2010 Chinese Zodiac: Metal Tiger Year – Personality Traits

These people are rather ambitious and won’t obey any rule because they’ll want to act on their own and to do things as spontaneously as possible.

2010 Metal Tiger Year

Children born in 2010 are Metal Tigers, which means they’ll believe in promises and be very much influenced in both negative and positive ways, when adults. It will be difficult for these natives to focus their energy on achieving their goals.

Too ambitious and impatient, they’ll many times be disappointed and ruled by such negative traits. Because they won’t feel comfortable in their own skin, these Tigers will make many changes into their life and move from one place to another.

2010 Metal Tiger in a nutshell:

  • Style: Determined and remarkable;
  • Top qualities: Resilient and charming;
  • Challenges: Distracted and impulsive;
  • Advice: They shouldn’t need to have everyone agree with them to feel good.

When friends or lovers, Metal Tigers will be very faithful and interested in making others happy. Their inner world will be filled with contradictions, not to mention anything suspicious and strange will awaken their interest.

A diligent personality

Metal Tigers born in 2010 won’t be stopped by anyone and anything from achieving their goals. Very independent, they’ll never listen to others and follow their dreams with passion, without thinking twice before taking action.

They’ll believe in themselves and compete with any chance they’ll get, but their expectations will sometimes be too high, not to mention how impatient they’ll become when things won’t go their way.

However, they won’t mind working hard and investing all of their energy in order to get their projects done. They’ll need to believe in what they’ll be doing because otherwise, they won’t achieve a single thing.

The Chinese Horoscope says they’ll be stubborn and possess a lot of will. Their independence will set them apart from the crowd, which means they’ll avoid responsibilities and caring for others.

These natives won’t like to think their accomplishments have been made possible with the help of other people. Therefore, they’ll only ask for help when the situation will be desperate.

The Metal will make them rigid and determined to succeed, so they won’t accept other people’s opinions, especially when having to deal with something about their own life. It’s possible they’ll be impulsive and unconventional, situation in which they’ll have to be more careful to not hurt other people.

Different than other Tigers, their ambition will be more focused on themselves and not at all on making the world a better place. Regardless if their actions will upset others or not, they’ll do whatever they want.

Metal Tigers born in 2010 will always be enthusiastic about new challenges or anything that will help them build a fascinating future for themselves.

Furthermore, they’ll be curious about things that can catch their imagination. They’ll take risks and avoid as much as possible doing what others are telling them.

Therefore, these natives will not obey any rule because they’ll want to act on their own and to do things as spontaneously as possible.

Only this way, they’ll get to feel happy and to do what they want in life. For this reason, they’ll sometimes be restless. While prepared to give themselves completely to a project, their enthusiasm may wear off as soon as they’ll find something more interesting to do.

This means they’ll be impulsive and rushed, traits that will cause them to regret many things in their life. Many will suggest them to just take a break and to think twice before taking action because such an attitude will only bring them more success.

Fortunately, these natives will be lucky in almost everything they’ll do, so their life will be pretty much easy. When having their hopes down and failing, they’ll feel depressed and manage to recover after a long period of time.

Being adventurous and highly adaptable, they won’t spend too much time in only one place, which means they’ll often move and change jobs.

Luck will always be by their side, no matter if things in their life are going the way they want them to or not. Being joyful and optimistic most of the time, these Tigers will overcome every obstacle in their way, not to mention they’ll inspire people to be more like them.

When dealing with others, they’ll have many deep feelings, so many will understand them or be convinced by their beliefs. Metal Tigers born in 2010 will have many things to say about religion, arts or the humanity.

While not actually doing anything about it, they’ll say the world should be a better place. As a matter of fact, this will often be their subject of conversation and what drives them to act more efficiently.

Not having the tendency to be fanatics about their own views, they’ll still take many risks when it comes to other aspects, so other will see them as extremists.

Their destiny may pose problems if they’ll focus too much on the materialistic side of life or things that aren’t very important. Furthermore, they’ll be very seductive, deceiving and chatty without actually having a specific objective.

This means they’ll be vain and aware of it, without even struggling to hide this side of them. It will be normal for these natives to promise great things and to do nothing for that matter.

Their most powerful positive traits are their affection and gentleness, which means they’ll often dream about a world in which everyone is loving and peaceful. However, this will never become a reality and they’ll know this fact very well.

Only around their best friends, they’ll be truly affectionate, but this won’t make them very happy. Metal Tigers born in 2010 will be appreciated for their honesty and for the fact that they’ll never have any secret.

Many will come to them for an objective opinion and to hear them speaking their mind. It’s possible for these natives to be defiant with authority and to argue with their superiors.

Being natural born leaders, they’ll manage to obtain a high position at work, but only if they’ll work hard and use all of their resources or skills. Not liking to obey any rule, they’ll avoid strict office jobs or a military career.

Love & Relationships

It can be said of Metal Tigers born in 2010 that they won’t have a very stable love life because they’ll be in between two extremes when it comes to romance.

On one hand, they’ll have a lot of passion and need for adventure, while on the other, they’ll want to give up sex altogether and to become religious.

However, these extremes won’t have to influence them very much as they could only subdue to them in favorable circumstances.

If these natives will decide to invest a lot of their efforts in love, they’ll become the perfect partners as they’ll be sensual and capable of many deep emotions. Members of the opposite sex will always want them around for this reason.

However, they’ll hurt the loved ones without having the intention to do it because they’ll be too honest and straightforward.

Restless and adventurous, these Tigers will always look for new challenges, even when it comes to love. Therefore, it may be very difficult for them to remain faithful, especially if not having a deep connection with their partner.

This thing can also happen to Rats and Monkeys, so natives of these signs and Metal Tigers born in 2010 should avoid having a relationship together because their clashes would most likely be monstrous.

While wanting a deep bond with someone dear, the adventurous nature of Metal Tigers will always be a problem for these natives.

If they’ll manage to focus their spirituality and turn it into romance, it will become possible for them to be very happy with a partner. It seems Horses are their ideal soulmate.

Career aspects of the 2010 Metal Tiger

Metal Tigers born in 2010 are constantly looking for new challenges, which means they’ll change many jobs. This won’t be a problem because they’ll be intelligent and quickly learn brand-new skills.

It seems they’ll be more suited for jobs at which they’ll be able to advance because their leadership abilities will very much influence them to chase a good position in their career.

It doesn’t matter if politicians, writers or artists, these natives will always want to be the ones on top. They won’t do anything too simple or dull because they’ll want to be challenged in order to feel alive.

Therefore, these children will succeed as adults by being doctors, writers, politicians, governmental agents or artists.

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