Key Traits of the Fire Rat Chinese Zodiac Sign

The Fire Rat stands out for their incredible energy levels and their willingness to start over, even after the harshest of falls.

Fire Rat

Those born in the year of the Fire Rat are energetic people who love being involved in new adventures. They are known for having a big heart, loving competition and seeking the opportunity to help or to be the heroes.

Intelligent, they won’t shine during their youth because they are meant to become successful and to make a lot of money in their thirties or later on. Their generosity can’t be seen in other signs.

The Fire Rat in a nutshell:

  • Qualities: Funny, sharp and strategic;
  • Challenges: Intrigant, nervous and stubborn;
  • Secret need: Being recognized at work for their efforts;
  • Advice: Be careful with risk taking.

Because they tend to follow their heart rather than their mind, it’s possible they’ll become exhausted from a mental, physical and emotional point of view at a very young age.

The character of the Chinese Fire Rat

What characterizes Rats more than anything else is their incredible energy, as these people are always on the go, rushing with their work tasks and spending their nights in clubs.

Fire influences them to be even more energetic and enthusiastic, so expect these natives to be the life of any party. They want to socialize and to talk to people because this is what makes them tick.

When having Fire in their chart, Rats become more ambitious and oriented towards higher goals. This means they won’t mind new adventures and taking the initiative. They love having fun and testing new waters because variety drives them to live more happily. Fire Rat people often think that life’s too short and that they need to live it to the maximum.

Amongst Rats belonging to other elements, they are the only ones who enjoy new sensations and who move from one project to another at the speed of light.

Many will think of them as restless and not able to see things for what they really are. But they are not like this at all for they only want to feel alive by enjoying new life experiences.

However, their impulsiveness can make them impetuous. The fact that they want variety gives them instability and puts their relationships in danger.

More than other Rats or people in many of the other signs, they are quick tempered and even aggressive because Fire is in their chart. It’s only up to them to put their high energy to good use and to be patient if they want to enjoy all the success that comes with waiting.

Fire Rat individuals are kind people who always dress elegantly and prefer to be courageous rather than passive. That’s why they would make great athletes or business people.

They know how to dress and love being outside where they can enjoy camping or simply being in Nature. Usually innocent just like children, they always think optimistically and are looking to take on new challenges meant to make them evolve.

At work, they will listen to what their bosses have to say and deliver. While not the most sociable and wise people on Earth, they are still cautious and persevering when it comes to the projects they need to complete for their job.

That’s why many of their colleagues will encourage them to do what they want. It’s essential they control their quick temper and do everything step by step. This is the only way for them to have control over the situations that may arise.

Talented at many things, they are also intelligent, so any type of career would suit them perfectly. If they will have children while young, they will be very happy with them as the little ones will be peaceful. They will get along beautifully with their spouse, living a settled couple life till very old.

They will respect tradition and won’t mind competing because they know how intelligent and sociable they can be.

All in all, Fire Rats are giving, direct and polite, but they are not that disciplined or eager to rule with their mind and not their heart. They hate being tied down or controlled by others, preferring a free life rather limiting themselves to do only one thing.

They would do a great job as writers, public speakers or artists. Anything that requires them to think freely is what they would want to do for a living.

Element Influence

The Chinese Fire element is responsible with high energy levels and a dynamic lifestyle in both the Western and Chinese astrology. It makes people more sociable and ready to take the initiative.

When placed in the Rat sign, it helps people be more ambitious and talented at leadership. Fire Rats are the most energetic and free-spirited of the Rats.

They can’t sit down for a minute because they are always looking for better opportunities doing something new.

It’s very important for them to be independent, so when rules and limitations are involved, they become very depressed and want to withdraw. That’s why they need to travel and to do something creative with their life. These are the only things that make them happy.

When it comes to their domestic life, they will want to be left alone to do as they please or they will run and never come back.

While they may seem to stay far away from responsibilities, they are still giving and interested in helping as many people as possible. This will make many people of the opposite sex want them.

They are the most ostentatious and confident when compared with other Rats. Adding their impulsiveness, you get people who often get into trouble and who always need to find solutions because they have taken on too much.

It’s suggested they relax and allow time to do its job. Straightforward and honest, it’s possible they will hurt some people with their remarks.

Therefore, it’s important they learn how to keep their thoughts to themselves or to control their speech. Adopting a more logical approach and being less emotional is also suggested because they often hurry to think with their heart and not their head.

The Fire Rat man

Intelligent and always active, the Fire Rat man will do a great job at work. He wants to be the first and he enjoys being admired or appreciated.

He will overcome everything that stands in his way because he’s a fighter. And he won’t have to be forceful because he’s talented and capable.

Because he’s also reckless, he may have some difficulties dealing with his own aggressiveness and angry moments.

It’s possible he won’t be able to restrain his power in difficult situations, but at least he’s strong enough to deal with any kind of problem. Because he has a good sense of humor and is usually happy, he will get over failures easier than others.

He will have a leading position because he likes authority and doesn’t mind being the boss. When it comes to romance, he’s a passionate lover who likes being sensual and pleasuring his partner.

He will want to rule in the relationship, but he needs someone with whom he can dream and who’s not in any way anxious. While unpredictable and emotional, he’s not in any way reserved or wanting to complain about anything.

As far as his domestic life goes, he is restrained but won’t stop spending huge amounts of money on things he doesn’t need. Loving and caring, his family can count on him to always be there for them.

The Fire Rat woman

This woman knows what to expect and how to make her dreams come true, and she is great at business. She is intelligent and can make things happen, so she will be very successful in her career.

Her colleagues and bosses will notice how persevering and aggressive she can be. Usually very tactful, this lady can also be very direct in expressing herself.

The Fire Rat woman is impulsive and at the same time very good at remembering things or at coming up with solutions. Her personality will always attract others because she makes a good first impression.

Her life is more like a continuous holiday. She’s smart and cautious, hiding her true feelings behind a sweet mask. Confident, men will align at her door to get her affection.

But she won’t give her heart to anyone because she’s waiting for that special person to make her life more beautiful. This girl wants to be free and to enjoy as many luxurious things as possible.

But this doesn’t mean she won’t pay attention to how much she’s spending. If she wants something, she can mobilize herself and her partner to obtain it.

She’s so good at what she’s doing and kind that people will never think of her as ill-intentioned.

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