1995 Chinese Zodiac: Wood Pig Year – Personality Traits

These people love being in the center of everyone’s attention, plus are incredibly convicing, so others follow them naturally.

1995 Wood Pig Year

People born in 1995 or the year of the Wood Pig are sincere, gentle and not too demanding. When focused on obtaining something, they won’t give up on working hard for their objective.

Being relaxed and friendly, they seem to get along well with everyone, even if they are sometimes focused only on themselves and too hurried to put their own ideas into practice.

1995 Wood Pig in a nutshell:

  • Style: Affectionate and straightforward;
  • Top qualities: Joyful, optimistic and reliable;
  • Challenges: Suspicious and obstinate;
  • Advice: They need to become better listeners.

As said before, they’d never give up on achieving success, regardless of how many difficulties along the way. It’s suggested these natives try to be calmer and more disciplined.

An empathic personality

In Chinese astrology, Wood is an element that brings about generosity and a kind heart to its natives. When associated with the Pig, it does nothing more than to intensify the traits natives of this sign already have.

The result makes those born in 1995 be people with warm hearts and generous personalities, not to mention intricate and fascinating.

In conjunction with the Pig, Wood seems to work just like another element, which is Water. This means it makes Pigs more sociable and open to have new friends.

However, Wood’s influence goes deeper, to the point of helping natives of this sign to have twice as much compassion.

Therefore, Wood Pigs are better than others at understanding how people are feeling and can put themselves into their shoes. These natives are not only supportive and giving, they also have a sincerity that can’t be seen in others.

Different than Water Pigs, who are only driven to be sociable, Wood Pigs are more about cooperation and therefore, the best teammates at work.

They seem to have a kind soul and to never give up on helping others, not to mention how they would never refuse to give a hand when needed.

Whenever someone is telling them a sad story, they turn into great listeners and reliable helpers. Being so passionate about helping others and making themselves useful, they should volunteer for charities.

When it comes to their social life, they’re friendly and treating everyone as their equal. Many admire them, so it’s easy for these natives to influence others, even if they can’t be convinced of many things themselves.

Not afraid of hard work, pragmatic and composed, Wood Pigs are always looking to take on a new challenge. They seem to know what they want and don’t mind manipulating in order to make their dreams come true.

People who are convinced to change their mind by these natives may not even realize they’ve been tricked into doing so. As a matter of fact, Wood Pigs are very eloquent and possess an immense passion, which means others will always want to give them a hand, no matter what they may be doing.

Just like all the other natives of their sign, they love being in the center of attention and lifting up the spirit at parties. Having a good soul, they’ll only transmit positive energies, no matter where they may be going.

However, their kind and giving nature may sometimes make their life difficult. For example, they may insist on helping people who don’t even need their assistance. Regardless of the situation, they’ll give themselves completely to others and work tirelessly to please.

Therefore, Wood Pigs should learn how to rest and recuperate, or else they can become exhausted and get old before their time.

When it comes to relationships, they don’t seem to have such strong emotions as Water Pigs, but they still want their partner to be loving and loyal.

When not feeling secure from an emotional and material point of view, Wood Pigs become confused and anxious. They want a happy family, so they can be very giving when with the right person.

These natives will fight for their other half to have everything he or she needs, not to mention how obsessed they are to provide everything for their loved ones.

One of the most positive traits of Wood Pigs is the fact that they’re very practical at work. Different than other natives in the same sign, they don’t like to think or to dream that much.

Instead, they’re logically approaching any situation, not to mention how capable they are of making plans and organizing their tasks so that their projects get done faster.

Therefore, Wood Pigs are the ideal people when something difficult needs to be done.

They should be careful and not allow others to influence them in a negative way. When needing help, these natives must not try and manipulate because this can ruin all of their relationships, as soon as they would be discovered for doing it.

While having many positive traits, there are also a few weaknesses in their personality. For example, being so kind, generous and ready to trust others, many will easily take advantage of them.

Furthermore, Wood Pigs are known for being impatient and irritable. They’re suggested to be more understanding and to really listen to others.

Love & Relationships

People born in the Chinese year of the Wood Pig are great lovers, so it’s possible for them to be involved with two or more people at once.

Those who are in love with them should never try to be in control of the relationship because this only pushes natives of this sign away.

The more they’re allowed some space and freedom, the more they can accept being with someone. It’s difficult for Pigs to make decisions fast, so others should encourage them to recognize their own talents.

Only this way, they can make good judgments. These people don’t like getting bored, so it’s essential for them to always take on new challenges.

When it comes to privacy, no one can enter their world, and their intimate friends are usually amazing listeners. When young, they seem to have a lot of success with members of the opposite sex because they’re giving and attentive.

They think love can change anything, but would never be with someone who’s trying to take their freedom away.

It’s unlikely for these natives to be different when older or to become more serious, so many of their partners will leave them. However, as soon as married, they become the perfect spouses and parents.

Ladies born in the year of the Pig are gentle, affectionate, generous and pure when it comes to love. It’s easy to understand what they want from a relationship because they’d never accept, from the beginning, to be with someone they’re not in love with.

Therefore, many men can notice whom they actually want. It’s possible for them to fall for the attentive, rich and flexible type because such characters would help them be less anxious.

As soon as they get married, these women become responsible and loving, not to mention how well they can balance work with their personal life and manage to be by their family’s side.

Career aspects of the 1995 Wood Pig

Compassionate and artistic, Pigs in the Chinese zodiac are most suited for creative jobs, which means many of them become talented artists, architects, writers and musicians.

Furthermore, these natives seem to have a good eye for details and to be observant, which means they could work as translators and business consultants.

Because they love going out, they have many friends, from all walks of life. This means they’re suited for a job in public relations as well.

The Chinese Horoscope suggests them to try something that would require them to make decisions. However, in order for these people to be efficient at work, they need to receive advice on their strategies from a reliable person.

Down-to-earth and at the same time optimistic, Wood Pigs are able be obtain success in many careers. Being so positive can have them helping others by teaching, doing social work or becoming human resources specialists.

Health aspects

When it comes to health, these Pigs don’t need to worry that much because every small problem in their body would immediately present symptoms.

It’s possible for these natives to get scared when it’s not necessary and to visit the hospital more often than others, but to not suffer from anything serious.

However, their eating habits are not in any way good because they don’t seem to consume the proper foods and to assimilate necessary nutrients.

It looks like their urinary system is the most sensitive part of their body, but the fact that they’re insecure can easily lead them to feel depressed and anxious. Therefore, Pigs should just let go of their problems and accept that life’s unpredictable.

Wood Pigs seem to rule over the gallbladder and the liver, so they should avoid alcohol and other harmful substances.

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