challenges and can show others how to effectively deal with problems.

They seem to think very fast, to have great reflexes and to memorize information as easy as others put on their clothes, which means they’re great students and very capable workers.

Furthermore, natives of this sign and element know how to express themselves and to express their ideas. They seem to have big dreams and to always be on the side of justice.

When someone dares to cross them, they don’t give up on fighting until things have been settled and justice has been instilled.

Fire Tigers will achieve everything they’ve planned for because they’re dynamic and extremely determined to succeed. They know what they want, how to get it and how to stand up for it, much more than other people.

Those who are trying to contradict them will most likely lose and be very disappointed in themselves. It would be better to not tell these Tigers what to do because they won’t listen or accept being told that some of their dreams may not become a reality.

This means they’re also a little bit arrogant and proud, but as the forces of nature that they also are, others will simply love them for acting fast and for always standing behind what they’ve decided.

While intelligent, agile and hard-working, Fire Tigers need to be less impulsive and to not hurt others in their way. If not doing so, they risk to offend many of their loved ones and to lose important friendships.

They should not think of themselves as the only ones capable, and accept that others may have good ideas as well. It seems these natives have a lot of luck and are meant to occupy high positions at work because they’re flexible, skilled and ambitious.

Furthermore, they know how to keep any conversation going and what to say when others no longer have subjects of discussion to think of.

Because they’re always keeping their word and are loyal to their loved ones, many love and appreciate them without expecting anything in return.

While successful, Fire Tigers can easily end up being taken advantage of, so they should be more cautious when making new friends.

Because their mind is intricate and they can solve any problem, many of their teachers in school will simply love them, also because they’re both playful and studious.

However, they can become a little bit too proud and just like all Tigers in the Chinese zodiac, they simply can’t accept other people’s advice.

All the time happy and feeling free, Fire Tigers have a problem controlling their enthusiasm. However, they tend to never show their true feelings or how capable they actually are.

Their passion and eagerness will have them making mistakes all the time, meaning they should learn how to analyze situations before making a decision. As far as money goes, they seem to have a lot of good luck and to come out of bad situations without making too many efforts.

Love & Relationships

Creative and passionate, Fire Tigers can’t ever bore their lovers. These natives are mannered, reliable and expressive, but they tend to also be very domineering.

However, this is a behavior that can change if they’re completely trusting their partner. These natives need a soulmate who’s able to keep up with their energy and wish for adventure.

Most of them are family-oriented and get along very well with all of their relatives. Fire Tigers have many positive traits, but can be a little bit intolerant. Therefore, those who dare to oppose them can expect to no longer be a part of their life.

More than this, these Tigers tend to be very impulsive and restless. It’s suggested for them to think twice before making a decision because this way, they can address the weaknesses that influence their judgment in a negative way.

Career aspects of the 1986 Fire Tiger

Tigers need to all the time be challenged, so it’s possible they’ll change jobs many times throughout their life. However, this won’t be a problem as they’re highly intelligent and can rapidly master a new skill.

The perfect jobs for these natives are the ones that can help them become great leaders. Therefore, they should work as military officers, flight attendants, artists, managers, law enforcers and advertisers.

Natural born leaders, Fire Tigers can choose from many professions. Because they have the power to influence others, they could be great teachers or business owners.

Being adventurous makes them perfect for the travel industry or for diplomatic affairs. Their passion will always help them succeed in their career.

Health aspects

Just like when working, Tigers have this tendency to give themselves completely to their projects and to feel exhausted afterwards. Because they can never rest, it’s possible for them to have many problems when it comes to their health.

Therefore, they should learn how to dose their energy and to keep the balance in their life. Fire Tigers rule over the heart. Because these natives are impulsive and can overindulge in pleasure, they may have serious problems with this important organ.

Therefore, they should exercise and eat very healthy. Usually not facing too many difficulties with their wellbeing, they still need to pay attention to their physique and to visit the doctor when feeling down, or for their annual check.

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